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Shrooms Laced With Acid


First of all I would like to say this is my first trip Report.
 Anyways approximately a month ago I went to my friend's new years party.
 After everyone left we decided we would do shrooms. So before the party me and friend J picked up a half O of shrooms from a charcter known to squirt drops of acid on the shrooms she sells.
 Friend J and I were not aware of this until we had divided the shrooms up equally when friend S told us that the shrooms might be laced.
So we each put all the shrooms in out mouth and chewed for about 10 minutes (If it was laced with acid we wanted the full effects).
It was only 35 minutes until we all started feeling the effects and we knew it was not use the shrooms and my friends J and S said they kept seeing stuff from the corner of their eyes. I did not have this.
 On the other hand I started to feel distant from my body and started to notice the wall looked like waving silk.
 At this point I laid down and began to watch the ceiling while discussing what was going on with my friends.Then it me and it was intense.
 I told my friends it hit me and that was the last I talked to them because everything disappeared.
I sat in a Dark space for about a minute and then i was back into my friend's basement but my friends were gone(they weren't really).
i was alone and for some reason forgot i was on acid. I was exploring my World watching all my hallucinations in a state of enjoyment. 
About 30 minutes into my trip my friends S and J morphed out of the wall and back into my reality(at the time).
I saw crazy things for example i saw my friend J walking around a chair with one hand on the top of it at all times and every time he made it around to a certain point he would say "hey josh". 
He did this about 5 times and then he pushed the chair into the ground. As well I say one of my friend S's fish(he has a lot of tanks full of fish in the room we were in) turn into a piranha.
 After the acid wore off; I asked my friends if I was back. They both smiled at me and said yes.
 The weirdest part about my trip was my friends said I didn't get up or much through my whole trip.
 Even though I thought I hadn't even sat down after I original got up. I believe the shrooms took me to another land and the acid let my mind free in this land.
 Please let me know your theory's!  Over all my trip started at 3ish and ended at 930 and it was the best experience of my life!

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