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First Trip

traveling to a different dimension

I definitely didn't expect such an intense trip from the amount of shrooms we took, my 2 friends, my boyfriend and I drove to a forest about an hour away, we each took half an eighth (maybe a bit more I'm not quite sure) in the van about 15 minutes before we reached the place. When we got there I started to notice slight effects (everything seeming funnier, etc.) but nothing insane. My 2 friends went into the woods to smoke a bowl or 2 and my boyfriend and I stayed in the van because there was quite a bit of snow and neither of us had boots. We sat there for about 10 mins waiting for it to kick in more, and suddenly I looked at one of the seats in front of me and noticed there was not only blue and red patterns on it but they were moving around and the seat looked like it was dripping onto the floor. We stared at the seat for 15 mins or so and by the the time our friends returned to the van I was beginning to really feel it, I was overwhelmed with intensified feelings and even felt sick momentarily (that soon passed though). My friends opened the door to the van and started flipping out saying that we needed to go into the woods with them because everything looked amazing. So we all got out of the van and at this point I was tripping pretty hard, running felt weird my body felt light and everything around me looked magnified. We walked into the forest and I noticed how white the snow was. The trees looked like they were touching the clouds and the bark was changing colors. It was amazing. We kept walking through the woods and after 10 mins or so my friend and I started running through the snow, the forest felt endless and the trees in front of us looked like they would go on forever. We threw snowballs at each other and I told them the snow looked fake, it was so pretty and couldn't be real. Eventually we walked back to the van (we probably weren't out there very long it just seemed like it) and drove to another spot in the woods, the van felt like it was going 90 mph and looking out the windows at everything was such a beautiful experience. We parked again and all stayed in the van this time, absorbing everything that was going on and realizing that we were all tripping balls. My friend played guitar for us and it sounded like something from a movie, everything felt so intense and I felt so happy and connected to everything around me. We sat there for I think a couple hours and eventually decided to go to my friends house that was nearby because some people on snowmobiles passed by the van and we didn't want to get into trouble with anyone. So we drove to my friends house and we walked in and I couldn't feel myself walking anymore, I felt like I was floating. Everything in the house was moving around in patterns and the floor was moving and I had to sit down. I could barely speak in full sentences, I basically just sat there laughing. We went upstairs after  a little bit because my friends wanted to smoke. I'm on probation so I couldn't, I sat with my boyfriend on the other side of the room. At this point I was completely gone, I thought I must be in another dimension, nothing looked real, the room we were in felt enormous. I lay down and rubbed my stomach and thought "my skin doesn't feel like my skin" and proceeded to tell my shirt to stop moving and talk to my boyfriend about spongebob and just a ton of random things that came to mind. I thought the wall felt soft and I wanted to touch everything around me. We sat like that for the rest of the trip, probably another 4 or 5 hours, and drove home at around 7:30. It was an incredible experience and I am looking forward to my next trip!

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