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A Good Day

It all started when i decided to try shrooms for the first time on my birthday about a month ago.

It all started when i decided to try shrooms for the first time on my birthday about a month ago. A dealer friend of mine was visiting up at college and the guys he was staying with live on the floor below me. I ran into him and asked if he had brought any of his homegrown bud. He said that all he had was about 3 ounces of shrooms. As i went back up to the room i thought about whether i should get some or not and as we finished the next bong i decided to go check it out. there were a couple of friends staying with my roomate and i for the weekend so we decided to all give it a shot. What the hell! You only live once. We decided to eat them the next day before Clemson played Duke. The next morning we woke up and fired the bong up. When we were all nice and fucked up we started eating the shrooms. I dont know how much i had but it was a pretty good amount. We sat around and smoked some more bud till we got hungry and went down to the subway. It had been 45 min. and i was still just high, I was getting ready to be disapointed. As soon as we walked in the subway it hit me. i looked all around and the lights were just killing me. they were all just a little dimmer than they should be everything was more of an earthy tone except for the lights which were just unbelivably alive and vivid. i stumbled through my order somehow avoiding distraction for a couple of seconds. when i was finaly outside again i found my friends and realized that they were as fucked as i was. we laughed our way back to the dorm room and parked on the bed. we sat laugh/eating for a good 45 min. until our food and quite a few beers apeice were gone. i sat down on the computer to turn on some good music while the other two guys with me rolled a joint. (yes it took 2, and it was still shitty). as i stared at the keyboard i felt like i was suddenly struck stupid. i couldnt figure out what to do. all the keys were running together in a sort of pool of letters. finally i gave up and just put a cd in the cd player which at that time i could still master. my friends had just completed another marijuana masterpiece of sorts when i realized that i had to go out to eat with my parents in an hour. i decided it was too late now so i should just enjoy the ride. time had just seemed to fly past while i was entranced by the lights and sights i was just being introduced to. while my friends sparked the dub i sat staring motionless at the computer until all of a sudden one of the budweiser frogs on our screensaver just jumped out of the screen and kind of sunk into the keyboard. this is one of the most incredible things i have ever seen. it looked so unbelievably real. as we finished off the last J before i left everyone wished me good luck and told me just to tell them i had a bad fever and was delerious, which was at that time the funniest thing i had ever heard. we laughed for a good 5 min. about that and then i made my "trip" to meet my parents. the walk to the parking lot was rather uneventful; besides the colors and commotion, i kept pretty focused on getting where i was going. i made it to the car and said hello to everyone. on the drive to the restraunt is where i really started to trip. i kept seeing the tailights of the cars in front of us turn into faces. i just laughed to myself more or less the whole way there. when we got our table i couldnt do anything but stare at the neon beer signs on the wall and watch our waitress walk around doing absolutely nothing at all. just waisting time. i noticed that nothing she did the whole time had no impact on whether someone got there food on time or even got there order taken. i think she saw me watching her because when she fianlly came over to our table she started fucking with me. she would just stare at me and smile. it was like she knew what i was going through right now, trying as hard as i could to act staight but even the slightest thing could blow my mind right now. i couldnt take it anymore. i got up and headed for the bathroom. as soon as i was out of sight i busted out laughing. i guess it was the irony of the situation that got me. i tried to piss but i kept seeing people come up beside me. i just went back out and sat down trying to enjoy the food and get out as soon as possible. after a succesful night of going around my parents and them somehow still not knowing how fucked up i truly was, i went back to thhe room to an evening of budsmoking and relishing the last traces of one of the coolest trips that i think i will ever have. i'm a tripper for life now.

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