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16mg Galantamine, 600 mg Alpha GPC (choline) and a large dose of vitamin B6

Experimenting with LDs and OBEs

This morning I tried 16mg Galantamine with 600 mg Alpha GPC (choline) and a large dose of vitamin B6, and all I can say is WOW.

The effects of this combination felt a bit speedy, and caused a bit of mind racing - it was also difficult to get back to sleep. I experienced many, many LDs/OBEs and other things which felt pretty much like I was under the influence of psychedelics / dissociatives.

The first LD was me just wandering around a huge shopping mall - at first I didn't realise I was lucid as I kept talking to people to in the hope to become lucid. The environment was solid, put people’s faces were often blurred and they didn't really give me answers which made sense. The mall had many floors, but the basement was dark and the few times I went down there on an escalator by accident, there was a “negative” feeling, like something bad was down there. I was in the mall for some time and eventually got a bit bored so I decided to face whatever was in the darkness and jumped over the side of the escalator down into the darkness. I felt a very real sensation of falling before hitting the ground.

I was next in a gigantic city, it looked run down and grainy – its style was a mixture of pretty much all ages, but the colour was grey – I actually think I was seeing in black and white. I flew around the city for a while – I seemed to be in mostly run down areas (or it was all run down?) with many people living on the street, tramps sitting around fires etc.

Later another scenario was very dark, grainy (like film grain) and highly stylised – it was also night. I seemed to be some sort of man-like beast. The environment I was in seemed to consist of gardens and alleyways. I heard a noise so followed it and there was a large group of people running around the alleyways. I must have attracted their attention and they started to hunt me. I leapt into a garden and was on a shed surrounded by high bushes and trees. The people had also turned into beast like figures and they were screaming and howling as they hunted me – I could see them through the leaves, but they didn’t enter the garden. Strangely, there was a dramatic music playing all around which added to the tension.

I woke up in a semi-sleep paralysis state now and could still hear the howling and music. There also seemed to be a sentient being in the room with me, it was an orange cat like creature on the wall looking down at me. I’m not sure what its intensions were, but it suddenly leapt at me and seemed to go into my body. Sleep paralysis and crazily energetic sensations hit as it entered. I lay there before sort of “countering” them, which led to the energetic sensations peaking and crashing.

I think it was around this point I pretty much dissolved into energy – I had no body, I was just aware. There were small squares of every colour, millions, billions of them surrounding me and undulating. Overlaying them were other disconnected squares, moving freely, singly or in groups. I’m not sure how long I was in this place, but I was there for a while.

I visited many other locales at different times of the day - these felt safe. I mostly flew about towns and leafy suburbs I didn’t recognise (although I had difficulty flying above roof level most of the time).
I also experienced many story- esque experiences – the main one I recall was in a land where spirits were still apparent, people who lived in vast cave systems had been calling on various energies and forms to do tasks for them, but they got lose and pretty much destroyed their society. I was pretty much wondering around, watching and listening – a 3rd party observer.

I’ve probably missed some things, as so much was going on. I also had the feeling that most of the time I was being watched by sentient beings of various forms.

I woke up feeling a bit hazy, but very good. These experienced all happened within a span of a hour and a half.

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