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25i nbome and 25c nbome combo trip report

nbome's dont fuck around.

ok so lets start out with some background info.
19 years of age, 60 kg.

so me and some friends had run into allot of 25i and 25c (im speaking in the hundreds of blotters) they are accurately dosed at 750 uag for the 25c and 500 uag for the 25i's, we had experimented with combinations of the two about 8 times before this night (by this point i figured i was pretty well acquainted with these chems).

                                                                 trip report                                                                  
5:00pm: initial dose, two c's and one 25i.
we were at a lake in the bush camping the night and were all set up with swag's and tents and things we had also brought a few hundred glow sticks and food ect.
i pooped my three tabs in between my gum and my lip. 

5:40-6:30, the come up!
by this time my lip and gum are numb and the fowl taste is gone (thank god), first effects are beginning to hit me harder and harder every five seconds or so in waves of confusion and euphoria (every thing is going fine) visuals blast in with no warning at all, i looked at the ground and couldn't believe i was still standing up because it was so rich in movement  i then look up and realise there isn't a single thing around me not warping, all the tree's are different colours and are continuing to change before me.

things have calmed down significantly every thing is beginning to level out and make sense again (despite the fact we were all peaking now) we took this time to adjust before we did anything, we ate some food and burned a few down and drank a beer or two each, visuals are great and body load is non-existent i am feeling pretty good.

me and one of my friends decided to go for a swim in the lake whilst the other 5 stayed on land, this was amazing i was a part of the water it accrued to me whilst i was swimming that i was getting tired and when I'm tired whilst swimming i go underneath the water and swim like that as it is easier  doing this was the best idea ever i could see perfectly clear down there it was amazing, then i saw lights under the water i decided to go back to land.
i went and checked the time, and once i had gotten used to using a phone screen witch had depth i was astounded that it was only 7:15 it felt like hours, we then all went for a walk in the bush or Forrest to observe the sunset from the other side of the lake (what a journey  we finally arrived at the other side and just fucked around there till the sun went to bed then we ran back to camp witch was like driving a car at 300 kmph it was awesome.

second dose
a few of us decided we wanted a little bit more and popped another tab, me being a "go big or go home" kind of guy decided id take another two i's and one more c, witch would put me on three and three.

i decided to break out the the mega blunt id rolled earlier, it had 4 g in it.
we passed it around just talking and chilling for about half an hour, it was perfect. 

it is now dark it was a full moon so we could see fine but dark, we decided to break all of the glow sticks (oh my god) the colours merged in to every thing as we threw them around the camp sight, imagine the Forrest in avatar but better. it was getting cold so we decided to make a fire to put my friends mind at ease as he was freaking out about everybody health, it was impossible to do i gave up one of my other friends managed to to it tho, we then sat around the fire surrounded by glow sticks.

10:00-11:00 possibly?
i was staring into the fire just zoned out for god knows how long i was seeing all sorts of mad stuff in that thing it was fun, we just talked about stuff the whole time.
i turned around due to a feeling of "there is some thing watching me" that im sure we are all familiar with and saw a small African girl looking at me about 5 meters away, she was wearing a tiger print tarted dress then she opened her mouth larger than any mouth should ever be able to open and started teleporting closer by about a foot every second (if you've ever seen the weeping angles episode in doctor who imagine that kind of movement combined with slender-man  i then turned around quickly and explained what just happened to me to my friends they freaked out a little.

.......late night/early morning.
we re discoverd the glowsticks and threw a bunch in the lake this was beutifull, we broke a few open and just played in a mess of colour after a wile we all just started talking again and i layed down in my swag and fell in to my own conciseness whilst starring at the stars they were swirling and moving after doing this for a while i felt like i was swimming threw the starrs, there is a lage gap in my memory at this point but when i returned to reality my freinds were still talking i regoined conversation and then the sun came up at witch point we all went to sleep.

hope you guys enjoyd reading this, over all verry powerfull chem, and if you ever come across it never do more than 500 uag on your first time it will destroy you.

Everything I post is fictional. None of what I post is legit. Im am just an imaginary person living a imaginary life! 

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