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A couple summers ago

Well two summers ago, my best friends brother sold us a ounce of Cubensis South Africa strain mushrooms.

Well two summers ago, my best friends brother sold us a ounce of Cubensis South Africa strain mushrooms. Once we had possesion of these mushrooms, we walked back to my best friends place and both ate 3 grams of our goodies. Once we ate our disguisting mushrooms, we went to his room (which had a great scenery for trippin) then put in an episode of South Park to watch, which we hoped would put us in a good, funny mood.

I don't remember much details of my trip now due heavy meth and crack abuse, but heres what I got left in my memory of that night.

Shortly after an hour of watching South Park episodes, it started to hit me. The T.V. seemed to appear to be very far away, and the voices from South Park were getting out of tone. So I didn't want to watch any more South Park, so I walked to my buddy's bed, put on his very expensive headphones and put in some Infected Mushroom, hoping to trip me out. And in fact it very much did. After one 10 minute long song, I stood up and took the headphones off and sat at the end of the bed staring at his hardwood floor. It was absolutly amazing. It was more then just visual swirling. What I remember was it was like my eyes were a microscope staring deeply into his hardwood floor seeing a community of brown living twigs working on whatever. Now I still was in reality and I knew what was happening, so that made it extremely enjoyable staring at his floor.

After about 20 minutes of staring at his floor, my buddy tells me he wants to go down the block and grab a slurpee. So I told him I would walk with him if he bought me one, which he did.

So we step out of his doorway into the outside, and his green lawn had so many different faces doing whatever and above his lawn I could see a very brightly green trance of dancing lights. This was the best part of my trip because I was still in reality, had no racing thoughts or anything, just a very beatiful scenery to watch. Then after staring at that sight, I tried to walk but it was extremely difficult. My walk performance was like I had down syndrome/was very drunk/was learning to walk agian/and had very weak legs and body. After walking like this for about 100 feet, I seen a car drive past me and I freaked out and got a very paranoid feeling the cops would come arrest me due to my bad walking performance. But after my freaking out my buddy convinced me that everything would be fine and that we were almost at the store. So once we made it to the store, we walk in and it was so bright and full of confusion. I just stood at the entrance and waited for my buddy to grab our slurpees then leave. So once we got our slurpees we left and headed back to his house. On our walk back, I noticed a misquito a bit my arm so I slaped it and killed the misquito, then I looked at my arm and I had a bite mark the size of a golf ball on my arm. This absolutly tripped me out, and I stared at the mark and seemed to fall into the misquito bite until my friend grabbed my shirt because he said I was about to fall. So once I caught balance of myself, we both wondered insanely how a misquito could bite and leave a mark the size of a golf ball. We both figured maybe it was an allergic reaction or something, but I've had many miquito bites before and all of them were regular size. So after that we just walked into his house and enjoyed the rest of our trip and I don't remember anything after that.

P.S. the slurpee I drank was banana flavor and tasted incredibly differnt and very awkwardly good:)

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