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A great mushie walk

I'm about 5'6 16 guy who smokes alot of pot.

I'm about 5'6 16 guy who smokes alot of pot. My favourite drug is mushrooms by far. One night my friends and i decide to get mushrooms well call them s b k and myself. We got out of school and imidiatly chewed em down (i dont even mind the taste anymore)we each chewd about a half-quarter, I had about a gram and a half of weed and my friend had about 2 grams. about 40 minutes after chewing it was already starting to get dark and snow had been falling for about and hour and a half.(southern ontario winter)My friend b and I felt quite good and decided to go for a walk. K and S were going out so they stayed home. As soon as we got to the front lawn we started trippin hard. The trees in the neighbourhood looked so strange and the sky was a twisted mass of grey. We began walking across a gravel alley instead of a main road(more trees/bushes) we smoked a joint and a bowl there, we then made it to the bridge where i hit my peak i stood staring at the water and the night sky and stars and i felt like i understood existance. WE then walked to the casino which had a wall that constantly changed colour, it was mind blowing, standing infront of the lights watching ourselves change colour with the wall. We decided to leave fairly quickly as to not draw the cops. we then went and sat on the riverbank and smoked and tripped out for a very long time. The only thing that broke that trip was the apearence of s's younger sister and her friend and some guy they hang out with. The guy tried to sell us e but we wouldnt buy it because we only touch herbal stuff so they rode away. We made it back to my friends house tripping stongly along the way, when we got home we smoked more and we each had a beer and watch lord of the rings 3. It was incredible probably one of my best trips ever.

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