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3 12 Inch Stalks of San Pedro and the Picture Puzzle Pattern Door

A night of sensual beauty I will never forget

Two: 3 12-inch stalks of San Pedro and the Picture Puzzle Pattern Door

(Note: This report is taken from my personal trip journal. You can view another of my reports titled: "The 10 Gram Peanut Butter Chocolate Mushroom Smoothie" in the Level 4 Trip Report Section of this site)

Substances:Thiswas a heavy trip! I had 3 12 inch stalks of San Pedro stuffed in my freezer fora rainy day and decided hey.. when it rains it pours.. and made a tea out ofall 3. During the trip I smoked several bowls of blue cheese cannabis to takeoff the edge and potentiate the visuals. These were smoked out of my favoritebowl.. the brain bowl! A custom blown chameleon glass pipe shaped like a humanbrain and stem. Very trippy piece! About 3 hours into the trip I ingested .3grams of bomb ass MDMA as well. The synergistic potential of these drugs isastounding to say the least.

Soundtrack:Onthis particular day I was feeling very pumped. I wanted something upbeat.Something with a lot of bass I could bob my head to. Throughout the course ofthe trip I listened to several tracks from the H.U.V.A Network album "Ephemeris" as well as several tracks from one of my favorites, Androcell. Thetracks that stick out in my mind are "Atmospheres" and "Neurosomatic Circuit",both of which are outstanding dub/psybient tracks.

Set:This was not my first time trying mescaline. My first attempt I made a tea using a single 12 inch stalk and was unsatisfied with the effects. Nothing more than alight buzz and stimulating feeling, I must have been just at the threshold dose. For this trip I wanted to go all the way. I wanted to REALLY experience mescaline. I had heard wonderful things about the ego-dissolving power of this phenethylamine substance and wanted to experience it myself. Little did I know just how far this particular experience would take me. 

Setting:The majority of this trip was spent at a friend's house with a group of close friends of which I was the only one tripping this night. Several members of this group of friends are experienced trippers, however, and there was plenty of mary jane going around so the atmosphere was perfect for my exploration of and communion with the cactus spirit. We spent time both inside and outside scouring my friend's suburban neighborhood and so I had a decent mix of indoor/outdoor stimuli to enhance my trip. Everything was in place for my voyage and I was beyond psyched!

Trip Toys: For this mescaline induced voyage I had a few knick-knacks handy to trip me out once the visuals got heavy. I had my aptly named "Trip Stick" which is a foot-long Styrofoam cylinder with a strobe light inside. The light could be cycled into different patterns of color and frequency by pressing a button on the end of the stick. Very fun toy to have for any psychedelic voyage. I also had with me a wooden puzzle given to me as a gift from a gift shop at Universal Studios. It is an egg-shaped device comprised of several interlocking pieces that are meant to be broken down and then reassembled. It is difficult until you know the tricks, which I did at this point, but it was fun to assemble it and impress the friends that were with me on this trip. Finally, I had a Venetian style mask (you know the one with the long beak-like nose people wore to masquerades?) with a very trippy pattern painted on. When light shines through the opaque mask it would glow and refract the light in a trippy way. Fun to stare at and get lost in haha!

TripSummary: The day before I took this cactus journey I took the necessary time to prepare myself a tea. I de-spined and skinned the 3 SanPedro stalks with care. Sliced and diced them into tiny squares and put them in the blender with equal parts water and 1/8th part lemon juice (to help pull the desired alkaloids out into the solution while boiling). I then used two (yes two) 16 quart pots to boil the mixture for 12 hours, strained the pulp and reduced the remainder to about 8 oz of san pedro tea). Your typical cactus tea prep tek. ya know. Some people may complain about the amount of timeand effort that is required to brew a proper cactus tea but personally I enjoy bonding with the entheogen and anticipating the experience.

I now have 8 oz of the most god-awful (tasting) substance I have ever come across ready for my ingestion. This is the hardest part with mescaline. For those of you who have never made a cactus tea let me pause and be clear. This stuff is LITERALLY the worst tasting brew on God's green earth! It tastes like a hearty mixture of sea water, soap and puke with the texture of the latter. It is truly an abhorring concoction!

