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Spiritual growth ~2.5g Psilocybin~

nature and fun

This was only my second mushroom trip and this is my first trip report, so i hope everyone enjoys.

     Just alittle about myself. im 17 and live with my parents who, like most western parents dont like drugs, so i guess i respect that, there is nothing i can do to change their closed minds on the subject.so i quit smoking cannabis around christmas time for id been caught too many times and even tho i love cannabis its gunna have to wait untill i move out on my own to take part in smoking it. for i dont want to ruin the family im blessed be part of.

     So without smoking and just fucking around i spend my time surfing, painting, enjoying friends, reading (lately ive read terence mckennas "food of the gods" and a book from charles eisenstein called "sacred economics" both i highly recommend) and planning well thought out etheogenic psychedelic trips. 

     a few weeks ago, i think it was a sunday there was two nfl playoff games, not sure which game was on; i dont follow sports. but anyways my parents Left home around 2 pm to their friends house on the other side of town to watch the games and have wine and beer. so once they told me they had Left home; i drove home from the skate park with some friends dropped them off went inside and dosed up on 2.5g of psilocybin.

     I was on a completely empty stomach and the shrooms where said to be very potent. its 3 pm and my buddy that was going to sit for me was to come over in about an hour. so i pass the time waiting outside with my dog eating an orange enjoying the nice weather. about 40 mins later i start to feel effects as i can really hear nature and the yard seemed to be growing longer as i exhaled and smaller as i inhaled. i walk to the front of my house to wait for my friend.

     the front of my house was exposed to alot more sunlight. so i close my eyes sit there and face the sun and enjoy its heat. with my eyes closed i begin to have some CEVs of geometrical patterns as a body high begins to come on stronger and stronger but yet so gradual.

     My best friend arrives. we go inside, play a game of pool where some how i beat him, he probably was going easy. then we get on bikes and ride out to this very expensive rich neighborhood that has great land scarping, waterways, and relaxing scenery.

     The ride there was great. the sun felt so good, i was fully tripping seeing patterns on the road, strong colors, things repeating, thoughts from both sides of my brain collaborating. When i got close to these tall bushes on the side of the side walk that kinda hang over i could see all the detail in the nature and it seemed to interact with me as i interacted with it.

     I dont know how i managed to ride my bike but i did and arrived to the center place of this neighborhood that has this lake with a bridge bowing over to this tall huge open aired dome. we walk over the bridge and i go under the dome. it was echoing my voice loudly really trippen me out. im in the center of the dome and look up. It was truly amazing. the dome over me just kaleidoscoped from the center outward and just caressed me and my vision with blissful colors and patterns.

     i regain vision and zone out for i dont know how long. i felt as if i wasnt a human but just and observer of live seeing it progress nature growing, evolving, everything. i finally move my body again and decide to walk over to this water fall stream that leads down into the lake.

     we walk on the rocks peaking out of the gentle stream. the sun was low so the water was all pink and purple flowing around rocks and taking direction toward the lake. trees hang over us with vines wined around everything. it was truly a sight to see and to be having quite strong visuals made it other worldly.we watch the sun sink bellow the houses and begin our voyage home.

     by the time i get home my visuals grow weak and my body becomes tired and restless. the trip is over and im just spaced out needing time to think and relax. i do so as my friend watches tv. i organized all my thoughts, addressed problems within my mind, i could see how i have done things wrong lately in live and things I've done right. I'm ready to love, have passion toward positive things, and take direction with life.

     me and my friend get in the hot tub. talk about life, the trip, and so on. we get out, go our separate ways. my parents come home, we talk about the game and i go to bed and sleep like a rock.

I wont forget this trip. thanks for reading

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