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A fun evening

First a couple notes/facts.

First a couple notes/facts. I was smoking weed the whole time and before/after (major pot head) and so was one of my friends, while the other friend doesnt smoke and didnt that night. I am about 180 pounds almost 6'0 and am 17yrs old. I consumed i guess about 6-7 grams of average quality shrooms I guess. I never felt sick although my friends said they felt a little weird in their stomachs for a few minutes. This trip I would rate at around 3 because of obvouis visiuals and melting stuff, but nothing really appeared or talked to me and I never really had any mind bending ideas. My whole trip I was having fun and i cant wait to do it again.

It was my 4th time on shrooms. I went to a friends house with another friend and we split 15 grams 3 ways. We where alone almost all night in a big nice house all to ourselves, and never left the property.

I was blazing earlier, when I received the bag of shrooms, We took about 1/4 of the bag and made some mush tea for the three of us, then waited for 30-40minutes, then ate the rest of the shrooms. I ate the most out of the three of us because my two friends where first timers. We where sitting down at a table about 30-40 minutes right after I ate the rest of the bag ( I took all the dust on the bottom of the bag and sprinkled it on the last cap which I downed happily ) when my friend told me to tell him if I felt anything. about 10 minutes later in the same spot I started to feel energetic and couldnt help smiling. I told my friend It took a ton of effort to stop from bursting out laughing, then right after I finished talking he started laughing uncontrollably. We turned on some tunes, and hung around his computers just shooting the shit. We watched a couple cartoons smoked a few J's and we all agreed that we had a good vibe going on right now and just decided to chill. I remeber having a weird laugh, and I remeber being very confident in what I was talking about, I felt very sauve, very cool when I talked and I thought I had turned into a different friend of mine whom I hadnt seen in a few days, this is because I would talk about stuff that he would talk about and I could help but laughing exactly how he normally would, weird eh? 30 minutes after I mowed the rest of the bag I went to the bathroom to drain the snake. I first looked in the mirror and everything was normal, although I knew I was fuked on shrooms as well as dope, but then it hit me as soon as I looked at a wall beside the mirror. This normally ordinary wall was blurry and shifty, then my vision cleared and It was clear theat the surface of the wall was slowly melting. We walked around having fun and tripping out, A couple times I went braind dead for a few minutes just thinking and tripping out on shit. I then went outside with my pal to smoke another, and just ended up talking and laughing loudly for 30 minutes or so i guess before I remeber that I was out there to smoke the pot. I tried to play pool and relax but I couldnt so i just had to talk and walk around and experience stuff, but i had a good feeling going so it was cool. I went outside again for another smoke, and was stopped by the door which I couldnt figure out how to unlock and open it. After some brain storming with my friend we agreed that the lock was on and we went outside for another smoke. I remeber looking at my friends and their faces where being stretched wide and I told them I couldnt talk to them directly cause it was to weird. I dont remeber what happened the next few hours, However I remember that I thought my nose was bleeding severly the whole time but my friends just kept saying I was fine. Also, my eyes where watering the whole time and my nose was kind of runny and I wasnt sick at all i think it was my body fighting off the posion of the shrooms. There was also a period where everything I looked at had a shade of pink. I didnt have any philosophical ideas or anything I just had a good time. Music was cool, but even my favorite toons or w/e wasnt amazing sounding which I have been dissapointed in. after about 6 hours of having fun, I drove home, sat on my bed and noticed my ceiling was inhaling and exhaling, this was a suprise because I felt very normal, I went to sleep and woke up feeling great. Hope this helps.

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