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First trip bad/good 4.5

Life changing

So my friends asked me to hang yesterday morning just to smoke up and watch netflix. I met up with my friend levi and we walked to our other friends house, once we got there i was pretty amped up with caffeine and weed and wasn't expecting my other friend to pull out 9 grams of shrooms. I wasn't sure I wanted to hallucinate in the state I was in but of course after being called a pussy I just had to. So me and my friend ate the 9g bag of shrooms and sat back and watched trailer park boys. my friend who brought the shrooms stayed sober just encase anything bad happened, he has tried shrooms multiple times but me and the other guys where new to shrooms. After 45 mins my sober friend noticed me and the other guy tripping out mildly (I started to feel light but no hallucinations)  so he turns on the wizard of oz  cartoon which I believe was made in the 80's and he also added some pink floyd in the mix with the TV on mute. This is what made me start seeing things, red and blue vision which I think was caused by the red and blue lights my friend had in his basement, we then started to watch cheech and chong live, I couldn't really concentrate on anything the movie was saying because I kept seeing there eyes split apart, then the music came in 30 mins later and my sober friend decided that he wanted shrooms but he wanted me and the other guy to pay... I was way to concentrated on the colours and the TV that I ignored him, then the bad trip happened. He started to make me feel bad for not paying for his shrooms and he kept going on and on until i just remember snapping and saying "that's enough!" and it made me feel really bad, embarrassed and unwanted. Next thing I know im on the ground asking my friend to make my trip stop, they told me it wouldn't stop till the next couple of hours and that made me think that it was permanent. they kept telling me im over thinking and I need to calm down which I eventually did, I started to feel better and got up and joined them in watching the walking dead, I was still hallucinating but I felt more safer and in control and I also felt like a kid, I was so concentrated on what I was watching and I stayed focused on the story which I usually never do, my good trip was long enough that I started to think about where my life was going and what i need to do to benefit it. It was a great positive energy which left me satisfied with the results. I will eventually explore into other hallucinogens in the future and really get a good meaning of what they can do and how they can benefit you mentality, I have always been open minded but I feel like I enhanced that to some extent with taking the mushrooms, it gave me more motivation and inspiration and that's enough for me to come back to it in the future.

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