It is 6 pm on a Saturday night and I hold my nose and gulp down about 4 oz of this putrid cactus water and try not to gag!........ERRGGGGGHHH!!! Immediately I take a huge gulp of cranberry juice I had waiting to deter from the taste of the tea and brace myself for the remainder. After a short respite,I lift my finger and trace out the cross as I say a short prayer. "Spectacles,Testicles, Wallet and Watch", and down the hatch it goes!

I lay down to catch my breath and settle my nauseated stomach. My phone rings and I check it to see...

Wait. Let me go ahead and lay out the cast for the evening.

C - My good friend who lives about 20 min north of me. His house is a chill spot to burn and play games and whatnot, you know the typical stoner activities. But C is also a big fan of psychedelics. He and I have had several shroom trips and acid trips together at this point and we like to get out and walk around and explore when we trip together.

Ill - A college friend, born in Russia, who also lives 20 min north of me and a fellow psychonaut as well. He is currently working on a pharmD/PHD and so is very knowledgeable when it comes to drugs and pharmaceuticals. Picture a young Russian Walt White (Breaking Bad Duh!) We enjoy philosophical discourse while under the influence of psychedelics as we took several philosophy courses together at college. It is always fun to get us together on psychedelics because we often end up discussing some very epic topics.

S - He is our local dealer. He's always got the dank on deck and often deals in pills and MDMA as well, when it's in season so to speak. He is also a good friend of ours and has accompanied me on many a psychedelic journey with our good pal Lucy (that silly bitch!)

R - S's girlfriend. She's the quiet type. Smokes but doesn't really do any other substances. She's a nice girl but I don't really know her too well at the time since we've never really conversed beyond niceties and small talk.

E -  R's female friend. This was my first night meeting her. A very fun and interesting girl but she is young (19) with respect to the rest of the group who are all in the 23-25 range. More on her later.

And finally...

J - This guys a blast. The type of guy who you can call up at any time, night or day (as long as he's not working lol), and suggest any activity and he would be on his way to pick you up. These people are rare and so I treasure them fondly for their spontaneity and lack of fucks to give HAHA! XD

Anyway, so there's the cast. Back to the trip report.

 I'm lying on my couch rubbing my churning stomach and my phone is ringing. I answer it with a start.

Me: Hello?

C: Duuuuude. Tonight! You down?

Me: You fucking know it buddy. Guess what I just drank?

C: Fifth of rum?

Me: Haha no sir! I wrestled the Kraken last weekend (this is in reference to The Kraken rum, a delicious 47% black spiced rum check it out if you haven't had it!). I just downed 8 ounces of San Pedro tea brewed from 3 12 inch stalks!

C: Holy shit man! You better hit the road you know how bad traffic is. S has got a surprise for you tonight (he laughs).

Me: Yeah man. I'm out the door in ten. Tell S I got some dough coming his way if he's got the herb.

C: Will do.

I hang up the phone and stare wide-eyed at the ceiling.

(*Pause: Let me go ahead and say this here. You should NEVER, under any circumstances, EVER operate a vehicle while under the influence of a psychedelic drug. I had only a 20-30 minute drive ahead of me and mescaline takes a full hour and a half to two hours to kick in.

Johnny Depp said it best in Fear and Loathing, "Good mescaline comes on slow. The 1st hour is all waiting. Then about halfway through the 2nd hour, you start cursing the creep that burned you because nothing's happening, and then... ZANG!" I repeat, I DO NOT condone driving while under the influence of psychedelic drugs. Please be safe people. Know your limits!)

I grab my keys off the counter and hop out to my car to shoot up the interstate to C's house. Pulling on to his street thirty minutes or so later and I see that Ill, J and S are already here by their cars.I think to myself that it is going to be a good night for a trip with this mix of people! :D

I'm beaming as I step inside C's place and inform all parties present (Ill, S and J) that I had managed to keep down (by God'sgrace) 8 oz. of POTENT mescaline tea taken about 40 minutes ago.

"In that case, we better smoke this ounce of blue cheese" S says as he pulls a mason jar out of his sports bag and holds it out for me to grab.

I take the jar and inspect the contents. Mary jane is in the house for sure! The blue cheese is super dense and sticky, certainly a high THC Indica strain. I look around the room and reflect the smiling faces I see.

I unload my trip toys in C's basement and put on Androcell "Atmospheres" while S and J grind up some blue cheese and get to work on a blunt. I sit down beside Ill with a heavy sigh and shake my head.

"How"s that tea treating you?" he asks with a sheepish grin.

