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4DSpider-Guided Tour

I first want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Shroomery for providing endless amounts of useful information.

I first want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Shroomery for providing endless amounts of useful information... I've spent the last couple months reading everything on the site, and last week decided I was ready for my first mushroom experience. A friend brought me down an 1/8th of dried Psylocibe cubensis for thanksgiving break. The night I got them I was so excited that I just HAD to try one... so I just ate one cap and stem and went to my local anime club showing... it was great, I felt wonderfully stoned but also very energized... I ended up taking an hour & a half walk all over my campus!

But saturday night (two days ago) I decided it was time to take my first full dose. I gave one of my friends one cap and stem just to try out, and ate the rest... so I guess I ate around 3 grams. I went home to eat the mushrooms and was planning on just chilling in my basement with some friends... however, everyone wanted to go to another friend's (we'll call him "Harcdore") house instead... so I said fine, I just wanted to wait for my friend (we'll call him "Butler") to get home and then we'd go over together. I ate the shrooms at about 7:30... soon it was 8:30... and I still wasn't feeling anything! So I'm thinking, darn maybe they're not gonna work this time. Finally Butler showed up, but still the only effects I was really noticing was that all the streetlights were very bright, cuz my pupils were dilated (I should've known, this was the sign that things were just starting!). I got to Harcdore's and hung out on his porch with another friend ("Emperor Penguin"), smoking a cigar. And man, we got a crazy case of the giggles... but still no visuals. Well, when I went inside... woah!! I felt like I was drunk and stoned at the same time, and everytime I blinked I got a very strong after-image of what I'd looked at (like when you look at the sun and then close your eyes, you can still see the big light spots in your eyes...). And man, it just went from there...

It was great, never before have I actually experienced complete mental overload... now I truly understand the concept of "mind-blowing". My mind was BLOWN, You should have seen me by the end of it... shivering, stuttering, gasping... man, I must've looked like a mess, but what a powerful experience! Basically, when I closed my eyes, my brain was opened up and I was given of tour of the fourth (or fifth...) dimension... my guides were a big spider, which also happened to be the center of the universe (or... A universe, anyhow...), an endless centipede/caterpillar who was very playful and cool, and this sort of half firely/half comet bug that just took me on a fun and wild ride... basically I hovered around them in turn, sometimes things would be in 3D, looking fairly normal, but then suddenly things would start turning inside out and upside down and I would be INSIDE them, looking at the spider for example on a molecular level (I actually saw DNA strands, and the centers of fractals... amazing!) while its long segmented legs spiraled around me... I knew I was seeing things in at least 4D (see, at the time, I KNEW I was seeing the 5th dimension... I dunno if I was just trying to explain it to myself or if I was being TOLD so... so I'm not really sure... I wouldn't know either way...) and goddamn it was intense!! The spider's abdomen hung down like a giant cosmic disco ball (that's the best I can describe it) and glyphs and fractals were flying out from it at incredible speeds... Its abdomen was also the retina of a tremendous eye... I sensed power in the spider, but I was very calmed by its presence at the same time. Things would fade and become blurred, and then the centipede would show up! The centipede was just fun to "hang out" with... it would loop itself into spirals and was great to look at. At one point, I began seeing beautiful emerald fish with gold fins... but suddenly they morphed back into the centipede, and I realised that that was its way of telling me a joke, like "I'm not really a bunch of fish, I'm a centipede!" It made me laugh, it was a pretty funny joke. :) The comet bug looked just like a brilliant comet from outside, but when I entered the flames it was trailing, I saw that it was actually another bug, just traveling so fast that it was trailing beautiful flames behind it. It took me on a hyper-speed ride, in the meantime I was peaking so it was exhilarating beyond anything I've ever experienced!

I finally really started coming down when Butler took me back to my basement... but I was so over-stimulated and over-loaded that I was feeling REALLY uneasy, and didn't want to be left alone... my brain was processing information it had no experience ever dealing with before, and it was taking its sweet time... so I was basically out of phase with reality, while my brain was furiously working on this new information... WHOOO! And then I started getting hungry, and it was a primal hunger, like I HAD TO EAT OR I WAS GONNA DIE!!! So Butler took me to Wegmans and I bought a big bag of Doritto Salsa Verde chips... and they were the most delicious chips EVER. :) It took me a good hour to get to sleep, I tossed and turned, my brain was still flying... but I could close my eyes and not see things anymore, so I finally fell asleep and slept a good nine hours... I felt very tired the next day as well, but I'm feeling totally back to normal now.

It was sort of strange because it took quite a while to really kick in, and I didn't get ANY open eye visuals... even while I was peaking, I ONLY saw things when I CLOSED my eyes... that's how I brought myself back down at the end, after I felt I had seen enough (when I was starting to feel uneasy) I just kept my eyes open and tried not to close 'em (except to blink, of course). I experienced some of the symptoms associated with level 4, but the fact that I didn't get any OEVs puts it at a level 3, I'd say. It was NOT what I was expecting, but of course how can you know what it will really be like until you try it, right? But... well, I think being around a lot of friends definitely made it a positive experience, but it really had nothing to do with the rest of the trip... it was nothing but INTENSE and not something I'd do all the time... but definitely I'll do it AGAIN!! :)

>Kid Googa< ^_^

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