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im not sure if level 3 is the right place to post but what ever.. So im kinda bored and decided to write a trip report about my first and only salvia experience! So if your also bored with nothing to do then read on...

So they day started off as usual until my buddy R texted me to come to his place to blaze/chill with his buddies. Needless to say i accepted his offer. When i showed up at his place, i met his buddies for the first time and we seemed to get along well. We were chatting and shooting the shit and his buddies started sharing their salvia experiences from the previous day. They were saying how it was craziest thing blah blah blah and then asked me if i would ever do it. I said i that i would try it and then one the guys pulled out a bag with grinded  black stuff in it, and said this is salvia. You can have a chop if you want. And i said sure! By the way whered you buy it from? And they said they bought it at the weed store downtown(Vancouver) although i cant remember it was either 25x or 30x(trip was 2 years ago)

Sinse i just met these guys i didnt trust them, i  said put the dose on the table just cause i wanna see how much it is.... When they put the pile on the table i grabbed my debit card and cut it in half and said there thats how much ill do. Which needless to say made them mad saying "no take what we put there" and after a little bit of arguing i added another pinch to my bowl and sat in a chair in R's room.

With bong and lighter(bic, not jet) in hand i was ready to take to plunge into the world of salvia. Filled with nervousness and anxiety i put down the bong and said wait give me 10 min and ill do i it. Which was a good thing because the girl who was there started reassuring me about the experience and helped rid some of the fear by saying how she would help me out if i was freaking out etc..
Now with much LESS nervousness but still prevalent, i lit up the bowl and started inhaling. The smoke was very smooth as i could almost not feel it enter my lungs. Everyone in the room started counting down from 30 until 1 and then i exhaled the smoke. My vision was a little blurry and i said how long does it take to take effect? They said FUCK should be right away! Maybe it somehow didnt take effect?After they replied i started to feel like i was getting pulled into my seat, this very weird pulling sensation. I then thought that was the extent of what would happen, and before i realized it the trip had began.

You know how when you look at a flying helicopter, the 3 wings are rotating very fast and they almost seem to make a circle? Well to those that know what im talking about, the ceiling light kinda came to the middle of the room(between the floor and ceiling) And started rotating around me making that helicopter effect. I gazed in aw and before i knew it, iit was like i had no knowledge of anything. Like i had no idea i was sitting in R's room ,and  that there was 6 people watching me a few feet away, or that i had smoked salvia. It was like i was in space or something exept with no stars just that circle of light around me.Which made me SUPER nervous and scared! and then the crazy part happened....

I imagined the girl who was helping me out before the trip float over to me wearing a white dress, similar to  a wedding gown except i couldnt see any feet(in RL she had a black T-shirt on). And she came over and said what are you so scared of you big baby!(in a joking way) And then said enjoy yourself! dont worry ill be here to guide and help you if the going gets rough! I was then swept with happiness and suddenly i wasnt in space anymore i back in the room, sittting on the chair. My vision was still blurry and i reconized everything in the room except i still didnt know that anyone was there watching me. It was like they didnt even exist, they didnt even cross my mind. Anyway i wanted to stand up for some reason but every time i tried it as if this imaginary elastic band was around my waist..the farther i got up, the more resistance there was, and would get almost slingshot-ted back in the seat...

After 2-3 tries i got soooo frustrated and  then i  beacame stuck in this sequence(almost limbo). Where i would try to stand get shot back into the seat, look around the room , wipe the sweat off my forehead with my forearm (i was drenched with sweat) then touch this wood bed frame and repeat.This happened for what seemed like and eternity. I was very conscious of this sequence and for love of god no matter how hard i tried to stop it i couldn't! it just repeated and repaeated until i had a auditory hallucination of someone saying you should go outside. And i was why? Whats outside? and R replied outside is outside and i replied then why do you want me to go out there? and R or someone else said we dont want you to... And it was then i finally remembered i was  tripping on salvia and less than 30 sec later i could see everyone in the room and finally renembered what was happening... i was like oh yeah i smoked savlia! And that all happened in 5 or 7 min which blew my mind! How could that possibly have been 5 mins!

We then watched the video they took of me and we just laughed... I originally said dont tape me.... but i was glad they did because i was able to see that i would stand take a step forward then sit down... Not get 6 inches out of the seat and get shot back in... I also wouldnt i have believed the girl didnt say anything to me and i also wouldnt have beleived that they never said to me go outside beacuse i definatly heard that and it sounded so real.

All in all i would say it was a possitive experience but not something i would do agian, also i found it strange i was the only one who didnt have a bad time... 2-3 other tried after me and they freaked out!

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