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Annihilation legal high

Hell! Scariest time of my life

I was going to meet my friend (lets call him "H") at a big agricultural show in Malvern. When I found him, I was hoping he brought some weed with him, but he had a legal high called "Annihilation". I had smoked weed once at the time, and loved it...so I figured I wouldn't have a problem since it was mean't to mimic the effects of the real stuff, but I was wrong!

We left the festival to get to the car park which were basically muddy fields. At the top there was a little hidden area which was a field above the car-park where me and H went. That's where we smoked the spliff, which I think was just Annihilation, but could of had tobacco mixed with it, but I'm not 100% sure. I took a toke, didn't feel a thing, took another, and another...that's when I thought it was a waste of time, then WOOSH! (We only shared half the spliff, we didn't have all of it) My visions vibrated like crazy! My mind was racing, me and H were walking down to the gate to get to the car-park where the puddles were very deep and muddy. It was a challenge walking through them. I was so fucked I was walking like a zombie, it was crazy. H was loving it! 

We got to the gate, and getting over that was the biggest struggle I have experienced. I felt like I was drowning into the earth, as if a big hole was sucking me in when I was holding this thing next to the gate. We finally got over the gate, and we were walking through the footpath going past these people that were guiding the people parking their cars, you know...the people in those bright florescent jackets. I was very paranoid walking past them, I felt as if they were security men. 

We finally got through the car-park, and we had to cross the road and then get into the show. I was in a pretty messed up state, I don't remember much, but the woman I had to show my ticket obviously noticed I was abit weird. Me and H were randomly walking around the massive show. For about 2 hours I was asking when it would end and how long since we had it, I wanted this torture too end! My body felt like it was randomly vibrating or shaking, it was like string. I felt computer generated sometimes! At times I saw visions in my head, but they were really realistic. They were completely random but don't remember them, apart from me seeing diary of a wimpy kid (the drawings in the book) kind of stuff. I was really scared of seeing my Dad around. Music stayed in your head much easier than if you were sober. When I heard music, it was really catchy. I felt like I was walking like a robot the whole time, it was weird. I forgot what reality felt like, and I thought I was going to be in this state for ever. I had to keep convincing myself that it would end. It felt like a trip more than a high. I couldn't remember things when I was high very well at all when I was high, I sort of lost sense of time, if you know what I mean.

There were loads of cars on show, new ones which you were welcome to go and have a sit in if you wanted too. I decided I wanted to sit somewhere and rest so went into a car with H. I felt VERY claustrophobic. So claustrophobic I started to scream and almost cried. The people that worked for the car companies were just outside heard me shouting "I hate it I hate it!!!" to H, so they started to look at me, I was scared and we both walked away! Haha

It was probably wearing off, but I couldn't tell. Me and H went to the food hall where farmers and others sold their food and all that. I didn't like how I was feeling but I was getting a little bit used to it.  When I was standing still in lines I kept tipping over, haha.
I don't remember much after that. When the trip ended (after about 2-3 hours) I felt extremely burnt out, more burnt out than I thought possible, but it was tolerable, not unbearable, even though I just  wanted to feel normal and much more awake. 3 hours later I felt pretty normal and went home in the car with my Dad.

I felt proud of myself that I actually experienced a bad trip and felt what it was like.

Please note this substance has recently been made illegal in the UK. 

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