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Psilocybe fimetaria

(P.D. Orton) Watling

Psilocybe fimetaria ***
(P.D. Orton) Watling

*The pictures displayed here may not be true P. fimetaria, no microscopy has been done on these observations. However they are a good representation of what the species may look like.*




Marjon van der Vegte                          Marjon van der Vegte                              S. Poumarat                                           Toxicologia                              Darvin DeShazer               

Pileus (Cap): 
0.5-7 cm broad. Conic to convex, eventually subcampanulate, expanding to broadly convex, and typically acutely umbonate with a sharp papilla. Surface smooth to translucent-striate to sulcate near the margin, viscid when moist from a thick, separable gelatinous pellicle. Colour pale reddish brown to honey to ochraceous, hygrophanous, fading in drying to yellowish olive to ochraceous or yellowish buff. Flesh whitish to honey coloured.

Lamellae (Gills): 
Attachment adnexed, free or sinuate. Close, interleaving and ventricose. Whitish clay at first, eventually dark reddish brown with olivaceous hue, white fimbriate.

Stipe (Stem): 
20-90 mm long by 0.5-4 mm thick. Equal to slightly swollen at the base. Colour whitish at first, soon reddish brown or honey coloured, and sometimes with grayish bluish green tones. Surface covered with whitish fibrillose patches to a fairly persistent, apical evanescent fibrillose annulus that develops from a thickly cortinate partial veil.

Microscopic features:
Dark purple-brown, (9.5)12.5 - 15(16) x 6.5 -9.5 um, ovoid in front view, ellipsoid in side view, thick walled with a broad germ pore. Basidia 4-spored. Pleurocystidia absent. Cheilocystidia (15)20 - 30(35) by (4)6 - 8(9) um, ventricose-fusiform or lageniform with a narrow neck, often flexuous, 4 - 15 by 0.5 - 1.5 um, occasionally branched.

Generally found in October and November.

Habitat and Distribution:
On cow or horse manure. Distributed throughout Great Britain and Ireland, and much of north-west Europe. 


Growth Habit: 
Grows solitary to gregariously.

May display bluing on the stipe or the mycelium, or may display none at all. 

Dosages are currently unclear, as P. fimetaria has been reported to vary in potency. More research is requrired, but it is likely to be on the low end of the potency scale. 

Other Notes:
Possibly confused with Psilocybe liniformans, but this species can be differenciated by having seperable galatinous threads running along the bottom edge of the gills. P. fimetaria does not display this feature.

Psilocybe fimetaria -MushroomObserver

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