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A first time trip

Recently i have been having an erge to do shrooms and i have know idea why.

Recently i have been having an erge to do shrooms and i have know idea why. I think it is because of this web site and all of the people leaving these great trip reports on the web page. Anyway one day i went to school and my friend owed me some cash and he paid up so i thought to my self how can i get some shrooms! I went around asking all my friends if they could get any today but they said no i can get them tomarrow but i wanted them right away. Finily i saw my friend Chris and asked him. He told me he had some at his house and to meet him and this store in 15 min. I was so excited! I finily got the shrooms and went walking home with the thought in my mind how the hell am i going to get away with this. When i got to my grandparents house they were sittin at home. I finily figured it out. I went home ate dinner and told them i was tired from workin out and i was going strait to bed. After i ate it was about 5:00PM. I got a glass of orange juice and started to eat the shrooms and wash em down with the orange juice. They didn't taste as bad as everyone said they did. I was starting to get impatiant so i took a shower. After that i went into my bedroom and started to notice little thing like the trees painting the sky and cool shit like that. I wasn't trippin hard yet so i decided to take a quick half hour map. When i woke up i was trippin fuxkin big time. The walls looked like they were swirling but not really its hard to explain and the trees where starting to make faces at me and smile. I turned on some music and it sounded so wonderful! I sarted to cry a little but i was smiling the whole time. Is was like tears of joy that seemed to enlightin me every time one would drop. It was so cool! God damn the music sounded so good. I looked in the mirror and notced that my pupils were huge! i mean they were so big you couldn't see the color in my eyes. I knew i was gone. Later on i tried to go to sleep but i couldn't.I stayed up til about 11:30. Then i finily passed out. I woke up the next morning exausted. I ended up writing WOW on my forhead and this is great on my thy it was funny. I recomend this to every human being in the world. That night made me see everything in a whole different way. I can talk to someone who has done shrooms and feel as if we had bonded together. I felt as if i was a part of something. I felt like i travled the universe and went back as a inteligent being. It was out of this world!

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