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DOI Overdose

Bad Trip

This is a trip report, of an experience i had a few months ago, i believe it was in late October, of me taking 5 blotters of DOI, thinking it was LSD. I was 18 at the time.
This was the most horrifying experience of my life..

So it all started out with this dude that hit me up saying he had lucy, so i trekked to his house and picked up about 30 hits of it (most of it was for friends). Now, in the past, this guy has sold me molly, sometimes it was bk-mdma, which he promptly told me "Hey, so i don't have mdma, but i have bk-mdma" - and explained to me what the difference was (even though i already knew).

Now with this knowledge, I realized that he obviously deals with RC's sometimes, so i asked him 
"Hey dude, so i'm gonna be taking a pretty massive dose of these tabs this weekend, and i'm just making sure/asking if this is an RC. It's ok if it is, just tell me, i won't be mad, i just want to know for safety/dosage reasons." 
And he replied 
"Yeah bro, it's pure lsd-25, got it tested in a lab last night, and me and my friends all dosed and it's fuckin' awesome"
So, from there off i went.

Friday Night:
At about 10 pm, i went into my bathroom, about to take a shower, and opened up the tinfoil in which the tabs were being kept. I took out 4 hits, and put them in my mouth. They tasted bitter. I was confused, acid should be tasteless... But I HAVE heard reports of tested LSD being bitter on tabs. And considering I asked the guy about the RC aspect (he had no valid reason to lie to me), i figured this was one of those rare times. 

As i had the 4 tabs in my mouth, i packed up the rest. I had 11 tabs left in the foil. What an uneven number... To make it fair, i popped another one in my mouth. 
5 tabs total. Ready to have the night of my life.

At about 30-40 min. in, one of my friends texted me:
"Hey man, me and some buddies dosed these tabs 3 hours ago and nothing. This isn't acid bro."

I responded "Shit. Well i just took 5 tabs of them, ill hit you up in the morning and we can work something out, i'll talk to my guy."

At this point i was thinking "We'll.. maybe this isn't acid.."
I've had 25i-nBOME in the past, and i enjoyed it, so i thought - worst case scenario, i took a shit ton of nBOME, and i'll have some stomach troubles maybe, still will be awesome!

At this point my stomach was upset, and it was about an hour in - if it was LSD i should be trippin' balls my now.  In the past, all my LSD trips kicked in within about 30-45 minutes. 
At this moment, i was feeling light headed, and a psychedelic mood was infecting the room, but it wasn't acid.

At about 1 hour and 15 minutes in, it really started to hit me hard. The walls started bending, i had a speedy feeling in me, my keyboard on my computer looked like a hologram, and i had the most beautiful closed eye visuals i've ever had. 

I figured with this start, the night will be great. 

At about midnight, (2 hours after eating the tabs), my girlfriend texted me (she was previously thought to be asleep) saying she ate one of the tabs, and then fell asleep, and now woke up about an hour and a half later, tripping, but there was a dark vibe to her trip and her legs hurt and her muscles were twitching. I called her and talked to her saying that it wasn't acid, and that i was likely a 25i or DOx compound, that's relativity safe at her dose, and she should be fine soon. I continued to talk to her on the phone, from about 12 am to 6:30 am. 
I started peaking around 1 am, and was out of my body until about 3. 

I remember soaring around the galaxies, completely impossible feelings and universes were infecting my mind, and playing with my ego, I experienced multiple ego deaths, i knew nothing, yet at the same time i knew everything. I lived many-many other lives, full lives. All while being on the phone with my girlfriend. I remember talking to her while living these other lives, i would see her in my dreams, i would shout out to the sky "Hello!" and hear a weak reply of "hey there".

This was absolutely terrifying. 

After somewhat coming back down to this world at about 3 am, i talked and talked with my girlfriend, she was having a horrible trip, and i was beginning to as well. Everything hurt, my body felt poisoned, and my muscles kept twitching. I was barley conscious at this point, i was so exhausted. My heart was beating out of my chest, my neck muscles tightening up. I was sure i overdosed. I turned on my light in my room to give me comfort. 