"Not feeling anything yet. It takes a good hour and a half" I respond.

We proceed to discuss his most recent lectures on the myriad of ways in which amphetamines FUCK UP your brain tissue (mainly by reacting and producing large numbers of oxidizing free radicals) while S and J finish up a blunt and the mescaline slowly but surely enters the scene.

So there I am 30 minutes later with a blunt in my hand and it hits me. "How many stalks did I put in that tea again?" I think to myself as I exhale a hit of blue cheese. Tunnel vision makes it seem as if the blunt and my hand holding it are super far away. I look to C on my left and Ill on my right and I mouth the word "Woah" and break into a fit of coughing. All I can think is "Pass the dutchie on da left hand side!" and so I do, managing to pawn off the blunt on C as I laaaaaaay back.


For a brief moment I am transported. I close my eyes and fractal spirals start to form, geometric patterns in a mind-scape with very clear dimensionality. There is a feeling of distance and depth as the fractals grow in complexity.

"I'm not ready for this yet", I think and my eyes snap back open. Back to reality.

The room is hazy from blunt smoke and Androcell is pumping just the right amount of bass into my ears. I scan the room and realize that everything seems a bit time delayed, almost as if everyone else is moving just a bit slower than I am. I smile wide and suddenly the blunt is back on me again. How'd that happen? Huh. puff, puff pass and just as suddenly it's gone.

Before long the blunt is a roach and S is on his way out to pick up some Molly (this is the surprise C mentioned to me on thephone as I am a big fan). M-D-M-A. The letters stand out in my mind as I contemplate the unthinkable. Should I partake? The mescaline is just now coming on and it's coming on strong. I'm smiling and bobbing back and forth like a metronome and J asks "You alright man?" My only response is a fit of laughter,but Ill knows his boy.

"It's that tea man, it's kicking in isn't it?" he says.

"Ooooooooooooh yeah!" I say as I glance at the clock. It is right around the two hour mark from when I gulped that terrible-tasting tea down. "Right on schedule!"

To pass the time until S gets back, we decide to play a little super smash brothers brawl, one of my favorite games. We choose our characters and set the stage to final destination for a timed deathmatch. For those who don't know, this particular stage has a very trippy kaleidoscope effect in the background. I begin playing alright but soon lose myself in the constantly changing background. The characters are moving in a time-distorted fashion and I realize that my visuals are getting too intense to continue playing. I ask J to take over for me as I lie down on the couch and close my eyes.

As soon as my eyes are shut, intense fractal images begin to rush at me at high speed. I am reminded of the scene in "2001:A Space Odyssey" where Dave enters the monolith and is sucked into a wormhole. Brilliant colors accompany the geometric designs and the speed and direction seem to change erratically. There is such a feeling of depth that for a moment I feel as if I am travelling through a virtual reality. At the same time my mind is racing. Crazy thoughts are popping into my inner monologue, only to be replaced by others as just as quickly. The thoughts begin to lose coherence.They become less about words and symbols and more about cosmic over-arching concepts and ideas. I feel as though my mind is traversing recursively through vast amounts of knowledge just as the phantasmic images in my mind's eye are tunneling through infinite permutations of fractal beauty. There is a looming feeling of transcendence, of breaking through, as if at the end of this snaking kaleidoscope of color and geometric complexity there waits a revelation of grandiosity so immense that the weak willed would shatter and falter with its coming. I recall the words of an interview in the documentary "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" where a Native American healer describes the full psychedelic CEV immersion as the "Picture Puzzle Pattern Door". I feel myself as a distant notion and I begin to smile. I know that something lies beyond the Picture Puzzle Pattern Door, but I am not ready. Tonight is not the night for this awakening. Tonight is not the night for the full death of my ego.

I open my eyes at the sound of S's arrival. I turn and see him enter hand in hand with R. They are trailed by a young blonde with straight cropped bangs and large emerald eyes. Her lips are full and her smile seems both graceful and effortless. S introduces her as R's friend E and she waves to the room. We lock eyes and I smile as I sit up.

"How long was I gone?" I ask Ill with a chuckle.They are shutting off the game and J comes to sit on the couch by me.

"Dude, it's been like 30 to 40 minutes man," he replies, "where the fuck did you go!"

"Holy shit man, I couldn't even begin to explain what just happened in my head!" We all laugh and C explains to R and E that I am under the influence of mescaline.

