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4th of july 02

I just found this old trip report i wrote Here she is:Ohhh shit, last night i had the most intense trip of my life!

I just found this old trip report i wrote Here she is:

Ohhh shit, last night i had the most intense trip of my life!
I only took a gram or two of shrooms and a gram or two worth of extract but man i was fucked up. I was chillen when it started comin on strong, so i went to the bathroom which i had prepared with a mattress and pillows and radio and shit.
It had only been about thirty minutes sence the i took the shrooms and an hour since i took the rue. so i layed back loaded up a bowl of erb and rue extract. After about a third of the bowl was finished things quickly proggresed. I got a strong feeling of deja vu, and was overcome with waves of indiscribable visuals. I suddenly realized that the deja vu was exactly how i felt with salvia, only no fear. For a minute or two i was to overcome to move. As i begun integrating my soroundings again i felt as if the bong was an extension of my body, and energy was spirilling out of me.
When things subsided a bit i decided it was time for the bath i had been planning in darkness. I got in and let the bathtub fill around me. when it was full i decided that i had better not turn the lights off for fear of nocking over the bong and the radio. Hendrix was playing full blast. I looked down into the water and it was an aqua blue. At this point my thoughts were racing a mile a minute. The bathroom appeared to be seperated off into two parts the space beond the tub appeared to be through a warped peice of glass and the wall was a mirror image of the tub. Which turned into 4 adjacent pools of water. Now at this point I was starting to get alittle overwhelmed. The C.D. was playing a track with a bunch of people lauphing and talking in the studio. I was convinced that it was my bro and about 100 friends outside the bathroom.
I got abit freaked out so i drained the tub and went searching all around my house for a towel, but to no avail. so i just set under the fan and airdryed. The rest of the night is alittle fuzzy. I mosltly remember wandering around my house for variouse reasons since forgoton.
After a while i settled in front of the T.V. till i found half baked.
Even though i know this movie by heart it was like seeing it for the first time. It was so real it seemed as if the charachters were performing infront of my entertainment center. I couldn't fallow the story line, but it seemed as if the seans went along with whatever i was thinking and made some great metiphor.
The thoughts and visions I had during this movie are indescribable so i won't try to describe them. But let me just tell you that it was pretty fucking nuts for only a gram or two of shrooms.
I got bored of the movie and went to play pool. I found that it improved my pool playing quite a bit. At this point i noticed that I was at the end of the platue and was coming down slightly.
As i sat and watched T.V. I started to feel kind of down, but i couldn't put my finger on what it was. I started thinking about my life and how boring it has become. Which made me feel... well bored. I couldn't belive that i could be bored in this state. I was still trippin balls but i was as bored as if it was a weeknight and i was alone watching T.V. This brought me down considerably and i spent the remainder of my trip sulking over my lost amusement. Feeling as if i had wasted it.
Well thats my story, weird huh? Next time i will only trip on a special occasion to avoid something like this happening again.
Well if you got this far you have alota time on your hands

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