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NBOMe Re-activation?

Quite the anomaly, if I may say so myself.

In the previous trip report I submitted to the Shroomery (titled "First Time Chasing the White Rabbit"), I described an experience in which I did my first few hits of what I initially believed to be LSD, but thanks to some rather informative feedback, I now know it was some sort of NBOMe or a research chemical (most likely 2C-C, or whatever goes on blotter paper; something tells me it's bad that I don't know precisely what it is, though). Since that report, I have experimented with that substance a total of four times now, and have noticed things I believe to be note-worthy. I will describe the three other times and then go on with my initial point.

Approximately five days after my first experience with psychedelics, I did another hit again. Since my friend and I only had one hit to ourselves, my friend decided to give me "3/4 of a hit" and himself "1/4 a hit", much to no avail beyond a strange feeling in my stomach and walls breathing a little. I believe that at this point, I was developing a tolerance to whatever this was that I was using (my friend insists it's legitimate LSD, but the tongue-numbingly bitter taste hints otherwise). This time, however, because of the sizable yet insufficient hit I ingested, I believe this further increased my tolerance to the substance.

The third time, nine days after my initial experience with psychedelics (frying your braincells for the win!), I again did one hit of this stuff and did not trip at all. However, an hour after ingesting a hit, and after my friends and I smoked a blunt of some basic-grade schwag, I immediately began hallucinating; nowhere near the degree of the first time I dabbled with this stuff (ie; only the visual stuff, none of the "out of body" sensations I felt my first time around the block), but enough to call it a good trip. This lasted for some four hours before finally coming down for good.

The fourth time, thirteen days after my first time, I did "a hit and a half" supplied by another friend of mine (most likely a similar substance if not the exact same one, since this was bitter just like the stuff the other friend of mine provided), and at first I felt ripped off. I went nearly four hours after taking a larger dose than usual, and I barely saw the walls breathing. I tried smoking synthetic weed (eg; K2, but it wasn't actually K2, obviously), and this did nothing to get the ball rolling. Again, this was reverted when we acquired some actual weed to smoke, and I began tripping the same way I did the previous time I had done this substance. Because the NBOMe had been in my system for so long without a "trigger" of some sort, this trip lasted for only an hour or two, with barely mild hallucinations at the most.

Ever since, I have not ingested any other mind-altering substances beyond alcohol, the occasional synthetic stuff, and cannabis. However, whenever I do smoke cannabis nowadays, I feel a very mild out-of-body sensation, as if I can feel each individual organ in my body as parts as opposed to one whole mass of flesh; not unlike the sensations I felt when I first did psychedelics. To further add to my re-activation theory, I also occasionally see various colors and lights oscillating about whenever I smoke weed, more similar to the "mild" trips I had experienced the third and fourth times I ingested NBOMe's.

This leaves me asking myself a number of questions: Do I still have this stuff in my system? Have I developed a tolerance to psychedelics? How do cannabinoids react with psychedelics? Did my abnormally heavy usage contribute to this re-activation phenomenon? And most importantly, what the hell is this stuff that my friend is supplying me with? At this point, I can only cross my fingers, hope for the best, and not dig deep into the worst.

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