"Wow" E remarks, "I've always wanted to try that! I've tried acid which was amazing and shrooms once but I didn't really trip, Idon't think I took enough." We begin to discuss our psychedelic experiences as a group and S packs my brain bowl with that wonderful blue cheese bud. We smoke and continue talking for about 15 minutes. S then turns to me and says "Got something for ya bud!"

He pulls out a small baggy filled with some of the purest crystal MDMA I have ever seen. The crystals are snow white and large,bigger than any I have seen previously.

"Oh man!" I say as my eyes widen, "Dude idk about this. Mescaline AND Molly! fucking blast off!" I shrug and think to myself, "Why not". He breaks out his scale and weighs out .3 grams for me and him, .2 for everyone else (except R) at their request. S, J and Ill snort their lines while C, E and I decide to mix ours with a small glass of water. I sit down beside E and across from Ill and J.

"You ever done molly before?" I inquire of E as she stirs and sips from her glass.

"Yeah, twice. Once at Bonnaroo and once at a rave in Athens. I love it but I don't like the crash." I totally understand where she is coming from and tell her so. We chat about her time at Bonnaroo and my similar experiences on molly. Ill and J are working on rolling a blunt and C, Sand R are talking about S's asshole of a boss at work. I'm happy to have someone-on-one time with E and smile as she talks. I admire her gorgeous teeth (don't hate I have a bit of a teeth fetish) and the glimmer in her eyes when she smiles.

"So you're on mescaline? You seem pretty collected; I mean when I took acid I could barely carry on a conversation!"She giggles and it's adorable.

I laugh and reply "Yeah idk I have always been able to handle myself pretty well under the influence of psychedelics. I mean, don't get me wrong I am REALLY feeling this mescaline now." I look around the room. "Everything looks super cartoony. I feel like I'm in an episode of Adventure Time!" We share a laugh and my mood is escalating. It might be the molly slowly coming on but I suddenly feel very elated. The night is young, I am on cloud 9 and a beautiful woman sits across from me with an inviting smile. I put on Androcell "Neurosomatic Circuit" as Ill lights up the blunt and we smoke once more (yes I know we smoke a shit ton of weed what of it! lol!).

The molly starts to hit us all at roughly the same time. S is blinking rapidly and showing signs of psychomotor response (tapping his feet, grinding his jaw, etc.) I am clearly feeling the MDMA now, through the psychedelic haze of mescaline. The two drugs are very synergistic. I feel like Jesus H. Christ and I'm on top of the world.

S requests a massage, mentioning a pulled muscle in his back. (Note: I am a beast at giving massages, especially when under the influence of sensual drugs such as molly or LSD. My aunt was a professional and she taught me many tricks which I then adapted and changed to suit my own particular style and so this group of friends is well aware of my prowess). I oblige, completely comfortable with my masculinity and begin to massage S as he hits the blunt.

The massage was epic. I could tell. My hands were moving in harmony with the music and I felt extremely in tune with the sensual signals exchanged between us. I work out the kinks in his back and after about 10 minutes he thanks me and sighs heavily.

"I want one!" E proclaims with a sly grin. Somehow I knew this would happen and I am totally on board. She reads like an open book when I am under the influence. I shift over and have her sit on the floor in front of me while I sit on the couch. I crack my knuckles and stretch my arms to prepare for one of the best massages I have ever given (to this day). I carefully tend to each muscle group in turn, the lats, the delts, the traps,etc. applying the right pressure at the right angles. I cascade my knuckles in a sequential rhythm along her traps and I can tell she is enjoying the sensual experience. Nothing feels better than a massage on molly.

When I finish with her back I ask her to turnaround and face me while I work on her arms.

"That was amazing."She says. I smile and reply, "Yeah, I know. I'm the best." (Joking guys don't think my ego is so inflated, that shit has been torn down MULTIPLE times by psychedelics).

We continue to talk about many things while I massage her right arm, then her left. We discuss music, art and movies. She is a big fan of the Labyrinth (with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly) as am I. I begin to sing the song "As the world falls down" (look up the video on youtube it's a trippy one) and we giggle with elation, the MDMA is at peak blood plasma concentration for all of us now.

