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Me and my buddy had been waiting for 420 for the longest time, 420 is like a birthday to us.

Me and my buddy had been waiting for 420 for the longest time, 420 is like a birthday to us. So during the week before 420 we both got an eighth of mush and planned to do it on 420. So we woke up, went for a cruise, it was a hot sunny day, almost perfect. It was about 2:30pm when we came back to my house and put our mush on sum left over dominoes. We cleaned out his car, shined er all up and shit for the big day. We went for a drive around town startin to giggle and feel the usual signs of it kicking in, it was all good. So at about 3:30 we went down to the park where 420 was held every year, there was hundreds of ppl there. So u kno we jus chilled and what not watchin all the people from town pour over the hills to join the smokefest. There was a huge hack sesh happenin on the stage at the amphitheatre, this guy bangin on this fat drum, it was pretty sweet. Before that day me and my buddy had only ever done 2 grams of mush, so we wernt really prepared for what was gonna happen. Finally, everyone started counting down, as soon as this guy everyone knew yelled its 420!! All u could see was smoke, everywhere. There was about 10 guys in the middle puffin on the fattest joint i had ever seen, it must have been damn near as big as my arm! Everyone around us was hackin and laughin and talkin bout shit, it was huge! So me and my buddy and like 4 chicks we used to smoke wit sparked up 2 8-bag fatties, passin that shit around I felt the mush really start to hit me. The drums were unreal I started to lose my balance and everything was so different. So after everyone was done hittin there shit we decided to leave, we were walkin back to his car and all I can remember is seein all these people, I couldnt see where i was going, i was tryin to get nevins attention but he kept moving, i couldnt see him, i thought everyone was staring at me cuz i was staggerin around and my voice was soo loud to me, but i guess no one actualy heard me. The path we were walkin on was full of running water from the melting snow, and no matter which way i went it seemed like i was in about a foot of water. So finally we made it to the car, amazingly, and we sat there, the was so many people we couldnt even get outta the parking lot. I was trippin soo hard, i had no idea what was goin on, everything i could see was like one big picture that kept moving in frames. I'd never seen anything like it before, so i was a bit weird about it cuz i didnt kno what was happenin. So we went for a drive and we had a guy we knew in the back, we cruised around talkin to everyone around town, and every time we stopped i opened the door and started to get out of the car, but then they'd tell me that we werent gettin out. I had no idea what i was doin, i was fucked right up. So we finally dropped that guy off at someones house and we headed over to his gf's place where both out women were waitin for us. They were pissed right off cuz we were so fucked. So we drove around a bit more and no matter where we went everyone i looked at was staring at me, my eyes were beat red and my pupils were huge, i just wanted to get inside somewhere so i could straighten out. We all came back to my place and me and nevin tryed to explain what was happenin, but we were still in shit. So we took our women home and whatever and we came back here, we were sittin in my room when i decided i was hungry. So me, in the shape i was in, tryed to make easy-mac, not the best idea. It was undercooked and soo dry, so i was sittin there eatin it and everytime i chewed it felt sooo fuckin weird in my mouth, everytime i moved n e part of my body i felt like a robot almost, i dunno. But i was eatin my kd when i took the biggest bite and it felt so wicked in my mouth and i screamed out KRAFT DINNER IS FUCKIN AWESOME!! and bursted out laughing so fuckin hard i was crying. The whole day was such an experience, it was definately the best 420 ever.

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