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A day in a film...

4:40 Got a bus.

4:40 Got a bus. Went to town. Asked a tramp my mate stu knew to buy the shrooms (mexican). He brought them and gave them to me asked us for some, I replied no. Another tramp came up to us and said that we did it right in front of a camera so we left and walked quickly down the street and up a hill into a field. 5:10 We ate about 15g each because it was our first time and I nearly heaved because I have a passion for hating mushrooms, but these tasted alrite despite what everyone says! We chilled for a bit and then walked to the local Tesco where we brought 2 drinks and 2 bags of sweets and a lighter. We left Tesco and taking a trolley with us, putting our skateboards and food in it. We wheeled the trolley about a mile into a wood and through the wood to a iron fench. 5:50 The shrooms had started to come on and we culdnt stop laughing. We attemped to put the trolley over the 7 foor spiked iron fench and after about 20 mins we succeded. We chucked our skateboards over and the food and walked to wear the fench ended which was over a deep canal, so we had to climb around the fench right over the canal. We then got the trolley and put our stuff back into it and pushed it up the field. We put the trolley down and lay down. 6:00 The shrooms where really comming on now and i noticed the trees moving like water and the wind blew the leaves. I then picked up sum sticks and waved them about with my mate Stu whipping my face with one, which oddly felt nice, like it and gone straight through my head. I lay back down and stared at the ground. 6:15 The grass grew in front on my face and I just wanted to be alone. I saw a flying squirrel and went to investigate where I found out it was really a cat. I went back under the tree and started to speak a langauge only I understood, which consisted of rolls of the toungue and clicks with my toungue! We looked over to where the locked gate over the bridge was, and we saw a man climbing around the fench and comming towards us so me and Stu fucking leg it shitting out pants (not literally)! 6:25 We ran back to where we had to climb around the fench over the canal and the water had seemed to be rising and it scared us quite a lot so we carefully got around the fench and back into the wood. We walked for a few seconds and I seemed to know where I was going, but I didnt?! We found a log and sat down and I thought I could speak parsletoungue (of Harry Potter. Stu checked all his stuff and he forgot his lighter so he went back and got it and we saw the guy we ran from and he was playing golf! Very surreal! We got his lighter and left. 7:00 We left the wood and started to make the long trek home. We couldnt stop talking about what we were experiencing. We got onto a cycle track surrounded my trees and flowers. We walked for a bit and stop and sat down. I felt a bit sick so I went for a slash. I dick and my bollocks felt like water and like Id pissed my self because they were so warm and felt wet! Odd! 7:25 We continued our walk and all the colours became amplified, the path was purple, the grass, trees and debree was bright green, the flowers - brilliant yellow, purple and pink. A beautiful sunset appeared in the sky and everything seemed a perfect world. I was so happy. 8:00 We found a field and we sat a talked about things drank water from the river which seems perfectly clear. 8:25 We left and went home. We got home on our skateboards and I fell off and smashed onto the concrete floor. When I got up I thought I had died and it was now afterwards. 8:45 We went into Stus house and chilled in his room. 9:30 I got picked up and went home. I tried to act normal. 10:15 I had a shower and was fasinated by the foam from the shampoo. I went to bed but culdnt sleep cos of voices in my head. I put ear plugs in but it made me feel trapped so i took them out. I finally fell asleep around 12:30.

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