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3rd Time's a Charm

I have shroomed 3 times and I'm trying to get some more so I can experience a level 4 trip.

I have shroomed 3 times and I'm trying to get some more so I can experience a level 4 trip. The first trip was... BAD. So bad that it took me over a year to decide to do them again. My second time, however, I wasn't going to let myself fall into the pitts of despair that the mushroom has shown so many. I read up, prepared my mind, and everything was good.

I'm entering my 3rd trip into Shroomery because it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

I was staying at my friends house with 2 other people (4 total). Me and the host were the only ones shrooming that night. I had only a half eighth and he had even less. This sounds weak but I've takin lots more before and never fried this hard. Plus we smoked a lotta dank and that didn't hurt the trip one bit. Every trip is different and dosing isn't the only affecting factor.

So we ate up at around 8:30 behind the Blockbuster Video. We decided that such a small dosage needed some chronic and our other friends were fucking bored so they needed it in their system too. So, we ordered some dank.

We ended up sitting around in a basically vacant parking lot for like an hour. I wasn't feeling much at all. We finally got our weed and we were on our way back to the house to fry. On the way back we came across a secluded area and we couldn't help ourselves. One of my friends who wasn't shrooming had a nice ass bon on him. They were kind enough to give me greens so I could begin my trip. I took a fucking huge hit and as I blew out I could actually feel it kick-in the shrooms. I highly recommend this while trying mushrooms.

After like 2 bowls we continued walking. All of a sudden my friend who wasnt shrooming whispered; "We got 2 bogeys on their way with machine guns." He was trying to make us scared but it fucking made me laugh my ass off. By now everything was looking funny and wavy. My trip was starting and I was laughing the hardest I ever have before. The host got distracted by a tree on the way and he just stood there tripping off that for about 5 minutes while I kept walking.

There was a hill, I got to the top of it and the first thing I saw was the word Walnut. It was the street name. It started to illuminate and radiate soo much that it took up half my vision. It looked like some godly sign you would find on the gates of heaven. This fucking made me laugh because I was high aswell.

We walked for another 15 minutes when we got to his house. The host had to talk to his mom and that sucked. When he came back he had a huge suprised look on his face and he said: "Holy shit guys, my moms face morphed into my dads and he was yelling at me saying; Where's my money son!?" We laughed our fucking asses off again.

By now my visuals were increasing. As we watched TV someone realized how much bud we had and so we went outside and blazed. WOW. I got fucked up. I was staring off into this tree about 200 ft away while everyone else kept smoking. The tree was lightened by a street light so I could see it perfectly. I began seeing crazy things in the tree. My favorites were the Energizer Bunny, and Donkey kong. I tripped off this for awhile and I began aving a conversation with Donkey kong. He was like my best friend, it was awesome. Then my uncles face appeared in the tree as real as could be. This freaked me out a bit and I went back inside.

In the lights of the house I could see my hands. I looked down and saw blades sticking out of them and blood all over from the gashes. I immediatly looked away. Everything started to seem like it was far away from me. I was sitting next to someone on the couch and they seemed miles away. I was isolated. I looked up at my friends cieling and noticed they used that shitty spray that clumps togeather. Points of the cieling began to mult down like iceicles. I felt like I as in a cave. Because I didn't take alot I controlled mysel easily and we watched TV.

My trip ended abruptly after that and we all got to bed around 3:00 AM.

My next trip will be on alot more shrooms but I'm ready for it. In closing I highly reccomend weed with mushrooms especially in the beginning.

Happy tripping.

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