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Mistaken Identity at the Gates of Hell

25 HBWR seeds

This is my very first trip report of any kind, but I am fairly experienced with psychedelics, and have been using them for six years. THis exact experience occurred while I spent a semester at a military school in New Mexico.

My friend, I will refer to him as Full, suggested that since we were the only pshychonauts at this school, he order some Morning Glory seeds for us. Thanksgiving break was coming up, which means there would be almost no one at the school for the two days before our bus ride to Albuquerque. He ordered the seeds, but what he failed to mention is that he ordered HBWR instead of morning glory. On the day of our journey, we did not eat lunch or dinner, and at 6:00pm we began eating the seeds, one at a time. By the time I had ate 25 seeds, I knew something was wrong. I had very strong CEV, and the music I was playing (Dead Meadow, Tame Impala, Black Angels, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Ultimate Spinach) added to a very strong body high. I decided to stop and advised Full to do the same. 

At 6:45, the trip started, we turned off all of the lights, and opened our window that looked out into a garden/ courtyard from the third floor. We stared outside for about 15 minutes before the OEV began to take hold. We lay in our beds, in complete darkness with the music playing, and one could not have differentiated between OEV and CEV. All notion of time was lost, and Full suggested we lay in silence, which we did, and then it started raining outside. We lay there for seconds, maybe hours, or even days. I had a very strong nauseatic attack at one point, but it passed quickly. 

The experience became very intense, The visuals in my head were the most complex 3D building, half mechanic, half organic. There was a sense of unity about it. I remembered what Terrence Mckenna said about asking the teachers certain questions, so that is what I did, I let the visions take me where they would. My conscience carried me past hundreds of different space scapes, until a small speck could be seen in the distance. I then realized that this speck was what was pulling me, not my conscience. As I drew near, a gate fell between me and this infinite being, and I could not feel the warmth of the teacher any more. I was on my own. I have a strong fear of spiders, and over the top of this gate, infinitely far away yet almost touching me, was a hieroglyph of a spider, or something that represented my fear. THis fear is what kept me from my desire. Even though this creature, this demon of my conscience, was not alive, it frightened me. I thought there was no way around this hell of mine. I felt so small, but then I remembered or was shown the fact that humans, even though we are somewhat intelligent, are so insignificant, that our brain would die before understanding. I showed this thought to the hieroglyph alien. and it sank away into the infinite architecture of my mind. The test was beat, and the gate opened, only as I again was drawn nearer to the being at the end of the tunnel, a gate was drawn in front of me, and this time my own mind closed the gate, I took this as the sign that what was to be learnt was already learnt, I had only to think about it. There was no actual reason for me to see this being anymore, and I was content. 

I opened my eyes and the sun was shining  with more intense light than ever before yet it had not even broken the horizon yet, and I was still tripping very hard, and so was Full. We tried our hardest to ignore the desk elongating and warping, the clothes in our closet combining and splitting with each other,  but we could not ignore the most beautiful thing of the night, we could see the layers of each other. We could see the lay outs of each others blood vessels and arteries, we could see the  muscles, and there were even small dots crawling in our skin, not even crawling, just traveling different pathways. We discussed the contents of our experience, as best we could. Hallucinations subsided, but colors and tracers remained present all day. The outside world was so beautiful, and the sun's rising was the perfect end to this beautiful night. Food tasted better, having been to the gate of Hell as I described it, showers felt cleaner, and every thing was so pure. 

I don't plan on ever doing LSA again, but I will remember what I learned and how beautiful it was, for as long as I can.

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