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Second Trip! AMAZING!!

2 grams

This was my second trip with shrooms. Me and my 2 friends D and T had about 2 grams each and it was a lot different than my first trip. It was good though because we were all on the same level and we could all communicate with each other. So here it is, the trip.

I went over to D's house at around 8. We went down to the basement because that was our tripping zone. D set up the entire basement just for the occasion. We had a 50 inch screen TV, christmas lights, flowery curtains, lava lamps, mattress's, couches, blankets and of course, the bong. I set up my speakers that I brought over and I also had my laptop with me just in case I'd want to use it for the the trip. T arrived soon after I did and we just jammed for a couple of hours watching netflix and playing Black Ops 2 before the trip. I also smoked a bowl or 2 before the trip which I didn't do for my first trip.

When D's parents went to sleep at about 1 we divided up our doses and we were ready to go. I was nervous as fuck, so nervous that I was gagging without out eating the shrooms! I managed to get them down with some ginger ale because the chocolate pudding wasn't working. 

After eating the shrooms I put on Converting Vegetarians: Other Side by Infected Mushroom. We wandered around the basement moving some shit around and getting ready for the shrooms to hit. There was 2 main rooms of the basement. Once you went down the stairs there was the room with the TV and the lights and couches and shit, and then if you walked further back in the basement there was the ping pong table with the bong.

We all sat down in the room with the TV as we slowly began to feel the shrooms. We all told each other that we felt just a little different, like something wasn't normal. D was tripping out first, he was seeing visuals like crazy. He told use that the ceiling  and walls were breathing, and sometimes he would see everything zoom out really far for a second. I don't know how he was tripping so hard before me and T because he ate more food than us before the trip, but it wasn't long after that we started feeling it.

I said that I felt like I wanted a teddy bear because they were comfy and I wanted something soft to hold onto. D told me there was a trippy orange pillow in the laundry room. I got up and went through the flowery curtains and everything was dark as fuck, it gave me bad vibes until I turned the light on. I found the pillow and returned to the tripping room. I sat down and hugged that shit so tightly for a while. D asked for the pillow and he was staring at it for a good 5 minutes. He said it was making faces and he was having a conversation with it in his head. 

A few songs into the album had passed and I started noticing how good the music was sounding. I was noticing the bass and the drums and all the sounds all at once, it was fantastic. I could really feel the emotion in it. 

During the album we kept roaming back and forth between the 2 rooms for no reason at all. We would switch rooms for about 10 minutes each and every time we went to the room with the ping pong table one of us would be like, "Why the fuck did we come in this room?", then we would all get up and go back to the other room. It was pretty funny.

The first time we got up and went to the other room was when the visuals came in. In the room with the lights I wasn't noticing any real visuals, other than the lights being a little brighter than usual. I went in the other room and instantly visuals were everywhere! The walls in his basement all had wood grain designs and on each wall there was vertical strips, like this: 


The wood grain was moving so much I was in awe, it looked so cool! On each strip the wood grain was moving in different directions, up or down, and at different paces. I enjoyed looking at it. 

I was standing up and I looked over at my shadow. It was one of those shadows where you have one main dark shadow, and then you have 1 or 2 other lighter shadows that border the main dark shadow. I remember moving my arms and body around and the lighter bordering shadows were acting as tracers. It was cool and I told D about. He was like, "Oh yea! I almost forgot we had shadows". We stopped and realized how fucked we were to actually forget we had shadows and we laughed about that for a bit.

D and T were standing around the ping pong table. There was a chair on the side of the ping pong table so I went and sat down in it. I put a pillow on top of me and I looked down and it looked like my body was gone because I was covered with pillows and only my head was poking through. D was tripping out and he told us to check out the ping pong table. It also had a wood grain pattern and it was very trippy. This next visual is hard to describe but I'll do my best. I was on the right side of the table looking across to the left side of the table. The wood grain was going left and right from where I was standing. It's like it was divided into individual invisible sections, like the walls, but it wasn't divided by lines, it was divided by directions. One section was going right, one section was going left, and so on across the table. It looked like on of those books where you cross your eyes and you see shit, but not as kaleidoscopic. 

I returned to the room with the speakers and the music was just getting more and more fucked up. I know the music we were listening to pretty much by heart and I was noticing shit in a way I never was before. The bass lines were really weird. I was sitting on the couch and looking down at the mattress in front of me. D put a green light bulb in the lamp instead of a regular one and as I was staring at the mattress I started freaking out a little because I thought my whole vision turned green, it was funny though. I also remember feeling how strong my body high was as I was tripping out to the music.

I'll talk about the body high since I brought it up. So for the first 2 hours of the trip I felt extremely tense and heavy in my torso. It could have been my anxiety that added to it. My anxiety came in waves like it did in the first trip. Everything was just so intense that I couldn't help being anxious from time to time. I remember jaw clenching and biting the blankets really hard. My head felt really weird too when I concentrated on that but I avoided that. I'm not sure if I like the body high of shrooms. It's cool on the come down but during the peak it's very intense, and this was only 2 grams.

