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Amazing lsd trip hiking in nature

detailed trip - 4 hits of grade A lsd

Hello everyone this is my first post on this website. I am new here and have had some experience with lsd/mushrooms and thought I would let you guys hear one of the trips that I thought benefited me the most. There is probably a lot of grammar and spelling errors etc. Ive tripped on lsd over 100 times I would say usually taking 2-3 tabs and if im feeling up to it 5-6. Ive only tripped on mushrooms once but its was around 3 grams of caps that were all grinded up to a fine powder and it blew my fucking mind. Total loss of ego and self, and had a feeling of finallying realizing how lucky I really am. Where am I? How did I get here? And to be safe and have a loving family out of it all. I thought of people who were born in Africa and wondered how did I end up here in the USA? I felt sorry for people because they have no choice they were just born, and some people on this earth to this day are dying of hunger. Just blows my mind. Anyway lets get started with this LSD trip.

It was last summer (2012) and me and a few friends, ill call B & N.(BTW we were all 17 yrs old) We decided we wanted to do something different. We've tripped many times inside and its just not as fun. We decided to go on an adventure into the woods with nature. We live in a city that doesn't have many interesting places to hike (or anything interesting period) but we do know one spot that is on the outskirts of our town and has a lot of hiking trails so we chose to go there.

We all were doing 4 hits- my first time doing this much. I was nervous yet excited at the same time. We decided to walk around for a little bit before we took them, and found a good place to sit in the grass and take them. My friends had taken theres and now it was my turn. I put 3 on my tonugue at first and saved the last one until those 3 were totally disengrated because having 4 in my mouth at once was too much. After those 3 disengrated took my 4th one. About 5 minutes later I randomly threw up and was immediatly thrown into the psychedelic world. My friends B & N both got up and starting hiking before I did and were probably 40 feet in front of me and I ran towards them telling them im already tripping balls. They both look at me and laugh, because they weren't even tripping yet when I was already to a point were it seemed like I was peaking.

We walked around the hiking trails and it was complete beauty. I was seeing objects in the clouds (faces?), all the trees were "breathing" - looked like they were spinning or morphing or something I could never describe with words. I would look at the dirt and grass below me while walking and it would all be just waving slowly like the waves of the ocean. I felt very peaceful and safe, but was tripping so hard that it was a mission to even walk around. (lol - was a sunny day probably 90 -100 degrees out) So we decided to take a break and sit down on this bench that is located on one of the trails for people to rest. We just chilled and talked about life and anything else that comes up to mind while frying. I looked over to my friends and the bench itself seemed like it was 30 feet long, and we were all spaced out evenly, and thats when I knew I was really tripping. When the bench was only probably 10 feet long and all of us a few feet apart. The best part of the hike was still to come - So we decided to get up from the bench and start heading towards the highest point of all the hiking trails and decided we HAVE to go to the top and look down on our city while tripping.

While we were walking I was having another whole dimension in my head other than visuals - my thinking was even different. I looked around... what is nature? What are these trees? I know what they are... but what are they REALLY!? I felt like I was finally waking up for the first time. Then I realized that we are just like any tree, just another part of nature living on this planet. Once we got to the top it was beyond words. I looked around and could finally see a clearer vision on what true reality really was. You could see the tops of green trees for miles and it just looked like one gigantic pool of colors always moving and never staying the same. Time was completely changed for me and I had no clue how much time had passed since we got there. After looking down at our city for awhile in awe, we decided to leave.

Now was the hard part - driving all the way back to my side of town which is about 20 minutes and yes I was the driver. We all got in and sat for awhile and I finally had to concentrate enough to tell myself I could do this. And that's exactly what I did. On our way back to our side of town I was still tripping balls, and we were playing some music on my stereo and it seemed like at that time music had never sounded so clear before. I could focus in on every instrument being played and it seemed like I could feel the energy and vibe off the music more than ever before. The road lines were slightly waving - not still but not moving enough to not be able to drive. I am an experienced driver I would say, have drove many times tripping but if I know I cant drive - I wont.

Once we safely got to our side of the town we chilled in my car in a parking lot blasting AC and decided to go to a movie. We went into the theatre having no idea what was even playing - or at what time. The only movie playing was Madagascar 3 and at first I was dissapointed, but then I realized this movie would be great tripping. So we all watched this movie and slowly came down. The movie turned out pretty awesome - most animation movies tripping are. Well thats about all I can remember and I would put more in here but I know most people won't even read it all. So if you made it this far, thanks for being interested in my adventure. Leave feedback if you want, peace out !

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