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***Psilocybin Mushrooms***

A practical guide to psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin Mushrooms:
Am introduction to Mycotography using psilocybin Mushrooms

As many people understand, Psilocybin mushroom consumption is not for everyone and the subject of magic mushrooms is one that many don't understand. However. it is also something which is appreciated on many levels, not just for the odd compounds found inside. There is beauty in each species of fungi, however bringing something which many don't understand into the light is powerful. Through Photography and Micrography, we are not only able to research the species involved, but also create awareness through beautiful imagery. As a lot of the Shroomery users know, there is something powerful about the image of Psilocybin mushroom photography. Although I personally do not consume and dont condone the blatant picking and consumption of any Psilocybin mushrooms. I do believe we absolutely need to study them in the labs, and medical offices to understand the many questions associated with these fungi. Working with Universities, Herbariums and on small Projects alike really helps to reveal and concrete our information. We are living in a time where species are being discovered and many species which have been discovered, are not well documented, especially using new techniques of DNA sequencing and Chromatography work. One of the easiest ways to help the global community of mycologists is to get out there and post pictures and information to Mushroomobserver.org. Every picture and collection and observation is important and serves a role. With Psilocybin Mushrooms, we also are blessed to have some of the most beautiful fungi on earth to study, the bright white stalks shaded with blue or the carmel brown caps which are glabrous and rubbery to the touch, all the features blend well for making great photography, even the micromorphilogical characteristics are very interesting to see. Taking pictures of Psilocybin Mushrooms is a great way to get noticed in the photography community, many people enjoy the photography and information regarding psilocybin mushrooms so posting is a great way to get noticed, and started in your Photography pursuits.  Magic mushrooms are like little celebrities which everyone knows exists, but few really see fresh in the natural glory.
This guide is to serve as a place of information regarding Psilocybin Mushrooms only, I do not endorse the cultivation, possession or consumption of psilocybin mushrooms unless in a legal area of study. Understand that many countries do not allow the possession and or consumption of these species listed here. You can go hunt them by all means, however I highly suggest that everyone just take pictures, and notes, and pass along the information to the local mycological association or herbarium so they may legally gather and store them. There are few things i enjoy more in life than seeing pictures of mushrooms and I would hate to see many of my friends here get in trouble for possession or picking, So Please, be safe, and only take Pictures and Post em Up!


***Photography Techniques*** working on it...
A guide for taking pictures the Joust way.

A list of Psilocybin active genrea and species and descriptions of them.

A list of countries and states where you can find Psilocybin mushrooms and what species grow there.

A collaboration of information on psilocybin mushrooms.


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