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a good first trip

It was a summer evening, a week before 10th grade began, and me and my two good buddies (i'll call them "R" and "A" in this story) were offered some shrooms.

It was a summer evening, a week before 10th grade began, and me and my two good buddies (i'll call them "R" and "A" in this story) were offered some shrooms. I had never tried them before, but my friends had and encouraged them. I was bound to try them before the summer ended.

The next day we went to our little hood and bought the shrooms from a friend. I had an eighth to myself, and my two friends(R and A) each bought an eighth too. (It was 90 bucks total but worth it)I knew it was important to take them in a safe environment so we decided to sleep at R's house.

The night couldn't have started better, R's dad rented us a movie and got us pizza, and then we settled in at r's house, watching the movie and waiting for his parents to go to sleep. Once they were asleep, we took out our bags of shrooms, using some orange juice as a chaser and began eating. They tasted like shit, but the orange juice helped, and i was so anxious to trip that i didn't care. It was definately worth it.

Immediately after eating them, we snuck out to smoke a few bowls of weed. The weed took effect, but i still didn't feel the mushrooms.
"don't worry," said A. you'll definately feel them when they kick in. He had shroomed once before, and had half the dosage we ate this time, so i trusted his wisdom.
After 20 minutes, i was suddenly feeling their effect. My mind began seperating sounds and the noises i heard were distinct and clear. Feeling blazed from the weed and starting to trip from the shrooms, we returned to r's house.

The return to r's house was awesome, we walked in his basement door and entered his basement tv room, which had 2 couches and an air matress waiting for us. All the colors in the room were brighter then ever and my mind began racing with random thoughts. As the shrooms began to kick in.

We sat down on the couch and i shut my eyes. The visuals my brain created were amazing. I saw 3d cubes of all colors, spinning and little bikes riding by them. Although i had no open eye hallucinations, i could see many patterns and thoughts turned visual when i shut my eyes.

Shrooms made my brain think many thoughts at once and they all collided. It made my mind confused with random visual thoughts and flashbacks and all sorts of thoughts and memories in my brain that are normally not activated. Its undescribable. My friends and I spoke what we were seeing and feeling, and r was enjoying this crazy experience too.

"A" on the otherhand was not. He was having a bad trip. He must have been trippin way more than us because we couldn't communicate with him, and when we gave him some yogurt to calm him down, he spilled it all over himself. It took 10 minutes for him to understand that he had spilled it and was acting very scared and paranoid. Then we told him to lay down on the air matress, and he mixed up our words asking us "you want me to die? What?" Everything we said he would question, and interpret the wrong way, this pissed us off a bit, but it was goofy, and we could understand his pain.

After some time, maybe half an hour he calmed down, and we put on a freaky Japanese animated movie called "Neo-Tokyo."
This movie was crazy, and sent us deeper into the trip. I swear those japanese made that movie for people on shrooms.

An our after eating the shrooms our prime began to fade. But this is where the shrooms were the best. I began to feel a euphoric, smart-like feeling, even though we were still heavily tripping and would be for several hours. I felt insight into everything, and as us three, began to be able to speak regular sentances, i felt very down to earth, and comftorble with myself, and my friends. It was a powerful feeling. I felt like shrooms were the greatest thing ever and this feeling continued for almost two hours.

It was about 3 a.m. when r's brother came home. He's about 19 and smokes herb and does shrooms too. He came down to talk to us, unaware that we were tripping.
"you guys wanna take some shots?" he asked.
The last thing we wanted to do was drink and ruin this experience. R turned down the offer after trying to act normal for a few minutes while talking to him, told him the truth, that we were on shrooms. His brother was cool with that, and asked us if we wanted to smoke a blunt. 3 am and this night was great so far.

We sat in chaits onto r's back porch and lit it up the blunt, it was chilly outside, but the porch was screened in, and the shrooms emphasized it's great atmosphere. When the blunt was passed to me i was still feeling the effects from the shrooms, and took a good long hit. I could feel the smoke going into my lungs better than ever before and it tasted gooood. I had never had this sensation before this. The weed brought the shrooms back a little more, and we went back inside.

We were tired now, and tried to go to sleep. It was hard, because my mind was too confused and still stimulated with random thoughts when i shut my eyes, even though i was still tired. I began to reflect on the journey i had just experienced with shrooms. It felt emotions i never knew existed, i had seen some crazy closed eye visual thoughts, and had felt a new awesome experience. Finally we all fell asleep.

When we woke up it was about noon, the shrooms were gone, and i felt great. We discussed our experiences and went home to our ordinary lives. It was a good first trip. I plan to eat a little more next time.

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