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LSD - First Psychedelic Experience

The most intense night of my life.

Well, I couldn't find any shrooms, but I found my new friend cid. 

Craziest, most intense night of my life!! Shit was unreal! My buddy Z went out to pickup a couple blotters for me. I've never done LSD or any psychedelic so I didn't know what I was in for. So me, Z, my friend B who lives with me, and C went into the garage to have some dank. B did not want me to trip at all, Z was obviously ok with it and C is C lol. I put one of the papers under my tounge, let it sit there for a good while. Smoked a few bong rips, had a cigarette, didn't really notice anything besides slight euphoria. Then I looked at my dog's eyes and they were blue, I was fascinated by this for some reason. Turns out her eyes are brown lOl. 

About an hour after I went inside, just chillin in the office waitin' for the full effects. I read somewhere I should peak around 2 hours, so I I asked Z if I should take the other hit. After pondering this for a few moments I decided it was time to take the 2nd hit. My initial intentions were to just have one and thank god I didn't stick to that!! Haha. So I find the jar where I hid it from myself. Then I put it under my tounge as I'd done before, let it soak up real goooood then swallow ze~ paper. This is where shit starts gettin' weird. No more than 5 minutes after swallowing the paper I look behind me at the mounted bass on my wall. The entire room fills with red and orange energy. Patterns, swirls, energy I can't even begin to describe is flowing throughout the room. I kept taking bong rip after bong rip, then I see the basses tail begin to move, almost as if he's swimming. I slowly peer over towards his head and I see his gills expand. He looked so real..like he was coming to life right before my eyes. I visualized the time when I caught that bass, 15lbs 2oz btw. This was just stage 1.

Z went home, then 20 minutes later I thought I was full on peaking. Little did I know this was only stage 2. I walked into the living room where B was. He's a large angry black man at this point because he didn't want me to trip, so I wanted to act as normal as possible.. I sat on the couch trying to watch a movie he put on. The TV kept changing from Black n white to normal color and back to black n' white. At first I wanted to ask B why we were watching a black and white movie lol, but I realized I was probably just trippin :D

Finally A says he's going to bed, this is a good thing because I'm startin' to feel really fucked up. The TV isn't black n' white anymore, it's in complete distortion. I feel my entire body tense up, I hear a sound rushing through my brain that the human language cannot describe. This sound is like a rushing wind that opens up all of my senses. This wind was so cold it made my hands and feet numb, as well as my nose. My teeth begin to shake and vibrate along with my head. My nose feels like ice so I grab it with my hands trying to warm it up. I feel like my nose and body is surging with, well acid lol. I move my hands across my nose and blood starts streaming down my arms. I quickly sit up and wipe my nose trying to get a hold of myself when I notice there is no blood.. I got scared for a moment here, but decided it was best just to let the acid take me. My teeth begin vibrating more intensely. I'm now looking through my face into my teeth as if it were a dental x-ray. My brain is pulsating while this indescribable bomb of energy gets larger and larger, until it finally explodes ...Reality vanishes as I begin traveling into my mind. Pulsating bursts of energy have flooded my vision. I traveled deeper into myself than I ever thought possible. I felt my physical body melt into itself and I stayed in this stage for a good 3 hours. This is a part in my trip where I feel something has been left for me to recover at a later date. I feel as if I forgot the most important part of my trip, but for good reason. It has given me a quest for my next psychedelic experience.

At around 4:30 AM I managed to get up from the couch and go into the office. I felt remarkably ecstatic as I played with the swirls of energy surrounding me. I decide to click on a bookmark I have, http://new.weavesilk.com/?jvqk I choose the color red and just let myself get lost in this game or whatever you want to call it. I move my mouse to the left, and I feel a rush of air inhale through my nose, my body gets cold, the sounds I was hearing before came back and intensified. I move it to the right and this amazing warmth fills my body as the colors of the room change. I could control my senses with this game and loved every waking moment of it!!

I still haven't gone to sleep yet and still can't believe I tripped this fucking hard! Every expectation has been exceeded. Cid and I will surely meet again :)

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