Now - I had a 2c-i trip about a year ago, i won't go in depth, but i got this fear from the trip, a fear of heart beats and just hearts in general. I was horrified that something keeping me alive, i could crush with one hand. 
After that I had an LSD trip, and kind of got over that fear - not completely, but it was better. But after this experience that fear was amplified 100 times over.

I was still on the phone, feeling horrible, palms sweaty, i put my hand on my chest to feel how fast my heart was beating - suddenly, my stomach sank. There was no heartbeat. It happened. My heart stopped beating, I'm having a heart attack.

I was on the phone with my girl still and i muttered "I gotta go-ill be right back-im okay- dont worry"
And right after i said that my phone turned off, i looked at it, and it just shut off, my throat started closing, i couldn't breathe, and my vision started to go black. 
Something inside of me said "FUCK THIS" and i took both of my hands together, sat over the edge of my bed and pounded my chest over and over again while coughing as hard as I could. After about 10 seconds of this, my i felt a jolt and my heart started beating very fast..

Now - in all actuality, i'm fairly certain i did not suffer a heart attack, but rather a panic attack. For this happened multiple times in the night. 

And that right there was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.

Later in the night, I had the most intense visuals i've ever had before. Green digital smoke would shot out of my finger tips, and i could play with it in the air. I could shoot green lightening out of my fingertips at my ceiling and watch it crackle across it. I could move the air (which was thick and colorful) around in my room by waving my hands.

I basically just sat in bed waving my hands around the room with big goggly eyes and a grin on my face, whilst being covered in sweat, probably looking like a mentally challenged child experiencing a seizure. :shrug:

At about 6 am in the morning, the sun started to rise, I got off the phone, and sat in bed. Trying to come down from the trip. I laid in bed, wishing i was dead. Body in complete agony, having vomited at least twice in the past few hours. Stomach completely empty, yet still feeling like i need to throw up. My body was twitching. I feel like i ate 5 grams of mushrooms, while injected methamphetamine into every part of my body and mind. 

5 hours went by like this, until my mother came into my room, telling me that she was leaving and i would be home alone for a while (yes). I pretended to wake up (still feeling like i was on 5 grams of mushrooms), and mumbled "Oh.. okay.. see you later then..." and rolled back over.

I got my girlfriend to drive over to my house the next morning, and she picked me up at about 1 o clock. We both felt like complete shit, and spent the next 6 hours in her car, by the beach on the side of the road, huddled up with orange juice and ginger-ale, conversing and both having muscle spasms here and there. 

Later, one of my friends called me up and we drove to his house. His house is beautiful, and full of amazing vibes. Wooden interior, in the woods, with great speakers, lighting and natural food.

He gave us cherry tomatoes, and let us curl up together on his floor pad. 

I went back home at about 9 o clock that night, completely humbled. Feeling horrible for every wrong doing i once did. I apologized to many friends (who seemed quite confused), and i felt like death, so i decided to quickly find the first kid/happy movie i could. 
I chose Madagascar 3.
I cried multiple times throughout the movie, because the animals were stuck on the island still, and the plot thickened. Needless to say, I was still tripping, with small visual distortions.
This about 24 hours after my initial dose.

I laid in bed after the movie, and listened to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, which has helped me calm down in a bad trip in the past. 

I fell asleep at about 2:30 am Saturday night, still feeling my chest and muscles aching. 

Sunday morning I woke up at about 9 am, with a 1700 word paper to write. 

I felt about 85-90% sober, just a bit foggy headed, and it was hard to walk at first.

After that i was ok, but did not feel back to baseline until about Tuesday.

I learned many lessons from this experience and have become very careful in the substances i now choose to indulge in. Though many of the fear I experienced was psychological, the physical fear felt VERY real.

I'm doing fine now, I would be interested in trying other DOx compounds (at much lower doses) as i was very intrigued by the psychedelic and visual aspect of this drug.

So yup, that was it.. 

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