At this point I pull out my trip stick and ask C to kill the lights. I put on the H.U.V.A Network album "Ephemeris" and we all enjoy the crazy light show that ensues. The flashing colors spawn waves of synesthesia on my body. The sensation of the music and the strobing light fuse with the squirming tingles that the molly is giving me and I become one with the couch for a while. As the light flashes, I catch glimpses of E. Her eyes are closed. She is really enjoying the music, the mood, and the molly sensations (who doesn't enjoy molly?) She is swaying to the metronome bass of the H.U.V.A Network, losing herself in the sound.

I close my eyes and my body continues to bloom with poignant sensations. The molly and mescaline are potentiating each other well and I am glad. I feel strangely dissociated from and at the same time insanely in tune with my body. The sensations are beyond description, beyond reconciliation with my baseline consciousness.

J shows his genius and suggests we go for a swim in the neighborhood pool. I don't have a swimsuit and neither does anyone else for that matter. C has a workable solution for us and R and E decide to walk up the street (R lives in the same neighborhood as C) to get swim suits. Intoxicated as we are, we still manage to set this plan in motion.

The lights are on and Ill is rolling up a blunt as the girls leave. I follow C to his room to grab some swim trunks for us and we chat along the way. He puts on my Venetian mask and the beak trips me out! It seems to shrink and grow like the nose of Pinocchio. I take the swim trunks into the bathroom to change. As soon as I flip the light switch I get lost in my reflection. My pupils are MASSIVE! I literally have no iris. My face is morphing and melting. I undress and look at myself in the mirror. My tattoos writhe and dance on my skin and every object in the bathroom seems to twist and turn, the soap bottles and fixtures pirouetting like ballet dancers.

I leave the bathroom and join the group as they come up from the basement; C, Ill, J, S and myself.

"Damn dude," I say to S, "That molly is something else! I am rolling and tripping HARD." (Mushrooms Molly = Hippie Flipping and LSD Molly = Candy Flipping, what's a good term for mescaline Molly? I'm open to suggestion).

We walk outside once everyone is changed and wait for R and E to meet back up and walk to the pool. I look up at the night sky. Stars twinkle and the vastness of space is abundantly clear to me. The sight takes my breath away and I continue to stare in awe while C, Ill and J smoke a cigarette. Just as I am about to lose myself in the void, R and E come up over the hill in swim suits and we all begin the trek toward the pool. It is about 10 pm and the pool is open until midnight in this neighborhood.

I feel as if I am in a Dr. Seuss book as the trees surrounding me take on a cartoonish quality. They seem to grow and shrink and change color rapidly as we walk the path. I am looking around, expecting the Lorax to jump out at any moment when E comes to my side. She is wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt over her swim suit (which I LOVE). I compliment the shirt and remark about the potency of this molly. She agrees and we continue chatting until we reach the pool. Luckily, it is empty. Apparently no one else decided to dose up on molly and take a swim this particular Saturday night, go figure!

J is the first to jump in but we all follow suit.The water feels amazing on my skin. If you have never submerged yourself in water under the influence of MDMA put that shit on your bucket list!

We swim a while and talk, joking and laughing. The ambience is perfect. The stars overhead catch my eye as I backstroke across the pool. This night will be one to remember. I close my eyes and float for a moment, losing myself in the CEVs and waves of tactile sensations.

After about an hour and a half of swimming we decide to walk off into the woods and smoke the blunt we rolled before leaving C's place. We are overlooking the complex that houses both tennis courts and the pool as we light up this bleazy. It is going around the circle and we toke up once again (I know, we are chronic smokers lol). Ill and J wander off to the playground nearby and unleash their inner children. Once the blunt is finished we all follow suit.

I am walking behind E and she glances back. Something in her gaze catches me off guard and I realize that this girl is stunning and I am intrigued. We reach the playground and split up. E grabs my hand and pulls me toward the pool complex and I follow. Her swim suit is a soft lavender and I find myself staring as she walks. Her lean, lithe body is quite attractive and my pulse quickens. She turns to face me once we are out of sight behind the pool complex. No words are exchanged, but there is an urgency to her mannerisms as she bites her lower lip. I stare into her emerald eyes and take her hand, running my fingers up her arm until my hand rests behind her neck. I place my free hand on the wall and lean in slowly.

