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A close call

After growing my first batch of Psilocybe cubensis (Ecuadors), I decided I should bring them to my friend's house and eat them with him.

After growing my first batch of Psilocybe cubensis (Ecuadors), I decided I should bring them to my friend's house and eat them with him. He lives by the beach and this day his whole neighborhood was a mass of block parties today. It was perfect because everyone would be too drunk to notice if we were on any drugs. We consumed an unmeasured amount of the mushrooms and then took some natural relaxant pills (Kava Kava and stuff). We had a bit left of the mushrooms so we crushed them up and rolled them in a joint. I wasn't sure if this would do anything, because I've heard some say it destroys the Psilocybin and others say it gives you a short trippy feeling. We then went down to the beach to let the shrooms take effect. On the way there I could clearly hear complex rhythms and beats that were unnoticable to be ten minutes ago. The radio was playing somewhere down the block but rather than hearing the song that was playing I just heard these strange sounds, not unlike the ambient music of the Orb. When we came upon the beach I was amazed to find out that since the last time I was there the thousands of shells on the beach floor had turned bright, flourescent, and glow-in-the-dark. I then looked to the sky. I suddenly felt that I was a man on the moon and no one else was around me. It's hard to explain but I felt like I was standing on the edge of the world, overlooking the universe. We smoke the joint and decided to leave. As fun as this was, I wanted to go back to my friend's house to listen to the Orb CD I had just bought (the 2 CD one). I'm not a big fan of that type of music, but it's a lot better than punk when you're shrooming. On track 2- "earth" it has a man's deep voice talking. As I listened his words turning into gibberish I burst out laughing wondering why in the hell would someone make a CD with a guy talking nonsense. I shook my head and sat down. We got bored of the music eventually, and went downstairs to watch South Park. It was weird because the characters faces had no eyes, only little dot pupils. I couldn't distinguish the characters' white eyeballs from their tannish faces. Halfway through the show all went wrong. My friends dad walked in. I almost pissed in my pants I was so scared. I decided I should just watch TV and ignore him. I was doing well but then I thought about my friend. I checked and he was okay too. His dad left with only an exchange of a few words and not even a suspicious glance. This was dangerous, we should of left. I felt like I was heading in the direction of a bad trip. We were safe until his dad came back a half hour later. Now I was peaking and really out of it. I said a prayer to myself and somehow carried on a five minute conversation with him about school. But I was too scared. I ran to a room in the attic, but couldn't find the lights, but on shrooms I found I could make the room darker and lighter. I madeit pitch black and I sat there just waiting for my friend's dad to leave, or come up there dragging his son by the ear screaming: "What the hell did you kids do!" Through all this fear I didn't happen to notice a closet breathing. Its mouth got bigger everytime it opened it to exhale and inhale. It was gonna eat me if I didn't think fast so I melted myself into the carpeted floor and slid out of the room. Pheww! that was close. His dad was still there so we left for the park. There, we caught our breath and I told myself never to do this again. But, time has a way of changing things, in my normal, undrugged state of being, I shouldn't stop because of one bad trip, just be a better judge of when to have the good ones.

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