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2013 Poem

Adrift my daydream aimlessly floats brimming with the conscious emergence from unconscious complexity vibrating images in and out of a distant reality where I’ll always discover the sound waves have freely taken me away leaving no room here for certainty to resonate through kaleidoscopic colors I’ll ascend rocketing out of reach of moments and sentience only to have eternal communion with the grandiosity of the universe until finally metamorphing in order to attend the spiritual union with myself, a sickening disruption rips me back then streams me off copiously escaping the mold of reason where I can properly question and conceive the beginnings and ends of spheres before meditating apart the fields and forces of dimensional boundaries once the soft echoes dilate away so that empty silences can neglect their existence by obeying no longer the burden of this body nor the contingencies of clear thinking does the cumbersome ego cease to compel us to embrace the ownership of our essence by creating a cornucopia of experience identifying the unlearned animal with grammatical devices such as “self” and “I” have finally become detached naked and free, Consciousness.  

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