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Like dr.seuss

life and mushrooms... not what I expected

It was my first time tripping ever and I was desperate to try to do shrooms and when my friend hit me up on 4g of quality gold caps I quickly hopped on the them.  I ate them after school on a peanut-butter  shroom sandwich which took a while to eat due to the massive amount of peanut butter.  As I was waiting for my friends to show up I began to feel like i was drunk or on an opiate and just as they show up they ask how I felt and I mumbled something and I began to feel the world drifting.  They to me to a Local park and I felt like I was rolling and high and drunk but even better I began drooling and feeling euphoric and I felt free and one with nature.  I instantly began making connections in he world and learnt about cultures and humanity which I still cannot put into words fully.  My friend walked me around and told me to just embrace it all and be free so I found it in a bush/tree where I cried in joy and laughed hysterically as I laid in a ditch rubbing my face in the dirt.  As all this was going on I felt as if I were Alice when I was falling INto wonderland.  I felt my trip in waves so I never fully lost connection to reality and would snap back every 5 -10 minutes.  As I left the bush paradise I watched eukalyptus trees morph into a sort of phsycadellic graffiti art and out of it floated a man with a Beany stretched of his face.  I have never experienced visuals as close to or as vivid as this with LSD,25c, or San Pedro ever!  The visuals remained just as vivid throughout my peak when I saw mushrooms And spider web like patterns burst out of them. I called it "dr.seuss and alice in wonderland" The entire world was rocking around like on a boat and I felt as if my body was being twisted up or my body was dragged behind me.  My perception of time was completely lost and the wold often felt o be going too slow too the point where I would nearly run  into  a busy intersection since I felt the cars were going slow enough or were far enough away to cross.  The next thing I knew I was at McDonald's where I was surrounded by what seemed like my entire school I felt guilty and began repeating" they don't understand".  I felt strange connections for plants and inanimate objects where I would feel pressure when my grind was squeezing a transformer toy.  During my time At McDonald's I smashed my friends drunk on the table, stared at strait edge class mates trip faced, and hung out with random people from my school who I had never talked to.  My friend who was high on Valium so he doesn't have to worry about me took me to a friends house where I would just kick it and his parents weren't supposed to be home.  They turned on Tim and Eric played future sound of London and gave me a diet dr. Pepper which usually tastes awful but exploded with many flavors.  The combination of all these put me in a trance where I began to laugh and spit out soda, it was great.  My friend comes up to me and shows me the video of me trippin balls in the bush while I was still trippin ... mind fuck.  Nex thing I see is his dad coming home and he was drifting up the stairs and he took me and my munching friends to a food truck in a bright red 1950s Cadillac the glowing red color and feeling of the air blowing in my face was insane, I began feeling as I'd I were lifting off and I looked outside and the world was a blur like I was traveling light speed.  I got back when I was coming down and stared At a fish tank and an orchid for he rest of the time.  I do not know for sure what exactly I learnt from the trip but I definitely feel enlightened I learn to respect my family when I felt guilty during the trip.  I began noticing myself making connections and experiencing colors in a new way during marijuana highs which led later to my life.

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