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Going Camping

an enlightening experience

Just this past November one weekend I talk to my buddy C about going on a spirit journey. The weather was looking nice for the weekend and  C said he had this new recipe for some tea. I had actually had some shrooms the weekend before, my first trip on them ever, but it was cold outside and it sorta' hindered the trip, (it was still tons of fun though). So we called up a few friends, packed the gear and headed out into the woods about 40min. from where we are currently going to college at. I personally had 9 capsules with me and C had 2 mason jars of the tea. This was some tea with vitamin C in it, ginger root, damiana and other things that I have forgotten by now. 

The night we get out there we decide to hold the trip off until the day, but we do enjoy ourselves that night smoking and drinking to our hearts content. The next day we had some adventures before we actually began tripping. Some of us went out on expeditions to try to find the car and get some water, but to no avail. We were surrounded on all sides by thick bushes of thorns that stretched for quite some distance. I myself almost got lost out in the woods looking for the car. It was pretty cool though as I thought that I was carrying the one ring to Mordor and that I couldn't go back until the task was completed. Alas, I never made it to the car, but somehow I stumbled back into camp and just in time for the tea too. 

We swallowed a capsule with our first ration of tea and in 10 minutes, we were all laughing at anything anyone said. I was standing against this tree, looking over at a tree right beside it that had this funky knot in it that kinda looked like a face. It was breathing. Also the tree I was leaning against was also breathing and the bark was snaking up the tree. It felt as if I had a relationship with the tree and at one point it felt that I became one with the tree. I felt really tall, looking out over the forest. Watching it sway in the wind. It felt bad when I left her, but C brought out his peace pipe and we started smoking that around the fire. The sun started to get really intense. It kinda felt like I was out in the middle of a desert during midday. All I could do was lie there and soak up its rays, watch the ground snake around and see the sky change colors. C on the other hand lost his bull earlier that morning and desperately searched for it in intervals. Then we all crowded into Matt's wilderness shelter made with leaves and branches and just passed around the other  mason jar. It felt kinda like a party or just chillin at a friends place, though we did kinda ruin his shelter a bit. After that we just went back down to the campfire, except Matt he stayed up in his shelter most of the trip. At one point I was skipping around the fire ring. The whole thing felt like if you ever formed a club with your friends when you were 10 years old. Just hangin out in the treehouse doing stupid stuff that kids do. That's exactly how it felt. C was the leader, the shaman while everyone else followed.

 The thing though that kinda scared me was when C pulled out his handgun and we all started shooting at stuff. It was fun, but scary at the same time. Then Adam starts to fantasize about getting back that night to the dorms and he started rushing us to pack. Yea the thought of it was nice, but I had just taken another 3 capsules and most of us were still tripping balls. Packing wasn't much of a hassle for me though as I just stuffed everything inside my huge pack that I have, but I knew getting out would be horrible through all those thorns. Other people had more difficulties packing. Oh, and we were in the middle of cooking too. Lesson learned- never trip with Adam again. Hiking out was painful, and I was wondering if we would ever make it. But eventually we made it out and when we all saw the car, except for Adam, we started crying. It was the biggest relief ever.

 The 40 minute trip back to college was crazy. I was still trippin balls the entire ride back. Matt put in Pantera, C wanted Cigs and Alex was still crying. The sunset though was absolutely amazing. We were on top of a hill overlooking miles and miles of forest with this orange tear in the clouds looming over it. It was the most awesome sunset I've seen in my entire life. It looked as though you could crawl up into the tear and enter another dimension. When we eventually got back I went back up to my dorm room and just lied in bed for at least a half an hour. The walls were breathing and part of the ceiling was receding into another dimension. Eventually I made it to sleep after having one of the most awesome experiences for life. Plan on it again, without Adam. 

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