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A few hours become eternity and I recieve all the answers.

So me and my friend decided to buy a quarter ounce of shrooms and head up to the beach for a good night.

So me and my friend decided to buy a quarter ounce of shrooms and head up to the beach for a good night. We got there around 8 and started munching down. We walked around the beach for a little while until they slowly snuck up on us.

The first thing I noticed was I seeing auras around everybody. This went away but it was pretty cool to see those for a while. We were hanging out on the sand and soon the sand looked alittle different everytime we looked at it. It looked like millions of naked bodies laying down, then it looked like small villages. It kept morphing into different things. Whenever we were walking and looking down at the sand, I saw these horrible faces, like the faces of millions of dead unhappy, tortured souls being represented through the sand. I wasn't afraid, for some reason.

Soon they really started to kick in, and we went and listened to a band that was playing. Wow, this was like sensory overload and became to much all at once to be aware of, so we left that area and walked down the beach.

This is when my ego was completely destroyed. I returned to a state of just openness and pure honesty. I love all judgment of anybody I saw and wasn't concerned about how people view me. I wasn't afraid to just be honest. Neither was my friend. We sat on the beach in the meditation, cross legged position. Time dissolved. Suddenly, we realized what "being in the moment" was. We realized that there is only this one eternal, ongoing moment, and time is a distraction and an illusion.

The answers began flowing into us. We discussed the universe, spirituality, everything. I would think something, and my friend would say it. He would think something, and I would say it. We became each others guide to understanding the universe. I realized that everything works on a micro macro scale. Like, inside my body are cells, and they are all alive in their own way. These billions of living creatures make up my one physical body. But even inside those cells are atoms and electrons. Then it became how billions and billions of living creatures make up the one living creature called earth.

This thought caused me to stare up into the sky, and I saw a web of energy. I felt like a cell, looking up and seeing what it looks like to be inside of a living creature.

We were free to do anything we wanted. The sidewalk and the railing became a metaphor. It divided nature and freedom (the beach) from the structure and commercialism of the boardwalk.

Being free from everything was absolutely amazing. And the beach was the best spot for it. We would talk about the universe for a while. We would laugh uncontrollably in the sand for a while. My friend started laughing. I didn't know what he was laughing at. Then I started laughing, for no reason, just feeling his humor energy. Then it built and built and I was laughing so hard I was crying. I was laughing at nothing.

We were going along with the ebb and flow of the universe, riding the waves, and accepting whatever it brought our way. We decided that using shrooms to see shit and to simply intoxicate yourself was perverted. Shrooms hold so much honesty and truth that abusing them is just sick.

There on the beach we decided that that is how life is supposed to be. Completely in the moment. No fears. No worries. Eat when you are hungry. Drink when you are thirsty. Sleep when you are tired. Just experience life in the moment.

Then we lost the backpack. The backpack which contained the keys to the car, AND the shrooms. We saw a machine that grooms the sand driving around and began to fear that the bag was found and so were the shrooms and we were in trouble. Instead of letting the fear overtake us, we decided that we were going to find the bag. We decided that it will come to us. We walked and walked, found nothing for a long while, but we never let the fear take over. We stayed in the moment, and held faith. And then we stumbled across the bag and we were so happy. I realized that anything I ever wanted to become or have, would be mine as long as I never gave up or let doubt or fear take over. It would come to me.

It was the most amazing night of my life, and I am forever changed by it. It made me see the beauty in honesty. It made me want to meditate more to erase all fear and worry from my mind. I want to forever be in "the moment" like I was for those few hours. Beneath the social conditioning of my mind, beneath the structured teaching is honesty and purity. It's like that in everyones mind. The structure prevents us from living in the moment, and thats the doorway to the universe and understanding. Life is about experiencing this moment.

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