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Cubes lvl 2

Adventures in the park

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Mushroom: Psilocybe Cubensis

Experience Level: 2

Method of preparation: Fresh mushrooms left to soak in 90 degree water for half an hour. The resulting tea was consumed within about 60 seconds.

Introduction: This experience occured 3 days ago and had only been preceded by two level 1 experiences. My girlfriend (L) was with me and she was on a level 3 experience (her first time) from some Panaeolus cyanescens which she had eaten fresh about 25 minutes before I had my tea. Earlier in the day we had gone hunting to get the mushrooms and we had found both Psilocybe cubensis and Panaeolus cyanescens (but mostly the meanies). My previous experience with shrooms had been from Meanies and not cubes and my only comments are that meanies taste way better and don't make me feel sick at all.

I should also point out that me and my girlfriend are very intellectual, academic university students and I am passionate about science/maths with what is considered a "genius" level IQ (which is meaningless to me). As a result the experience has a strong intellectual undertone.

Shortly after I consumed my tea L started to feel something, and she told me that the floor was moving. L started to laugh a lot and told me she was feeling incredibly happy and that she had started to see certain surfaces (mostly wood grain) move. I asked L to close her eyes and tell me what was going on and she commented that she could see 2D visuals. At this point, L was lying on the floor laughing and experiencing a stronger and stronger experience and I was just waiting for to see if my tea was going to work. I was guiding L by saying very positive things and asking her to focus on the beauty of the world around us and what she was feeling through all her senses. This seemed to increase her happiness further.

By this point (25 minutes after dosing) I was starting to feel something very mild but I was also starting to feel very sick. I had to keep walking around the house to help with digestion and to avoid vomiting. I did feel very close to vomiting at one point, but I was confident from what I had read in the past that I probably would not do so and the sickness would pass very quickly. It did.

(40 minutes after dosing) I started to become very happy and cheerful and I lay on the floor next to L (who was now getting stronger visual distortion, seeing 3D closed eye visuals and felt like she was floating). We had a conversation about how amazing empty space was and how the property of there being nothing was a quality in itself and made the empty void of space "something" not just nothing. This is something which very much fits in with humanity's current understanding of the standard model of physics. We had a conversation mostly about what we were feeling and tried to conclude what level we were on and what level we might possibly reach at our peaks. We laughed A LOT. I asked L if we should go for a walk which she wasn't sure about but then she looked out the window and became very enthusiastic about going for a walk.

(1 hour after dosing) I put on some clothes (I had been in just my underwear because this country is so fucking hot in summer) and we headed off for a walk. Both of us decided not to wear shoes (very very rare for L), which we have since concluded was a great decision because feeling the texture of the things we were walking on was pretty fantastic. The park was only a short walk away but at this point both of us were experiencing time dilation and it felt like quite a long walk to the park. On the way I decided to do a great progression. I told L that we were in a suburb in Brisbane which was part of the state of Queensland which was part of the great big mass of land people called Australia. Australia is part of this absolutely huge ball of rock that we are walking on the surface of that is so big that we can't even see that it is spherical. This planet is whizzing around a Star hundreds of times larger than it. This Star is one of 300 billion in the Milky way galaxy which is one of about 170 billion galaxies in the universe. Doing this was a lot fo fun while on shrooms; I grasped the scale of the universe a lot better than I do while sober.

When we reached the park we went on the play equipment and did a lot more laughing. There were other people around watching us but we didn't give a fuck (I think it is important not to care about other people while on shrooms or you just won't have as much fun). We started to talk about how incredibly fantastic and happy we felt. Very much a level of happiness I can't obtain while sober and not worth me trying to describe. We also started to talk about how silly society was. For example, we thought it was hilarious that if we ran down the street naked while singing, a man in uniform would turn up and give us a fine, demanding we give the government bits of metal and paper for what we had done (which is essentially a very natural thing to do). We both felt very disenchented with our clothing and wished we could take it off as we just didn't see the point in wearing it.

At this point (not sure how long after dosing I had not brought any way of telling the time with me) I was seeing colours and ripples on surfaces and seeing some pretty incredible closed eye 2D/3D visuals. Colours were very vivid and the Sun was much brighter. I was finding the world very beautiful and, in particular, nature. Any piece of nature was beautiful to me. Focusing on one single blade of grass was just as beautiful as focusing on the entire meadow it was in. I was having some very amazing science based trips about nature (I highly recommend learning as much about nature and how it works before doing a shrooms trip, not just biology, all science is the study of nature). I loved looking at the grass and instantly getting images in my head of the calvin cycle and the enzymatic processes ocurring to capture the light and store it as sugar. Or looking up at the sky and instantly imagining the refractive physical processes acting on photons to make the sky appear blue. Artistic creativity and scientific creativity happen in the same part of the brain and psychedelic substances increase both. I certainly felt this.

L and I were also discussing how in love we were and how deeply connected we felt. I think one of the things that made this experience so great was how connected I was with the person I did it with. We noticed we were starting to get quite sunburnt and we decided to head back to the house.

As soon as we got home I checked the time (it had only been 1 hour and 55 minutes since I dosed, despite it feeling like we had spent a day at the park) and we both instantly removed all our clothes so that we were completely naked. We had both stopped talking much and we were both experiencing that shared understanding that gives the illusion of telepathy. We cuddled and ran our hands all over each others naked bodies feeling very in love. We did this for awhile and then we both got into the shower and sat down under the cold water. We did more intimate touching and staring into each others eyes. We did not have sex but we both really wanted to (we discussed it after we came down, we were still not talking at this point), however, we had both independently decided to just experience our platonic love for one another this time, and have a more sexual experience another time. It was also while in the shower that I peaked and was getting more 3D closed eye visuals and slightly more visual distortion.

Eventually we got out of the shower and my extreme sense of happiness had turned into more of an extremely satisfied happiness. We lay on a bed holding each other silently listening to music for most of our come down. I eventually got up and went to look at myself in the mirror (still naked) I saw a male human standing before me who was amazingly attractive (to this day I no longer have any self conscious thoughts about my looks I think I am the most attractive man on the planet). Both of us started to talk a little again and we both felt a bit hungry so we went to get some food and this is really where the experience ends. There was still a warm afterglow for about 24 hours.

Before my experience I was quite politically left wing. I feel like a lot of my views about politics, society, science and the world in general have been affirmed, become a lot stronger, and become more meaningful.

I will be writing up my future experiences on shrooms and I will definitely do them again. 5/5 experience, never at any point was it not positive.

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