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A Day by the Pool

This mushroom trip takes place a few months ago at a friend's house, around noon or so, on a Saturday.

This mushroom trip takes place a few months ago at a friend's house, around noon or so, on a Saturday.

Another friends grows his own mushrooms and happily gave us the pick of his current crop, which was about a handful for each of us, and we bunkered down to start our trip. Personally, I hate the funky taste of mushrooms to begin with, so I blended them with some OJ (which still had a tangy mushroomy taste - but I didn't puke, so I guess I was good to go). The others just chewed them up and chased with cola.

After about 20 minutes or so, the familiar heavy feeling of the trip started to settle in, so we popped in Star Wars (Ep. I) to help the time pass. I don't know about you, but SW is definitly made for tripping. All of were laughing our heads off at those battle droids. The light sabers were cool too!

As the peak hit, we got bored of the movie and went swimming in the pool in my friend's backyard. Water is great when you are tripping! It feels so alien, almost like swimming in oil or slime. Very cool indeed. My friend was really worried that one of us might drown or something, so we all agreed to stay in the shallow end.

After a while, we got out and sat on the pool's edge, watching the ripples in the water. They sort of looked like snakes moving across the water. One of the guys found a cricket and threw it out on to the water. Wow! The trails were quite cool as the cricket was thrown. As we watched the cricket struggle in the water, I couldn't help but to feel sorry for it so I jumped in and save the poor little fella. I let it go in the grass off to the side, but the guy who threw it in the pool in the first place, caught it and crushed it with his foot. What an asshole! Oh well, he started yelling about how he was God and he alone had the power to give and take life. Blah, blah, blah...

So one of the neighbors poked his head over the fence and started asking what was going on. By that time, we all became scared and ran into the house. After a while, there was a knock on the door. The asshole neighor had called the cops, compaining about how we were making so much noice and such. My friend, the one whose house it was, chatted with the cop for a bit, while the other cop kept looking at us strangely. I thought for sure he knew we were on something. But the cops left and my friend appologized to his neighbor.

Around that time, the shrooms were wearing off, so we headed back to the other friends place for some more shrooms. He said that we'd have to pay him for more because he already gave us alot from his crop. We all chipped in and he gave us about half of what he gave us before. So we ate them there, I gagged on mine, but the soda helped - sort of. Within a few minutes we were starting to feel stoned again and went back to my friend's house because it was starting to get late and we wanted to order a pizza.

One noticeable effect on this second trip, he peak didn't last as long as before. Only about 3 hours and then we started to come down. During this time we started to watch the cartoon network on my friend's tv and about died laughing watching scooby-doo. Another wonderful show to watch while tripping, though we were coming down. But great none the less.

At around 8pm, we started drinking and went out to the clubs. Our ususaly Saturday nite thing. I'd done mushrooms before, so this wasn't anything new to me, but I did have a good time. In all, a great day by the pool. :)

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