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A Great Night Downtown

him over to hang out and perhaps eat some mushrooms.

him over to hang out and perhaps eat some mushrooms.

8:00 comes around and we dose, he eats 5 grams as it is his first time, and I eat 10, because I had 15 altogether (wet weight of course).

It’s 8:15 and we decide to leave for the downtown area of our city, which is about one mile and a half from my house. We decide to cut through Stetson University, stopping to sit at a fountain for a few minutes before we depart onto the main street. As we are relaxing in the tranquility of the quiet, vacant campus grounds a grin sneaks up on my face and I feel as if my limbs have discovered some arcane method that allows them to partially defy gravity. I turn to my friend and ask how he is feeling, his response (very nice) assures me that he is experiencing the entheogen first hand, and is not just observing me awkwardly meandering around, astounded by my limbs newfound capabilities. We eventually decide to continue our voyage and soon find ourselves staring at an anomalous, metal fountain-sculpture that I feel compelled to touch. As I touch the cool metal surface and watch the water break over my fingers I look over to tell my friend something and notice he is not where I thought he was. I turn around and find my friend absolutely engaged with the business building behind us. I gaze at it and am taken aback. “I feel like we are in a comic book” my pal proclaims, I assure him I couldn’t agree more.

After vexing for a little while about the “comic book” effect our night is taking on we finally descend onto the main street. Everything looks preternatural, the dark sky, the street-side buildings, the cars (seemingly) whizzing past us. As we begin our walk into town I feel a great sense of purpose, as if I am on a mission to accomplish something, I also become very mentally dissociated with my “other” life, the one involving school, family, and just general everyday reality.

Soon we find ourselves sitting on steps in between a row of prominent pillars. I notice an abrupt high pitch sound, and after hearing it a couple times I ask my friend if he is hearing it too. He replies, “ Yes, it’s that man over there”, and points out a nifty looking man whistling sporadically as he makes his way down the city sidewalk at a steady, brisk pace. I can’t help but follow him with my eyes, marveling at his evident contentment with life. Just before he walks out of my range of vision and into the dark unknown of some side street he leaps up and taps a hanging sign with his hand, what a neat little character this man was.

After our little session observing the nifty man we get up and continue our walk around town. We stop to have a gander at some odd looking manikins through a store’s window. Moments later a couple strangers stop to see what we were gazing at. One of them quickly runs off to say hi to a couple friends, and we begin a conversation with the guy whom is now left standing alone. He is smoking a cigarette and I remark about how I enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke when I am on shrooms. This dude seems very cool but unfortunately his female companion returned with some unpleasant company, one of which I know from school and have a sort of antipathy for.

Needless to say we depart from this somewhat awkward and make our way to a pay phone, for I wish to telephone some girls to see if they perhaps want to pick me up and drive me and my friend around for a little while. I get their answering machine and leave a long, rambling message, which I now remember little about. Except that at this point I am very beshroomed. So we return to the main street and meander around a little more, until I decide I wish to call those girls back.

I call, and this time I get an answer! It is “T”, whom I don’t like too much, we talk for about 30 seconds before I realize that she was looking at me from across the street, upon this realization I leap back in surprise and then proceed to walk over to “V” and “T” to say hello. As I approach them I look at “T” and feel this horrible aura of negativity and the to “V” whose smile radiates with a friendly aura that makes my grin widen to an almost painful extent.

We enter the coffee shop (where “T” works) and sit down at a table. Just “V”, my friend, and I sit down at first as “T” goes back to talk to some coworker friends, and presumably to avoid me. Well I start to peak as we all sit there, and “V’s” face starts to look golden. I look up at some bottles that appear to be curved in and start to wonder if they really curve in or if I am just experiencing an illusion. “T” eventually decides to sit down and brings along her nasty aura. I bring up the fact that I feel a very bad vibe and my friend agrees, I then say goodbye to “V” and leave. My friend tells “V” how cool her face looks as we exit the shop.

Well that is pretty much all, we walked back to my house and had about 4 more great hours of fun, the adventure home was fantastic, but words would not even begin to convey what I experienced, or do justice to the feelings my friend and I had. This was one of my best experience with shrooms thus far and I hope you enjoyed my little report about it!

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