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A good experience

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About a month ago me and my friend S acquired about
a quarter of shrooms and a couple of E pills that we
were going to take in the late afternoon. At around
4:00PM we swallowed 1 E tablet each and ingested
2grams of shrooms each. After we decided to go
behind a Bradles that was out of business and smoke
a nice fat blunt. My friend S begins to roll it up and is
having quite a bit of difficulty, and it comes out loose
and warped but we didn't really care at that point. I light
it up and inhale my first hit and it hits me..i felt like a
million bucks, all of the energy was pulsing through my
body. My friend S took his hit and immediately started
coughing and later puking because of his upset
stomach. After he had finished he immediately told me
that he was seeing dots and colors everywhere. I just
sat there laughing at him and then I laid back and
stared into the sky.. All of a sudden I got my first visual,
which was a black dot that was swirling around above
me, least to say it scared the hell outta me and I was
yelling oh my god what the hell is that! I focus my mind
at the walls around us and they begin to pulse back
and forth, and after we decide to go take a walk to a
park. When we started to walk everything just weird, my
legs were wobbling and it seems like time was fast
forwarding a few seconds ahead when we were
walking along. When we came to the busy street this
scared me a lot because I thought a car would come
fast forward in time and hit us. We ran across the street
and walked up the hill..it seemed to take hours but was
only really 10minutes. When we reach the park we
immediately sit on the bench and stare into the trees
and appreciate nature. I reach in my pocket for a
cigarette and then i just realized that i was lost in my
pocket! I didn't recognize anything in there and I couldn't
grasp an object unless I put in extreme effort.
Suddenely I just gave up on the cigarette and told
myself i don't need it anyway. Just then I feel like that I
just pissed my pants and thought urine was running
down my left leg, I immediately check and there was
nothing there, I thought to myself that it felt pretty real.
Me and my friend get extremely cold and start shivvering
even though it was 70degrees out there! After me and
my friend were talking about how much we loved our
families and so on, my cell phone began to ring..
The phone was attached to my belt and I had trouble
reaching it but when I do I hold it in front of me to see
who it is, its my parents...and all of a sudden the phone
seems MILES away even though I am holding it in front
of me. I knew that he knows I took a hallucegenic drug
because my mother knew I had the shrooms and
begged that I not take them and go through the
experience. I felt guilty and didn't answer the
phone.....but they kept calling....so many times too many
to count that it was sending me on the edge..the
ringing..why didn't I shut off the phone?..I felt i didn't
have the energy. We both stand up at this point and
start to walk along the path..boy was the sunset
beautiful, everything just looked so great (it was about
7:45pm now) and everything had a nice shade of purple
that looked awesome. I looked up at a tower made of
big concrete blocks and it looked like a castle from a
fairy tale, really quite interesting. At around 8:15 i felt I
put my parents through enough and head home, I told
my friend good luck on his walk home, he was a good
15 min away walking distance, my house was down the
street. I approach the house, it looks very different, not
very inviting but somehow i KNEW i had to go in there
and face my destiny. I go in and lay on the couch and
my parents are unaware i am home but I hear them
talking about me, I just stare across the living room and
see stuff shaking and moving. My dad runs down the
stares and sees me on the couch and immediately
starts screaming at me for taking these drugs. I kindly
tell him that im sorry and please don't yell at me. He
starts yelling and runs up the stares to get my mother...
he reminded me of the devil at this moment. When my
mother comes down she is much more understanding
and treats me well and is telling me it will all be over
soon. I felt great after talking to her, and she put on the
baseball game and I close my eyes. Patterns were
fading away as I used to see vivid colors and shapes.
Now I saw darkness but the baseball game didn't
sound like baseball...it sounded like they were talking
about christmas and some words I couldn't
understand, that freaked me out alittle but was
interesting. After I open my eyes i stare at the telephone
cord and see it waving back and forth with a zigzag
pattern on top of it, really cool. After this I drift into a
sleep, when I wake up i felt AWESOME, everything was
just right. My father didn't make me feel any good about
myself for awhile but somehow I felt that good that I
took the shrooms had this experience. Sorry for the
lengthy report and I highly recommend it to anyone who
wants to venture beyond reality!

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