When our lips touch there is the sensation of static charge, electric and tingling. The feeling is very natural. I slide my hand down to the small of her back and pull her closer. The molly is definitely heightening the experience. We lose each other in the immediacy of sensual desires. Her lips taste of peppermint. I pull away and look into her eyes once again. Something about this entire situation feels incredibly serendipitous. I KNOW that I am supposed to be here on THIS night, with THIS girl. Her eyes hold an unspoken question. I smile and take a step back.

"Let's go," I say. She nods and her eyes light up.

We bolt back to C's house and enter the guest bedroom. She is quiet at first, timid. I don't say a word but my mind is racing. I close the door and turn to face her. We embrace and the tension of the night is released as we let our bodies do the talking. Our senses are heightened to the extreme by the molly and every touch is felt a hundred fold.I am overwhelmed by physical sensations. The soft, smooth curve of bare skin; the tantalizing taste of her tongue. The molly has removed any inhibitions we might have had. We lose ourselves in the passion of the moment and succumb to the overpowering sensual experience as our bodies intertwine. Time inches by as we explore each other without hesitation, without restraint. We move together in the sudden tide of sensation as old and inevitable as the movement of worlds: pulses racing, flesh quickening with purpose.

Later she rests her head on my chest as I stroke her hair. Our breathing is a rhythmic rise and fall. I enjoy the softness of her bare skin as her body presses against mine and I close my eyes for a moment. I am at peace. I open my eyes as E rises on her elbow. She brings her lips level to mine and we kiss slowly, then pull away. Without a word, she stands and begins to dress. I remain motionless on the bed.

After E has donned her suit and shirt, she crosses to the bed and sits, placing her hand on my arm. "You want to go join the others?" she asks, smiling.

"Go ahead, I'll be there shortly." I reply and return her smile. She leans down and we kiss once more, our lips lingering with the warm contact. She turns and leaves, looking back and smiling as she closes the door behind her.

I am alone in the dark bedroom, laying and staring at the ceiling. The afterglow is serene, tranquil. My mind is clouded and the ceiling fan blossoms like a flower, its arms growing, shrinking and twisting as the room breathes. I feel wonderful, fantastic, stupendous; words fail to measure the magnitude and character of this feeling. I feel more alive than ever before.

Finally, I rise out of the bed and cross the hall to the bathroom where my clothes from earlier lie on the floor. I dress and look once more in the mirror at my reflection. My face still seems to melt and contort, the image of my flesh flowing in a manner almost like the surface of a lake under the impetus of a light breeze; not as dramatic and rapid as hours earlier. Leaving the bathroom I prepare to exit the house when I hear sounds from the basement. C, Ill, S, R and J must have already returned from the playground. I walk down the stairs and enter the dimly lit room.

I am greeted by the smell of mary jane and the sound of ambient music. C and Ill are playing Battlefield 3 on the big screen. S and R cuddle together on the couch and E sits in a loveseat across the room.I cross and sit beside her, realizing that J is nowhere in sight.

"Where's J at?" I ask no one in particular.

Ill answers, "He had to go, he's got work in the morning." He turns and gives me a knowing look. I can tell what he is thinking but we keep it to ourselves. I turn to E and put my arm around her. She leans in, laying her head on my chest and we watch the guys play as a bowl is packed and passed around.

"I'm going to grab a beer, anyone want one?" I ask.C and E both say yes. R looks like she is either asleep or about to be and S seems ready to join her. I walk upstairs to the kitchen and grab 3 Red  from the fridge and head back down, handing them to C and E before I plop back down on the loveseat once more. She is playing with the pieces of my wooden puzzle, trying to form the enigmatic egg-shape without success. I chuckle and show her the trick and she successfully completes it with a smile. She is a sweet girl and I am infatuated.

Before long, Ill takes his leave and C retires to his bedroom leaving the TV on Netflix and handing me the XBOX controller. I put on one of my favorite movies to watch under the influence of psychedelics "Enter The Void", an indie flick about a drug dealer in Japan. E's breathing becomes shallow and steady after a time and I can tell she is asleep. I consider trying to sleep but realize that I am tripping far too heavily still (it is now about 3 in the morning, exactly 9 hours after ingesting the San Pedro tea). I relax and sink a little further into the couch. The rest of the night passes slowly as I veg out watching the movie and listening to the sounds of E's breathing, watching her chest rise and fall as I stroke her hair and reminisce on the time we shared. All in all it was a very eventful trip. I had a blast. In the future I  plan to take mescaline again and see what lays beyond the Picture Puzzle Pattern Door...

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