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Group Trip for the yearbook

Over an ounce of shrooms between 7 people.

Before I begin to even explain the trip let me first describe the build up.  This occurred the night of the 20th into the morning of the 21st of December (Mayan end of the world) I had picked up 2 ounces of really, really good caps ex. 1.5 gave me open eye visuals and I am very experienced with shrooms.  So here's how it starts myself and 6 other friends had been talking about a group trip so we decided to do it we chose my friend lets say Ryan's house.  We all get there and we had decided to make it the trippiest environment one could possibly have.  It was a 3 room basement and we had 2 lava lamps, a tv with PAC man CE which if anyone has played that game is hands down the trippiest thing ever we had over 20 tapastries one brin the roses from fear and loathing plus native Americans the dead Mario kart game set up and trippy lights and just crazy shit everywhere.
After we set up the basement half of us decide to smoke myself rolling a fat blunt and smoking most of it I proceed to go back to the basement with my friends and drink 6 beers.  An hour later we as a group decided to eat them, I had givin everyone 4 grams and 2 people have never tried shrooms and the other 5 never taking above 3.5.  I on the other hand had hand picked the best looking caps that had weighted out to 5.0.  In this crossfaded stage as a group we sit in a circle and eat the sacrament while having thought provoking discussion.
T:00 - after realizing how hard I was about to trip the adrenalin kicked in and I was feeling grew we were playing the PAC man game and having a blast
I had remembered this time very clearly this was when I felt the shrooms "hit" my stomach that distinct feel of impending trip.
T:15 - I had started to feel the shrooms kick in very strong at this point and wanted to lay down on the group bed at this point 2 other friends began to feel it.
T:20 - I was laying down trying to enjoy the last moments of what I could call sobriety left I was listening to valleys of Neptune by Jimi Hendrix on my headphones just waiting for the unknown 
T:45 - at this time one of my friends who had never tripped before seemed anxious and the group had told him to speak with me (as I am the most experienced) he layed down on the bed next to me and was telling me he feels funny, me tripping incredible hard at this point in time with colors from across the room melting into sounds from another side of the room I was able to tell my friend that everything is ok and that he should listen to some Jimi and I proceeded to give him my headphones. 
This is where I can't give time estimations because time itself had completely and utterly stopped. I went to grab another beer because I was not feeling the bed vibe anymore and now mind you all of my friends were feelin it at this point and we were all tripping hard
As of now I'm tripping the hardest I've ever tripped before I'm hearing voices in my head the shrooms are talking to me and I beg my friends to put on music.  This is where shit gets heavy my friends lets call him Sam was able to communicate with me telepathically and knew to put on Casey jones.
At this point every single person is in their own world I go back to the bed only to fall face down and all of a sudden everything went black but I wasn't passed out I was in space I was in nothingness I was in eternity I was in another dimension.  I have very long hair and one thing that is my rock is my hair it's been there with me and I was running my hands thru it to keep me from going bad.  At this point the mushrooms were in my head they were talking to me they sat me down at the universal table and layed it all out from me the explained their purpose, my purpose, then I felt a precense that was not in the room prior.  It was a spirit it's intentions were not good nor bad, I was able to figure out it's name "Steve" was its name and it disliked when I said it, it didnt like that I had outsmarted it.  This made me think the kid that had turned me on to pot and shrooms his name was Steve and a kid I had accidentally made eat 5. Grams name was Steve this was a part of me just as much as a part of them.  This spirit has left and at this point all 7 of us were absolutely tripping 100% 3 balls we began to have conversations going 7 different ways without saying a single word.  Anyone who has exporenced this phenomonon knows what I am talking about (after the trip I had asked my friends if we did communicate and we all agreed) I was able to wander around and look at every single color and sound and emotion a human can feel with the feeling of total freedom things were spiraling inthem selves at this point it was 3 in the morning and had appeased to be coming out of my daze I was still hallucinating fully but not to the degree I was prior I had sat down on the couch asking my friends how long had it been I grabbed myself a beer and they had priced to not be a me to Awnser I drank the beer and sat motionless for another hour still in total awe of what I had experienced while enjoying the visuals the fear as lathing rose tapestry was amazing.  At this point if had tried to go to sleep with me starting at te remainder of the closed eye visuals that were still sizzling by me for thenext 2 hours.  We awoke the next morning with but 1 question what the fuck happend?  We couldn't Awnser it was magic it was chaos it was "the group trip" we all packed out bags and departed my friends house eagerly wanting to get home we left with a new sense of brotherhood and love for each other.  It has been a month an I still can't  put it into words.  This is my first Trip report and I glad to e a part of the community :)

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