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4 Grams Dried

So there I was.

So there I was.. outta pot and low on cash I wanted to try something new.. zoomers sounded like a good idea so I phoned up my buddy and asked how much I could get for $20.. a few minutes later I was at his place chewing up 4 grams, watching him hit a bong..
It was about 20 minutes before I started feeling them, at first I felt kinda light headed and kinda panicky, but I relaxed and took a seat on his couch. We had been sitting for about 5 minutes when he asked if I wanted anything to eat, I said yes because I needed something to wash out the awful taste of the shrooms. Upon standing up to go to his kitchen I felt it hit me and it completely knocked me out. I just started laughing and stumbling down his stairs on the way to the kitchen. All the walls were waving and going around in circles with kaleidescope patterns on them. I grabbed at some boxes on his shelf and came up with some granola bars and then went back up to his room.. Thing got pretty intense and the blinds he had on his windows were waving at me and looked like it was a big mouth talking to me. I would laugh and tell him this but I couldn't tell if I was repeating myself when I'd speak, or if I was hearing my thoughts echoing several times in my head.. either way it was pretty cool. This is when I had my best visuals of the night, I would close my eyes but not be aware that they were closed.. It was like I had no eyelids and when I closed my eyes I could still see most of my surroundings but things didn't happen the right way.. for instance, the TV was replaying this 5 second clip of a basketball game we were watching, it just replayed over and over about 10 times before I would open my eyes and return to reality.. I was also able to zoom in/zoom out of things with my eyes when they were closed.. I remember inspecting individual threads on a carpet, haha.. I remember watching TV and all the people had cube heads and looked robotic almost.. I got this feeling that I was a single organism, just like any other human/animal, and this trip was helping me actually escape from my fake reality and get in touch with my inner self.. it's hard to explain but it was a great feeling..
Around this time the bong seemed pretty invited and I took a few rips and we were on our way.. I remember that everything I touched felt really cool, I could feel that I was touched it and it would feel like it was touching me back.. anyways..
We set out on our journey to our buddy's place to spend the night and on the way we were almost hit by several cars.. or so it seemed.. I remember all the colours to be really cold and dull, stale almost.. all the traffic lights were blurred and it was hard to make out the different signs..
While I was walking I felt like the ground was round and I was walking on a giant sphere.. I decided to turn on my Blanks 77 CD.. which was quite interesting.. I could make out all the music and whatnot and it was really neat to hear the stereo parts, it seemed like there were 2 sides to the music and they were bouncing around from ear to ear inside my head.. After several minutes I started noticing that parts of the music were missing.. like the bassline was gone.. it sounded like it had been over watered (yep, overwatered haha) and then the bassline would return and the vocals would cut out.. and then the drums.. and so on.. it was awesome..
At this point we arrived at our friend's house, went in and watched TV.. I was coming down and I just felt a complete feeling of comfort and peace with the world.. I think this was definitely a great experience, especially since was is no burnt out feeling afterwards, I just felt really mellowed out and happy..

So yea, that was my trip, pretty long write up, Im sorry.. definitely something I am going to do again, infact I just bought another quarter for the weekend :)
Happy shrooming.

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