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a good trip gone bad

it all started when i was able toget my hands on about 6 and a half grams of premium powdered cubies.

it all started when i was able toget my hands on about 6 and a half grams of premium powdered cubies. so me and my buddy stevie decided to roll over to my other friend, ben's house. the second we got there we split them up into three piles. me and stevie each took about 2.5 grams and ben decide to only take 1.5 since he was the least experienced with psycadelics out of us. so we downed them with some oj and within fifteen miunets i had a grin from ear to ear and i couldnt stop smiling. at that time we decided to walk to the park. it was about eight thirty at the time and the sun was just setting, it was absolutely beautiful. as we walk through the park we passed by a very gnarly looking tree, and as i stared neon flourescent faces began to appear in the bark patterns. i began to laugh hysterically, simply because the world was so goddamn beutiful. we all ended up laying under a swingset looking at the trees, they appeared to be breating with my breath, and i felt as if me and the tree were one inseperable being. after we left the park I decided I wanted to go to another friends house whose name was also coincedentally ben. and as I entered his crash pad there were a bunch of wierd kids that I didnt know but a couple that i did. they were watching a violent tv and I knew that my brain would not allow this kind of input in the very sensitive emotional state that I was in, so I asked my friend eddy if he wantend to go outside and smoke some pot with me as i felt it might help calm me down. as I walked outside i noticed that it had grown much darker and bitter cold, and as my friend loaded a bowl i looked at the trees. they were breathing much faster and more irregular now and not with me. it felt as if the trees were trying to strangle me by breathing the wrong patterns. i decided to load a bowl of my pot but as i fumbled with the bag i spilled it all on the ground. it was at that point i decided to go inside and take a nap to escape the constricting cold and calm myself down. so as laid on the floor in the corner of the room i began to hear strane voices that kept saying "i got a 38 snub nose revolver with copkillers!" along with various profanies and death threats there was also explosions sounding in the background. so i pulled the sheet over me but i soon discovered every time i closed my eyes i would see either a weird skeletal monkey face screaming at me or this disproportianate elongated head that had a tendency to open his ridiculously oversized mouth and cram random objects inside. these hallucinations struck the deepest most primal fear inside of me. when i finally decided to open my eyes i saw my socks and shoes on the floor which turned into severed arms and legs. so i kept my eyes closed and learned to deal with the greusome hallucinations which included a tour through the most horrid tourture chamber my mind could summon, and a strange image of the gnarly tree i mentioned earlier except instead of faces there were dead babies and children nailed to it. when i finally gained control over the hallucitaions it was about 4:30 A.M. and all the kids i didnt know were still watching these violent tv programs. i discovered later that the voices and explosions i heard were the tv and one of the kids i didnt know was on his cell phone yelling about his snub nose to someone who had prank called him numerous times. that was the most intense experience i have ever had on psilocibes.

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