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LSA - The teacher


Hi :) This is my first trip report, so sorry if its a bit of a bad layout.

I'm well acquainted with LSA (HBWR) and feel it has taught me a lot, me and a friend used it regularly and have had some amazing experiences, but the other night was on a different level. I had not taken anything apart from LSD around new years. I kept an empty stomach as I always do on LSA which normally always stops Nausea. I did it it in my room in the dark. I chewed up 3 seeds and then swished them around in my mouth with orange juice for about 10 - 15 minutes. (the orange juice definately potentiated the trip)

I felt the effects after an hour of thinking nothing was happening, but still thought it was going to be a threshold high.

I played with some delay effects on guitar rig with my guitar and it sounded amazing, like the sounds were going through me and into the universe, never ending vibrations.

Then i found this website.

http://new.weavesilk.com/ - This website is the most beautiful thing that isn't natural ( normally digital things i'm not a fan of on trips) i've ever ever played with.

After playing with this for a while, i realised my room was doing much more amazing things than the website could offer, and i laid down to experience what was happening to me, it was more acid like than i've ever experienced the seeds, tracers, my throws were going inter dimensional  folding in on themselves and changing colour.

I started listening to some music and then the message came from the seeds which I normally get at the tail end of the high, a period where i feel like i'm being fed information - but this lasted for far longer than normal.. I had to write it down it was so profound. I won't put it here as it might comes across preachy and i guess people should learn for themselves how they wanna live their lives,  but it was beautiful at the time. It seriously helped me out as i've been in a bit of a rut recently and felt like life was too short for me to do the things i want to, so i've spent a lot of time being a recluse trying to work things out.  I did a years worth of thinking the other night and now i feel amazing. 

over time these plants have made me a more moral person, and made me treat others with more love and care as i truly believe we are all one.

I'd recommend, taking these seeds in the dark and in silence, with a close friend or on your own. and soak the seeds in orange juice or something with high vitamin c content, i reckon 10 seeds and i would have broken through.

I truly believe these plants are here to facilitate our evolution, i learnt so much in that night, it was unbelievable.

I thought i'd share this cause it helped me greatly, thought it might do the same for someone else :)


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