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A Good Time

Alright, I'm not gonna write this report and tell you all how much of a spiritual, life-changing experience this was.

Alright, I'm not gonna write this report and tell you all how much of a spiritual, life-changing experience this was. Why? Because it wasn't, it was just a really good time. I totally believe shrooms can open your eyes and your mind, but that's not what happened two nights ago.

I was sitting at home all day writting this report for a summer class-thing I'm taking, I really didn't expect to go out that night. Around 9 o'clock my friends M and T showed up at my house telling me that we had to find someplace fun to go where we could stay for a long time. Right away I knew what they were talking about. We tossed around the idea of going to the movies, but decided not to cause we knew we'd be bored there real soon. Finally, we settled on just walking around town (real fun, right?). We parked T's car and walked to a playground in a churchyard to break it up and roll a blunt. By the time the blunt was rolled we had all already eaten the shrooms. T and M each had about half of an eigth, I had a little less (because initially they weren't expecting me to come). We sat behind a tree to smoke the blunt just as it was getting really dark (so much for walking). After maybe a half an hour of being a little high I started noticing I was something other than high. As I was waving M's lighter around I noticed very distinct rainbow trails coming off of it. As I looked around the yard everything seemed to be vibrating, especially M and T, and the afterimages from the vibrations were rainbow colored. For some reason I felt I needed to close my eyes and put my head in my hands. When I did this I got very bright visuals. At first I saw alternating shapes and colors, with numbers gradually taking over my whole field of view. Out of the numbers emerged the sillouete (sp?) of a woman dancing. She was dancing like a go-go girl straight out of Austin Powers and she was changing colors. After having fun with this for a few minutes i opened my eyes again, but to my worry, T and M were like 20 feet away (really, they were only about 2). I continued to move from 20 ft. away to 2 ft. away for a couple of minutes. As this was happening I became very aware of the grass and the ground I was sitting on. I could feel everyblade of grass, every speck of dirt. I knew there was one more speck of dirt under my left buttcheek than under my right and it felt as big as a mountain. The grass just seemed so crisp and alive that I couldn't help but stare at it and when I did faces emerged from it. These faces were made of the grass, the weren't scary at all and they weren't talking, the were just there. They began to move and ripple as if they were floating on a pond. Soon I heard either M or T say, "Oh shit!" I looked up in time to see a cop car pull into the parking lot of the churchyard, a friend of his soon followed. They parked side by side likcops do when they talk to each other. After 3 to 5 minutes had passed we realized they couldn't see us because they would have come up to us by then. The reason they couldn't see us was because we were about 75 yards away, behind a tree, in the shadows. I felt so empowered to know that THEY were right there. I could see them, but they couldn't see me. I was doing and experiencing something they barely knew existed. It was great! After about half an hour they left. We got up and walked to T's car. He felt he was well enough to drive, so we went to a diner that was a few miles away. As soon as I walked in an heard the music and all the talking people I knew this was a good place to be. Walking to our booth was a little hard. I was trying to keep my balance because the floor seemed like it was moving. I really hope I didn't look like an ass. Sitting down I noticed the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was two booths away from us and was looking right at me (at least I hope so). This just made me feel like the king. I ordered a huge plate of mozzorella sticks and decided to have a good time. We sat there for 45 minutes to an hour drinking coffee and eating. By the time we were done I had finished hallucinating and was just feeling very, very nice. Nice about me and everything else. I had no problems whatsoever at the time. T didn't feel well enough to drive, so we waited around for his cousin to pick us up. M and myself got dropped off at my house, and that's where the story ends.

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