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A Confused good trip

To start of this story off ill fill you in on some background info.

To start of this story off ill fill you in on some background info. Im 16 and have tripped 9 times on these wonderful mushies. I'm all about natural drugs like my nuggets, opium, hash, and of course shrooms. This is on my latest trip that will be my last for a while because i tripped last week on new years too and it was on the same batch.
After getting home from hockey at around 6:30 i drank a bunch of water to clear myself out and i hadnt had dinner and had a small lunch so these shrooms were sure to make me trip balls. I grabbed my quarter that was all nice caps, the best from the qp i had gotten and proceeded to munch, keeping them in my mouth until they were well chewed. While i waited for the the shrooms to kick in i turned on my stereo with a homemade cd in it with some dream theater, sublime, long beach dub allstars and bunch more good stuff. i then for some reason lifted a lil thinking it would speed my metabolism so they'd kick in sooner. Well i was right i guess because 20 minutes after eating them i started getting mild hallucinations like my textured ceiling swirling and stuff like that. What also kicked in was a nasty stomach ache, i guess eating a quarter with out anything else was kind of harsh on my stomach. Well it quickly escalated to an all out trip that left me sitting in my big balck sper comfy chair staring at my ceilings swirls while changing colors with my light. After taking in everything in my room like my closet shrinking and growing and my ceiling lowering and rising and all kinds of stuff like that i decided to venture around my house that led me to my back yard.
As soon as i stepped out my basement doorand looked down at the rocks at the bottom of the cement steps i saw all the rocks moving like something underneath was pushing up kind of, this was very trippy and i sat on the steps watching. I then walked up the stairs to walk around and all the wood chips were looking like lil rivers were running in it. All the cement was almost halographic like my basemnet stairs were when i was going down them. I started to walk around my house and realized how cold it was so i went back into my house and went back to my room.
I walked into my dark room where i saw patterns all over my walls and ceiling. I turned my stereo back on and layed on my bed. Im kind of burnt out right now so i cant remember all the details but it was very active in my room. I walked up to my door where there is a beautiful poster of some great nugget and the leaves were extending out to the sides, the leaves that are purple were turning silver kind of and the pinkish hairs were moving all over the place. All of a sudden my dad opens the door and almost hit me with it not knowing i was right behind it. He wanted to know if i wanted any pizza but i was set and my stomach had just started to settle down. I went out anyway and got some water and sat on the couch for a minute, my carpet in the living room was going nuts like it usually does when im tripping, i looked at a corner and saw a pattern of mushrooms that started spread across the floor covering my carpet in mushroom patterns hovering above the carpet i guess. I went back to my room and chilled out again and was just enjoying it, thinking but that was kind of hard because i'd start to think and then a minute later id get really confused and start on something else. This was different than my other trips that were usually really chill with alot of hallucinatons but a clearer mind. I finnally decided to call my friends josh, brad, evan, and chris who i ws suppost to meet up with and couldnt get through to brads cell phone because it was off. Right after calling Josh calls me from his house where they all were. This coversation was confusing because we were both tripping and i was really confused but i got "come over" and soon i was on my bike in the cold pedalling off to his house that was 20 minutes away on bike.
I started on this little adventure that was really fun and weird. The trees had bright green outlines and all the christmas lights still up were going nuts. I kept confusing my senses and kept seeing white blips appear and warp into themself. I kept seeing rails and stuff that werent really on the side walk so id keep going off the sidewalk. There was a lot of cars out because it was a friday night and they seemed to take for ever when theyd pass me with light trails coming off. I was flying on my bike and soon was no longer cold. I saw the golf course entrance and knew i was almost there, all i needed was to find the street. Well i got side tracked and realized i hadnt been paying attention and wasnt sure if i had passed the street, i kept on going but nothing seemed familiar so i turned back and rode all the way back to the golf course and saw i hadnt so i turned back around and figured taht nothing seemed familiar because i was tripping balls. I found the street and turned onto it, the begining of the street is rough and has scattered pot holes that were moving around. I going down hill so i had speed and none of the houses looked familiar and almost looked cartoonish, all the fences seemed like rubber. I continued and came to a street i wasnt sure if it was right because i couldnt see a sign but i took it anyway. I ended up at his house and wasnt sure if his mom was home but i just opened the door anyway, his step sister was like "sure come right in", and i couldnt figure out if she was being sarcastic or what but didnt really care, and then chris appeared and yelled my name. I was beyond confused and tryed to talk to him, he walked right up to me and came close and i almost hit him because i thought he was gonna try and kiss me but i realized he was whispering. Well Chris was rolling and told me they were all upstairs. I went up and heard Evan start talking to me and Chris was talking from behind and i just went to joshes room confused out of my mind. Him and brad were sitting in there and i tried to explain evrything that had just happened about me getting all confused. It didnt work out to well becaus eofmy tripping and their tripping. I decided to go see ev an down the hallway sitting in a chair. I walked in feeling weird because it was Jills room and i wasnt sure if she cared we were in there. Evan started to tell me how they went to the mall and the i told him, well tried to tell him about me getting lost and everything. My mind still had not settled and i was goin nuts. Chris came in and told me he was rolling and all Evan could say was "sit in this chair, its so comfortable"then when i finally got up to sit in it he says " its too comfortable, i cant get up". Then Jill comes up with noodles for evan and i assume its all right for us to be in there but im still kinda confused and im obviously tripping so she gives me a funny look. then chris comes in and tells me to call shottie and it takes a minute for it to click so i yell it and im ready to go with him and brad to pick up a quarter of dirt bud.
We start out of his neighborhood and i keep wanting to put my head out the window but deciding not and continue to go back and forth. All kinds of stuff is going on like his dashboard swirling and everything looking really rubber like. We end up going to the wrong 7/11 and i keep trying to explain where the right one is but theyre not understanding because of my tripping and theyre tripping and rolling. We end up at the right spot and pick it up and i see greg and tony but dont feel like getting out of the car. I guess brad told em i was trippin cuz they come to me and start waving their hands so i get out and talk to em. i end up going in for some water and sit their for a few minutes trying to decide betwwen waters. I finally get it and we're off.
We head to McDonalds because brad wants some chicken nuggets and we see Quentin and Cory with Liz and we qall get outta the car in the drive through. I guess the guy was tryin to talk to us because whe nwe eg tup to get the food he tells us to pull in afet rtaking our money. I guess Brad thought he was tryin to beat us because we didnt get the food so he went in and yelled at the dude and got his food.
We're off again and stop at a chill spot we call bud trails and head down to teh water. The water was frozen and the whole place looks tottally different so i keep thinking we took the wrong trail even though there's only one trail. the water was frozen so it didnt go up as far and that got me confused too. Its c0ld so we ran back to the car but then im not sure if i was cold or if i just thought i was cold and decide i wasnt i just thought i was because Chris said it was. We head back to Josh's and walk in to see John's now there and Josh's mom is too.
I think they got caught tripping or something so i just say hi and stand there when brad tels me to sit down, i had been standing looking at the room t5aking everything in and had been standing in the door way blocking him from coming in. I sit down and i guess they were under the impression that i was bugging out. We all watch Happy Gilmour and my trip fades away from smoking all the shwagg i guess. Even with bong rips with cold water it was harsh and burned like hay. We go out on a munchie run but im not hungry so I head home slightly tripping still at 1 and take bong rips of my dank nuggets outta my 2 footer Butterstuff and it brings my trip back a lil bit and i go to bed peacefully high. A nice end to a great night of tripping.

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