Eventually the album ended and T put on some of his music. T put on some metal, like A Day To Remember and bands like that. I didn't enjoy it and it was giving me bad vibes so I went to the other room again where D was tripping out. I sat in another chair at the end of the ping pong table where the bong was. I asked D how his first trip was and he said it was good, then he continued staring at shit. I remember this being the most uncomfortable part of the trip. I remember being confusion setting in and I was confused at everything I was thinking about. I couldn't believe or figure out what was really happening and I started getting a little scared. 

T had some screamo shit playing in the other room and I was just thinking why the fuck it was on. I just wanted it it off so bad. T came in the other room and joined us and I told him that his music was tripping me out. I think he turned it off soon after that, I didn't notice when he turned it off because I stopped focusing on it. I just remember there being no music on at one point.

We went in the TV room and D put my iPod back in the speakers. He must have put all my music on shuffle because the first song that came on wasn't in the playlist I prepared. The first song was intense but it didn't even compare to what came on next. It was the Em Calls Paul skit on the Encore album and it must have been the trippiest shit ever. The vocal effect he used on the skit was ridiculous. So trippy. At one point he says, "I hate plastic surgeons and I hope they all fuuuckiiing diiiiieeeeeee….". When he said that my vision started getting all staticy with those stars you get when your lightheaded and I felt so evil. I don't know, it tripped me out but we were all laughing pretty hard too.

D decided he would try and play some Black Ops 2. He played a couple games, but he only got a few kills. I remember him playing a map where it had a sunset in the background, I think it was called Carrier. He noticed that everything because sort of fuzzy when he stopped moving his character and we were questioning if it was the shrooms or if it was the game. It kind of looked like the heat coming off the exhaust's of a harrier jet. Like a mirage. That's the best way I can describe it.

D got bored so he decided we would watch a nature documentary on netflix. We picked a documentary about turtles and it was so awesome! I definitely recommend nature documentaries when you're tripping. I moved to a new spot close to the speakers for a little bit, and I put my playlist on low volume. By this point the peak was nearing it's end so the body high was ending and I felt a bit more relaxed. I took my socks off some time before and I started feeling my toes. They felt so good! I was feeling the cushiony skin on the bottom of each toe and I felt all between them and felt amazing for some reason. 

We were all feeling like the more intense part of the high was ending so I mentioned that we should start hitting the bong. They agreed and we went to have a sesh. I took one hit cause I thought it would be enough, but it wasn't even close. I felt like I could smoke hit after hit endlessly. By the end of the night I had almost 10 bowls. For future trips I will definitely have lots and lots of weed.

I went back to the couch with my laptop and went on Facebook to see if there was anybody on chat. One person messaged me and I felt that it was a huge coincidence because I talk to this guy about shrooms all the time and then he randomly messages me at 3 in the morning. Trying to come up with responses was so hard and typing was felt weird so I eventually put the laptop away. He was drunk so we didn't talk long anyways.

I remember wanting to talk and talk and talk, but I couldn't organize my thoughts enough to say anything. I had a lot of emotional music on the playlist and I just kept thinking about my life and shit. I asked myself why I'm so socially awkward and hesitant in social situations. What's the point? They're just people like me, so why are they so hard to approach and talk to about certain things. I also remember asking myself why my confidence is so low and why I don't make music more often. I'm so afraid of being judged all the time that I leave pleasing myself out of almost everything I do in my life. I wanted to talk about all of this, but D and T were watching the movie, listening to music and having there own trips so I just stayed quiet and kept thinking. I felt a little depressed but it didn't bring my trip down. Maybe I should have said something? Who knows...

D was still in the room with the ping pong table taking hits so I went to join him. I think D spent majority of the time of the trip in that room for some strange reason. We were talking and every now and then we would look at the movie and just laugh at how ridiculous turtles were. The weed definitely brought back the giggles of the trip which was awesome. We spent a lot of time laughing at the movie. The scenery in the move was really cool to look at though. There was turtles and underwater shit, and there was also clouds and skies and earth from space. It was awesome.

By the end of the movie the trip was basically over. We cleaned up the place, set up our beds and prepared to go to sleep. We turned off all the lights and I had my playlist on low volume for the night. D turned of the final light and the only light left in the room was the blue light from the top of one of my speakers. It was shining on the ceiling and it made a cool pattern that we all looked at before we went to sleep. I don't even remember sleeping. I must of blacked out into sleep a couple times because it was morning before I knew it, but I remember hearing every song on the playlist until it repeated and I knew I had heard the songs before, but when we woke up the music was off. I was like wtf? D told me he got up and turned it off at one point so I must have fallen asleep some time during the night.

It was a very cool trip and I'd say it was my first actual trip too. It was a stronger body high, I experienced more effects, my thoughts were fucked up and awesome, and I saw visuals for the first time. I do regret a couple of things though. Next time I won't smoke before the trip because during the peak I felt pretty tired and sleepy. I also felt sick the entire night which sucked. I don't know if it was because I ate a little before the trip or if I didn't have enough in my stomach. I felt sick but I felt hungry. It was weird, but it didn't ruin my trip because the nausea wasn't that strong. Other than that it was a very good trip and I wouldn't change anything else. I think for my next trip or next couple of trips I'll do 2 grams again to get used to shrooms since I can't seem to get rid of the anxiety or get used to the body high. I feel like I should warm up more before upping the dosage again.

Can't wait for the next trip!

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