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Trippin on tea

3rd experience

It had been a couple of weeks since me and my mates discovered a mass patch of subs at my school,  it was the holidays and we were wondering how many more had grown there so we decided to go and have a look, to my surprise we got another half filled sandwich bg and headed home.

We decided to brew some tea even know his parents were home. my mates dad looked directly into the pot while it was being brewed and didn't look twice, must of thought it was some funky tea or soup :p

we drank it,  i started feeling the tingly body sensation you get as you come up, the tv was on playing the movie jumper, all i could think was NO THIS MOVIES GAYYYYY and the thought of just sitting there watching a movie seemed so dull and a waste of a trip so i convinced my mate that we should leave and go walking through nature and staying would just induce a negative or less enjoyable experience.

As we walked up the nature reserve towards a creek i started to feel it take hold, the sky was such an intense blue inline with the grass which was an intense glowing green i couldn't keep talking about the richness of each color in front of me, the tea gave me a little stomach discomfort as i came up but eventually it went away and i felt awesome :D

We got to the creek and we were starting to peak, the trees all looked like they were crossing each other and were transparent, much like a 
prism lens like the front cover of pink floyds piper at the gates of dawn.

we were peaking, just standing feeling awesome, i recall saying how i was at peace with myself and nature and if i died right now it wouldn't bother me at all. We decided to lay down amongst the trees. i could feel myself merging with the ground. 

This was the first time i had properly appreciated the incredible CEVs you can get from psilocybin. I had been listening to the 13th floor elevators easter everywhere which has a mustardy yellow front cover, as i closed my eyes big blobs of yellow were covering my vision, i was seeing trails of color that looked like it went on forever. I remember looking at my iPod clock and seeing time as just random numbers that meant nothing.

it had felt like 20 minutes maybe of being in that creek, wen we came to the realization we had been there for 3 hours!!!!! i was still getting that 3D red/blue halo on everything but felt like heading back.

Somehow i have hardly any memory of walking back except one part where we were admiring an orange tree stump lol xD

I lay on my mates bed listening to end of the night by the doors, that organ riff at the beginning still fills me with a nostalgic feeling of tripping to this day, reminding me of the black and green checkered patterns that filled my eye sight as i listened, i opened my eyes about ready to leave as his ceiling had gone checkered purple.

The afterglow was scary from this trip, i felt as if i couldn't communicate with others without feeling like an emotional less robot. Not much like my last trip where i ended up being social as fuck after experiencing ego loss in the middle of a classroom XD!  By the next day that had passed. I still felt refreshed and the color green still stood out as well as it did while tripping. After using psilocybin for its psychedelic effects last season i still feel humbled with all the insights and philosophy i had learnt from my experience. 


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