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7/11 doesnt like me

The first time i did mush, wow, that was messed up.

The first time i did mush, wow, that was messed up. I had just bought a car (300zx) and wanted to show my friend, P. so i drove over to his house, where his family was having a reunion. So i talked to him for a few minutes, asked him if he wanted to smoke some tonight, but he couldnt. So he asked me if i wanted some mushrooms, cuz his friend/dealer had some. Well, i had never had them b4 so i asked him "i dont know, do i?" He laughed "Yes, u do."

So we drove to MacDonalds parking lot to meet up with S. It took too long to weigh them out, and i was getting paranoid cuz that place was alot of heat. One of the guys says in the car says they are really great zoomers, but i have no frame of reference, so i say 'great'. So i go to the washroom inside McD's and when i come out they're laughing and stuff. So I walk up and P hands me the small bag, very obviously, and i give him a mean look like 'keep it down g' so he says "Heres your illegal mushrooms J" Really loudly. So anyway i drive him home and go about my business for the rest of the day.

Later that night, another friend calls me up, and along with a couple other peeps we go to the strippers. Now, this other friend, T, doesnt like drugs, and wont go anywhere with us when we're on 'em, so i dont tell him i have them. On the way there, in his car, i take out the bag and start eating them while he is talking with the guy in the front seat about something. Its two grams of grey brown stuff so the bag is making alot of crackling noises as i grab the stuff and putit in my mouth. T immediatly askes, hey whats that? and i say 'candy', cuz it was a 7/11 bag, and he askes for some, and i say, sorry its all gone.

anyway, were at the strippers for a about an hour, and nothing is happening, except, one of the waitress go really mad at me for not tipping very well. but nothing that i would call 'drugged' as i was expecting to happen. So we leave the club when this chick with a terrible implant comes on stage, and head for home. I called shotgun and on the way home, i start making these jokes, that i thought were pretty funny, but everyone else doesnt laugh at all. Which was kind of embarassing. But anyway, as we approach my place, i realize that 'something' is happening to me, and i have no idea what im in for. So i come clean and tell my buddy what i did and say 'maybe u shouldnt leave me alone right now'. But to my suprise, he says, ' no im tired, its 1 in the morning, and i gotta work 2morrow, its your own fault'. I couldnt believe it!

So i get out of his car and fake going into the apt, cuz my dad would still have been up and i didnt want to have to explain. So when his car goes around the corner, i walk outside and down the street, with no idea of how long it would last, or how i would act walking down the street. About a block down the street, there is this 7/11 and just before i walk in, bam. I felt really really really good. trees were dancing with the lights and it made me laugh. Alot. Laugh alot. wow.

So i walk into 7/11, laughing, and the paki says "whats so funny man?". haha, i didnt know what to say, i was laughing out loud at nothing, so i came up with "oh, the taxi driver outside told me a funny joke" which wasnt true, im not even sure if the car outside was a cab. The paki asks "whats the joke buddy?" you know, cuz when someone walks into somewhere laughing histerically, this guy who is working the boring night shift wants in on it. anyway, i didnt know what to say so i walked out of the store without saying anything, and i looked back, and the guy is looking at me like im nuts! Which made me laugh even harder, i almost didnt make it out of the store i was laughing so hard.

Not wanting to get busted or something i walk down the street as casually as i can. Which wasnt very casual. Every few feet i stumbled a little bit and laughed thinking 'jesus, this is the best feeling in the world', and after a few more feet 'oh jesus, this is awesome!'

So i walk about 6 blocks down the street to another friends house, thinking 'maybe he'll be up'. well he wasnt, and i didnt know what to do, throw a pebble against his window? no, i'll just let him sleep. But then i sort of got lost, I came across this fence, but i was afraid to climb it for some reason, but eventually i forced myself to, but it took like 5 minutes to climb this really small fence. Then it occured to me that someone was watching me, seeing this guy take 5 minutes to climb this tiny fence at 2 in the morning, and i got scared. So I laid on my back and looked up at the stars, to ty to camuflouge(sp?) myself. Well it must have worked becuz the guy (if there was any guy) never said anything to me. I quickly got bored of that, cux the stars werent very trippy and i decided to walk home.

Well, all the way home, i was just trippin'! everything felt great, especially the 2 minute brake i took at the bus stop, after a couple hours of walking. So anyway, when i finally got home, i opened the doors as quietly as i could, trying to make as little noise as possible, going very very slowly, not to wake my dad up. I sat on the couch in the living room, and tried to take my shoes off. HAHA! that was very hard. it was impossible to untie them, i decided after a long time of trying, so i just riped them off. I sat on the couch for like 20 minutes with a huge smile on my face thinking, 'wow this is the best feeling in the world'. I looked at the clock and it was 3:45.

So i went to bed. Then the thought hit me: "oh man, masturbating would feel BITCHIN' RIGHT NOW". But it didnt really work, i dont know, it wouldnt stay up long enuf for some reason. After giving up on that, my cat walked into my room, and laid beside me as it usually does at night. Boy oh boy, when i started scratching it behind its ears, SHIT, it would purr, and i would get these waves, these waves of totally awesome pleasure. It was really cool, cuz i would pet my cat - and my cat would like it - and it would purr - and i would LOVE the waves of pleasure that she sent out with each purr. Just awesome. in fact it was so good, that i started moaning, without realizing it. Which woke my dad up.

He didnt come into my room, but he went to the washroom down the hall. I got hella scared, i thought i woke him up with my moaning. But he just went back to bed.

And then my trip fliped, big time. Every part of me that felt good, turned to the opposite. It was the worst feeling possible, i dont know how to better explain it. Just, the worst possible feeling imaginable. I started groaning like i was in pain, and i kept saying to myself "its not worth it, its not worth it, Ill never to mushrooms again, OH GOD HELP ME!!!" and then all of a sudden i would wake up a bit and think 'did i just scream that out loud? did my dad hear me screaming for help?'. Which made me be very silent again until the terribles came back. This went of for about, oh, i have no idea, TOO LONG anyway, until i fell asleep.

The next day, my dad was all weird, and the guy in 7/11 was scared of me, haha. I promised myself i would never take mushrooms again.

But that didnt last, ive had them a few times since, with worse trips. but I like them now, now that i know what to expect. For me, Weed helps alot, when the trip gets bad, some weed makes it all good.

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