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the creator?

pretty confusing

where to begin?
background information, four of my friends and i were planning to take shrooms at a friends house, all of us have taken shrooms numerous times and i myself use them for practice once or twice a month.

we all consumed an eighth. these kicked in within 30 minutes. i was playing a game of pool when the green table turned to a water texture and i couldnt play anymore. enjoying life i sit next to my friend who is also tripping to watch what he was watching on his laptop. its a picture of the galaxy and the whole thing was spinning perfectly. tripping out and talking about things my good friend told me to stop questioning things and that ill put myself in a bad trip. at this time several people had come over to this house who were not tripping and this is when things got weird.

sitting in my own world observing the room i was astonished by the difference of the phycadellic world with real life. every time i said something everyone would look at me like i had said the wrong thing or they just were not understanding. feeling uncomfortable i went upstairs from the basement where we were at. now feeling nausus i went upstairs to the second floor and into the bathroom. this is where it will get hard to explain because the memories are scattered.

standing in the bathroom feeling sick in deep thought i felt like i could see the two worlds split. i could see the system of sober life and how it was run. everything felt digital. i could literally feel the world glitching. after some thought of the government knowing that i was seeing something they didnt want me to i felt sicker. and the more they wanted me not to realize it the sicker i felt. i convinced myself i had talked them out of it and i started feeling better but now i was tripping in another world that i thought i unlocked. i open the bathroom door from a knock and its a couple of my friends and people i didnt know and they were asking me things that did not make sense. the best way i can explain this next feeling is the movie inception. when they are in dream world and how they cant let the other people in the dream find out that they are not suppose to be there. this is how i felt and a kid i have never met came up to me asking me questions only i would know about myself. at this point i could literally see this system glitch and this kid and everyone else started walking around and talking about things that made no sense and as if nothing happend went to the same spot they were and continued doing what they were doing. this happend several times.

now i had thought that everyone was glitching because i had beat the system and everytime i was thinking about it, everyone started glitching. than i had come to believe that because of this everyone was just a projection from my mind. after having realization of that i thought i had control of people in a way and at this point everyone in the house walked from where ever they were and crowded around me. they kept asking me what was going on because they all said they felt like they had to come up here. i entered a global communication within my head and thought i was communication with everone in the world and told them basically to ask yourself why they werent happy and shit and i thought i was bringing world peace together. now the government was pissed and i legit could feel the anger and world was about to come to and end. i told everyone in the house that the world was ending and they thought i was crazy i guess

i now cool out and my friend, the home owner, who was sober, came up to me and asked if i was ok and stuff. we went into his computer room and i sat at the computer and looked at the WoW login screen. my friend at this point i had thought was a monk in my friends body, along with every other one of my friends tripping, had introduced me into this elevated existance. an extreme happyness over filled me and i entered a state of hearing where i could hear my family talking through a harmonic way of communication by listening. still in belief that im living in a digital world i thought i had unlocked basically a phone in my head and i was in a univeral communication with everyone else in this elevated existance and i was talking to all my friends. my friend and i walk down stairs to meet the rest of my friends who were sitting in the living room. listening to them talk i recall a conversation that my friends were teling me about the system they made, which is the world, and why its ran the way it is and how it was created and that the future was coming and things were changing.

thinking i had left earth and wasnt returning and i went to bed in the hallway in excitement for tomorrow in the new world i had entered.
the following morning no one can recall the points of time when i thought everyone was glitching. not even the sober people. whatever i was hearing from anyones voice that night was not what they were saying. someone else was communicating with me. from past expierences i believe strongly that the universe is a living organism and that we are all one, and after this life we dont die but are simply reborn into another world.

idk i tripped hard. i didnt proof read this and i know its chopped and hacked but im high and about to sleep. please email me if you have any ideas on wtf happend to me. thanks peace.

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