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a halfo between 2:)+2 more grams=2 REALLY FUCKED GIRLS

Well k ive taken shrooms enough times and i hadnt done it for a month so aug1st was the day to do em.

Well k ive taken shrooms enough times and i hadnt done it for a month so aug1st was the day to do em.The shrooms I had b4 tho were so amazin "it was a magical colourful disney world"wow that night man but neway.We started off with a halfo between 3 ppl but then but friend wanted to get more so we could be really fucked up, so we went on a 4 hour fuckin mission. My girl and I, Anh were jus sittin there from 10:30-2:00 waitin to eat those magic mushshooms.
Anh and I had ate bout a gram cuz we wanted to lest munch on something and her bf was takin forever but w.e around 1:30 he said we could munch so we did.I swear we ate them like chips they were so juicy n gross lol but w.e. we ate ate n ate n ate. There was bout a 2 grams left that we waved for zach but i turned out he grabbed another 9 grams:) Finally anhs bf says hes commin now n then it started to gimme the visual patterns n i was really happy but not satisfied. My friend anh wasnt trippin so i told her to hit the bong.N then her mom kicks out round like 2 so we decide to go to zachs house. We went to zachs house n i looked at his shrooms. They were so much more juicy well actually they looked pretty hard. Him n his friend andrew ate bout 3 grams each n then we rolled a blunt a spliff and went n blazed it on the balcony n zach n andrew were already startin to trip.Anh n I were lookin at eachother n i was seein so much colours,numbers,letters,patterns w,e, the usual. Soooo me n anh decided to eat a gram or 2 of these other ones zach n andrew had eatin. As i ate it i felt like my toungue had dissapeared n somethin was shakin in me. I was inside his house n i rushed to the balcony n it was hittin me so hard in my stomach my mind my body. I felt so disconnect like i felt like my hand werent connected with my body n it hit me sooo hard like i was ShAkin my whole body n anh wasnt trippin n when i shook i made her shake cuz i was shakin so much. I didnt kno what to talk bout. I was in a skirt n NEEDED pants so i asked zach for some n he gave me his pj's n u kno how cool pjs r lol wrell how trippy they r:)neway I kept tellin anh to reassure me n tell me happy thought. She told me bout how we were on e n i felt ok for a sec but then i reaslied i aint on e n im scared n i wana be off this drug or not be so hard.I aint gona lie i was scared but im kept reasurrin myself its jus a drug n its fuckin me up. But i chose to take that chance of eatin about 7 grams n then more of different kind. I didnt kno what to think i thought i ate too much n i wanted to be in a forest at the top of centennial hill. O ya i live in toronto Canada this aint no States story. But w.e. I was scared but ikept tellin myself i was ok n it was jus my mind n i was gona be ok as long as i got outside into the nature. Sooo thats what we decided to do. The whole way down in the elevator i saw pure rainbows n colours n patterns n everything. I ran outside n it felt soo good. I didnt wana stop walkin. We decided to go a park tho broadachers. We sat down but i hated it i wanted to walk n explore n i got the scary feelin back again. I told anh we had to go for walk so we decided to go to shell so anh could grab some oj. Neway we got there anh forgot her money so we had to back. Anh still wasnt trippina t this time n i didnt kno y cuz she took as much n i was soooo fucked.We looked like crackhead we saw some adults n the were like sayin TRIPPED OUT TEENS WHAT R U ON??? me n anh jus left as we walked back to the guys. I was with 2 other guys too but i aint talkin bout them much cuz it was they're first time n were trippen the fuck out. They were so damn bait out tho so loud. I didnt really wna abe with them. So yea w.e. we were at broadachers n then anhs mom called round 4 in the mornin n said we had to go home. I was so sad i wanted to go centennial so bad, to the top of the hill where everything would feel right. But we couldnt we had to go home so then guys went to zachs n me n anh went home. Anh felt like she was startin to hit her peak n she was bout to go see her mom. She yelled at her mom for makin us go back home . So as we were in her room I felt chill n happy i was basically home cuz im always at anhs. Anh started to say wow i see so much bolours n lights n n alana ur pruple n shit n im like wow shes trippin lol. I t was good tho cuz so was i we decided to make videos on her webcam n twatch today which we still havent done lol. Neway i saw sooo many rainbows n as i started at my hands i saw so much shit wow. I looked at the keyboard an it was melting. O yes n me n anh couldnt stop laughing out asses off EVERYTHING was sooo funny. We stayed up till bout 7 7:30 laughin n trippin out it was really great. Not the best expierience ive had BELIEVE me i would gie nething for THOSE ali shrooms again. but neway my trip is over thanx for readin if u read this far i kno therere way better shit out there and I shoud have been more detailed but yea im lazy kk KEEP SHROOMIN:D:D:D:D:D

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