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My first experience

3 or maybe a 4?

I used to be against all types of drugs. But I think this comes from the brainwashing that all drugs are "death drugs"
Anyways, I started smoking weed when I was 18. Curiosity got the better of me (right term?)
And I have been smoking for 8 years now, daily during a couple of years.

I have always been interested in visual stimulation, I'm a semi-pro photographer so it somewhat comes natural. 
Some people have had halucinations, mild ones from weed. But I have never experienced it. 

My curiosity had me read a lot on haluciogenics and I searched for years for someone who could supply acid or shrooms to me...
It finaly happened!

I got 6g cubensis, which I shared with my experienced friend. Cuddos to him for setting everything perfectly, with dimmed colored lights, a few candles in the corners etc. 
We sat in the coutch and chewed them down. I must say, the taste isn't the best part of the whole experience :P
Neither of us ate anything for hours so we decided to hurry down to the pizza corner before they started to kick in. It was only 10 min walk, so
we called, ordered and went out. 

I remember feeling all tingely, it's finally going to happen!

On our way back the tingely sensation spread from my belly to my legs, it felt like the first times I smoked. It was a tingle mixed with what I would call numbness...but not complete numbness, just jellyish. 

My friend put on some music on the computer and said with a grin, "you will like this".
The computer was hooked to the tv and the screensaver was blue "matrix code" with a digital clock in the middle. 
I ate a slice and suddenly I wasn't hungry anymore. 

40 min or so had passed since we ate the shrooms and I noticed how the matrix code started to pulse with the music. 
It was very subtle, at first. The same song was playing, it wasn't so much a song as it was a chanting drum beating...
"dooom, du dum dumm, dooom, du dum dumm" It was very hypnotising. It's a 20 min track. 
I remember thinking "damn, this guy (producer) knows what it's all about" :P

The pulsing started to be more intense, but still nothing compared to what was in store.
I stared to feel a bit ill, like I wanted to throw up. Similar to the feeling when weed hits you bad. Not strong though, I fought it.
Laying down thinking it may help...

Now I notice the celing light, it's a curved steel rod with 4 spotlight on it. The spotlights started to move along the rod, back and forth.
I'm thinking to myself "that is impossible, they can't move...BUT THEY ARE!"
At this point my friend looks at me, wondering what Im talking about! I stared to laugh because I relized that all my thought were spoken
out loud. 
We laughed for a bit and I started talking about everything I saw and how wonderfull it was.

My focus went back to the TV and the pulsing was very much alive by now. In and out, in and out. About 1m from the TV.
I was mesmerized by it. 
It was like the TV had its own party and the light fixture its own. When I looked at the lights, the TV stoped, when I looked at the tv, the lights stoped.

As I turned towards my friend I saw how the curtains behind him were swaying, like a beeze pushed them, but the balcony door was closed.
I couldn't focus on one thing because everyone was inviting me to their own party! :-D

Now my friend tells me the best thing all night, go play with your dog...

His furr was so smooth, he felt softer then silk, those big brown eyes looked deep into me.
I kept on reminding myself that it was the shrooms, whatever I saw, but his stare was genuine. Like we really were best friends,
that no matter what we would have each others backs.

I stared to play with him. Don't know if it was the shrooms, but he was gentle, using his paws much more (he usually play bites alot).
It was an incredible feeling.
I must have been down on my knees for quite some time because now my legs really were numb and my back hurt a bit and my head felt heavy.
Moved to the coutch. Hello colors, hello movement!!

The whole wall/window where the curtains are has started to sway heavy, and I mean, they-are-outside-in-a-storm-swaying, but symetrical.
Everything was so vibrant, the whole room fused in one big party!
The pressure in my head was building up and the curtain wall started to pulsate towards me, maybe 2m or so. I couldn't see where it really was, just that it was moving, hard. The celing started to do the same thing, and I started to feel a bit unsure, because the glow from the lights expanded as well, just like it would do if the celing was 2m lower. It really made the room feel like it was shrinking.

But I kept on reminding myself that it was the shrooms and I didn't feel scared, it could crush me for all I care :-P
I couldn't get any "rest", everything was happening...everywhere!

I had some conversations with my friend, but he couldn't figure out what I was saying. There were monologs in my head about something completly different then what we were talking about, so now and then I continued the monolog out loud as if he heard what I was saying. Dunno if that makes sense. But he didn't make any of anyways. So we laughed about it.

The peak has started to wear off now and he recommended we should get dressed and go out.

I was pretty clear headed by now so all was good. We walked in a semi-forest path, which is lit by street lights.
Everything was so vivid, I could see the tiniest light far away and there were big glows from every light source.
I remember we stared talking about feelings, so many of them I experienced that I have no clue what they are...
Joy, but not really joy. Excitment, but that wasn't pure excitment either. 

Then he said something I never really understood, untill that point.
"It's like you are going somewhere, but you never reach it. Thats why they call it a trip"

We came back to his place, leveled out with some weed and I said "this, is so not the last time I travel ;-)"

My brother is coming to visit next week, he's coming with some magic and man am I excited :-D

If anyone can try to grade my experience I would be very thankful, so I have a reference point :-)

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