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My Second Trip

We are all connected

My first trip was on a Pub Crawl in Amsterdam. I would guess I had a level 1 trip, although after I heard a "pop" and knew my trip was over, I felt like I could write a book on the meaning of life. And always held that memory as one of the best days of my life.

Yesterday...was quite a different trip.

So, my boyfriend and I stopped drinking alcohol a few months ago and have been focusing on our health. We have been talking about getting DMT. Yesterday we were supposed to clean the house, but things transpired. We found a friend with some shrooms. Where did we have to meet him...at the bar. Coincidence? I think not.

We get home and immediately take 1.5 grams each on an empty stomach. We set up our room to get ready, put Pandora on the TV and smoked some bowls. My boyfriend started feeling the effects first. Mine didn't really kick in til about an hour and 15 after. I began to think, for some strange reason it just wasn't going to work. Then it kicked it. I laid down to get more comfortable, closed my eyes and began my journey. Now, I meditate, but never have I experienced anything like this.

First it started with crazy visualizations with my eyes closed. Words cannot describe. It was all so real. I started to open my eyes, because I wanted to see the effects outwardly. It was awesome: pixilate colors, animated inanimate objects, and colorful energy. I kept going back and forth. Eyes open. Eyes closed. When I closed my eyes, I would focus on my mind state. I wasn't necessarily trying to "mediate" but I was lying down cuddled up with my boyfriend. I quickly realized, that with very little effort I was able to get into a different "state." It was like, I would close my physical eyes, then I could open my inside eyes. At this point, I was able to do whatever I wanted to the music. There were a couple of songs that were singing about "going to a place I've never been before" and I do remember the titles of some of the songs were about being "home."

Then, I found out a secret, I have to "close my inside eyes" and then that's when the real information started to flow. I did this a few times. I soon told myself, that I have to pick one. Open eyes with pretty visualizations or closed eyes with infinite possibilities. I did struggle with the decision as it took me a while to grasp that this was real. I mean more real then the reality we see with our "outside eyes." There was also a lot of deja vu and me visualizing things in my life that now made everything fit into perfect place.

All the while, something/someone/I (me), told me/myself that I needed to close my eyes to "come on" and explore. It was like a desire that I had no idea where it came from or why. So, now I'm into it pretty deep. I remember my boyfriend and I holding onto each other and doing something like a "light speed ahead" in space. We were catapulting and I was in control. I think I was supposed to break out of the top at some point but it seemed so long that I stopped. I remember seeing him for the beautiful energy that he is and feeling so warm and happy...I mean extraordinary kind of happy.

 I also remember actually seeing things in space. Like amoeba shapes and there was a space like noise that I wasn't controlling, along with the music that I was controlling. I also had to face something things about myself that beforehand I would have rather left untouched. I did it though. I faced them.

I was told, by me(?), that I am on the right path. And life will continuously give us the same lesson over and over, until we learn that lesson. Everything now is very dream like, but I do remember some very important things. We are all connected. Nothing physical really matters. Love.

The weird thing...I threw up while coming out of it. Like a lot of throw up. I barely ate anything that day. Then I immediately wanted a shower. But I didn't want to use any soap because I knew that the soap we have is manufactured by companies (Johnson&Johnson, Proctor&Gamble) that basically want to kill us (seriously, i am trying to go all organic). After the shower and eating some chow mein, it was all coming together. It was so awesome that I don't even care that I threw up, I kind of felt like I was purging all the bullshit I had in my life.

Now, I am so happy about life. :)

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