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Surprising 3.5 hike

The craziest hike I have ever gone on

It all started Saturday morning around 8 o’clock, a sunny July day in Colorado. My best friend Murph called me up and said he could pick up some great shrooms if we wanted to trip that day, so of course I said count me in! We met up and drove to his buddies place to pick em up, we decided that we could split 7G and that should be enough. 

We got back to the car to started dividing our prize, it wasn’t like any I had bought before, it was a couple large piece that looks like it would be some sort of fat toadstool stem. But we didn’t care what it looked like we just knew what we were going for. A good time and a day well spent in nature. 

Ive always been use to my mushrooms to kind of taste like shit, but these were more of a stale unsalted popcorn flavor. It was fantastic, so we both chewed them until the mushys turned to mush and chased them with OJ. After we downed our halves we set off for our journey into the mountains to hike a trail up to a waterfall , which was only about a twenty minute drive to the trail.

Once we were rounding one of the last corners to get to a spot to park and start our walk, we both started to feel them kicking in. As we enter the start of the trail I looked over to Murph and we both just got the biggest smiles and knew this was gonna be a good trip. (pun intended)

I follow the trail and notice that everything is in high definition and that I can see all of the tiniest details in everything, so I think to myself. “Wait a second, if the ground is this interesting.. The mountains have to be like million times better!”  So to that thought I jerked my head up to see the view.  And damn was that a view!  All the trees turned into giant spirals and the mounts grew to cover half the sky, at the same time I could focus in on something in the distance and watch it change color and shape.

But after all the light fun tripping, my dosage really started to take full effect, we kept hiking up the trail and I got this feeling that my shirt felt all slimy. So I took it off and still had the sense to not get rid of it and hold on to it for later. I told my buddy that we should take a break eat the oranges we brought along. He thought it was a good idea and tore apart his orange and loved it, saying he had never tasted something so good, sadly I didn’t have the same feeling, mine tasted horrible and I felt like it would poison me! I told murph how I was tripping pretty hard, and he took full advantage of my statement.. immediately he pointed to a flower and said “Holy shit! That flower is going crazy!” Strangely my mind played along with what he said and the flower turned a fiery red and exploded into geometric shapes, and he just looked at me and laughed because apparently I was in awe of what I had just seen. I told murph he was a magician and he needed to show more people his talent!

We finally got to the waterfall at the end of the trail and it was so beautiful with the water bulging and changing colors as it fell into the calm water. As I looked around I noticed all the trees growing taller, as if they were trying to distance themselves from the ground, so I wondered why they would need to do get away. I looked at the rock walls surrounding the waterfall and it was covered in a bunch of jaws slowly breathing  that looked like they would be from a tiger just with longer razor teeth. The longer I looked at them they started saying random words that scared me so I wandered over to murphy and  told him we needed to stay away from the wall or we would die.

Getting spooked from the rock wall seemed to have set off many more hallucinations that I didn’t like, because right after getting to murph, bugs of every sort possible began crawling out of the ground and circled around me. So I told murph that we should probably be heading back. At the same time I said this the area we were in was flooded with people, not normal looking people, they all looked like they would be from a zombie movie or drugged out kind of people missing teeth in ratty clothes. None of them paid any attention to me, which I was thankful for. But it got worse when some of the people transformed into smaller children and then started looking more like a Gollum type of creature, some would crawl up the rock wall over the razor jaws and without turning their body the head would turn completely around to look at me. The others would play and splash in the water, as I watched dark clouds form in the water and see tentacles emerge from the water around the little children.

This whole time im just standing in one place, to scared to move anywhere in fear of the bugs getting on me or the people seeing me. But I managed to force my mouth to tell murphy we needed to get back to the car, so he listened and we headed away from the waterfall. (I must have imagined all of the people and this next part because it was apparently only me and Murph in the mountains) As we were leaving a group of police with their guns drawn followed by paramedics come sprinting by us and I overhear them saying we got a couple of drugged out people up here causing problems up here. I tried to tell myself I wasnt tripping and that it had to be the other people I saw by the waterfall and that something had really happened up there.

Once we finally got back to the car, my entire vision was replaced with shapes like a kaleidoscope making everything and rainbow colors filling it all in. At this point I could hear murphy trying to talk to me but I couldn’t think of any words to respond with so I just managed to say uh huh  for almost everything. It felt like I was falling asleep, leaving my body and waking up in another place.

When I would wake up in the other place I could see my dad and a couple people around me telling me to stop remembering the past and move on. I didn’t understand the first few times it happened, but the more it happen my mind started to figure it out. It was like my real life was all a memory and that I wasn’t part of the earth anymore, more like that was I was a “god’ in another dimension but that I had put myself in a loop of thinking “what if that life never happened” So in my “new dimension” I was stuck in a trance that the people I knew were trying to wake me up from.  In that sense while I was tripping it would allow me to slightly wake up in the other world and see the people that were worrying about me and trying to get me to come back and live my real life.

After we had been driving a while, I came to realize we drove all the way across town to my friend Aids house. I managed to get out of the car and walk up to her front door with murph. She opened the door and said hi, then she asked me where my shirt was? I started to feel around on myself and realized she was right and that I never put it back on and at some point I had lost it in the mountains! So we went in and she asked if I wanted a shirt, so I said, “uh huh” she went and picked out this t-shirt with a naked girl in a bowl of cereal. I tried to put it on but I tangled in it and couldn’t find the arm holes, eventually Aid helped me get it on. Then she asked what the hell was wrong with me, so murph responded for me and said I was on shrooms. She got a big smile and just said “ok it all makes sense now”

For the next few hours we were there and I couldn’t make myself care about anything that they were doing, because I was still mind fucked from what I had been seeing in the car. It made me feel like my life was meaningless and that there was nothing that I could do that would be worth anything. I kept seeing things bulging and transforming for a couple hours, until finally murph  and I headed out and he dropped me off at my car. I started driving and got back to my house around 6:30, the only thing I wanted was a hot shower to clear my head. When I got out of the shower I had stopped tripping and was happy it was over but at the same time I enjoyed the crazy new kind of view that I had gotten to see. 

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